Saturday, May 15, 2021

Spreading disinformation and incitement

Palestine Legal tweets on the Khazar PR cleaning at Instagram.  Tweet (Dan Cohen):

"Hours after Israeli War Minister Benny Gantz threatened “Gaza will burn,” Facebook and TikTok execs pledged to him that they’ll ramp up censorship of “extremists” who are “spreading disinformation and incitement” (Read: accounts showing Gaza burning)."

Tweets by Gumby, JD (murdered) on various things said by Israeli leaders over the years.

(((Blinken))), naturally, wants his people to have more time to genocide.

Solid Anglin:  "Israel: Jews March Through Jerusalem Chanting “Death to Arabs”".

"Blowing apart a monstrous Israeli lie" (Abunimah).  Tweet (DrBasel Abuwarda):

"This is what happening in #Gaza now and the whole time. 

Israeli warplanes dropped at least three bombs on the 4-story house without warning its residents in advance. 10 killed , 7 children and at least 1 woman Many are still buried in the rubble 
#Gaza_Under_Attack #Palestine"

"Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow" (Bartlett).

Tweet (Jonathan Cook):

"An eye-popping interview on Israeli TV. The host first calls for murdering Palestinian citizens, then berates and talks over a Palestinian guest who challenges his ugly incitement. It's the same pattern with BBC interviews, just with a little less fascism"

Tweet (This is Israel):

"We have discovered a simple trick to justify the bombing of civilian infrastructure in #Gaza."

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