Monday, May 31, 2021

Crocodile op-eds

Thread by 38Parrots:

"A lot has been written and said about Roman Protasevich, but the guy standing next to him in this image is possibly even more interesting. For a variety of reasons, including his tattoos." 

"American Pravda: George Orwell's Virus Lab-Leak" (Unz).  Turning lab-leak into the much more plausible Assholian biowarfare attack against China.  The Chinese must be aware of this, and laughing at how it all turned out.

"Does The West Counterintuitively Want Belarus To Become More Dependent On Russia?" (Korybko).  In recent years, Belarus has always tried to play Europe off Russia.  That game is over, and Russia is the only possible friend. You must have to take an IQ test, and fail, miserably, to be allowed to work in the State Department.  This is the same thing they are doing forcing unlikely friends Russia and China together.

"Coalition Pushing Beijing Olympics Boycott Comprised of US-Funded Destabilization NGOs" (Rubinstein).

Tweet (Mohammed El-Kurd):
"Today, no amount of crocodile op-eds or Hasbarist TV pundits can reverse the true face of Zionism which was unleashed so vividly onto the watching world. The “defense” forces are a constant aggressor and fundamentally, inarguably a terrorist organization."
It is funny how similar Jewish soldier and police attacks on Palestinians are to Assholian black attacks on Asians.  Sudden, unprovoked, one side incredibly stronger and/or armed, racist, vicious, one side almost unhinged in anger.

"Police chief in Michigan apologizes for liking pro-Israel Facebook post" (Kampeas).  He hasn't been fired, so perhaps things have changed in Assholia. 

Tweet (LindyMan):
"Check out what china did to H&M when H&M announced that they would no longer be buying Xinjiang cotton. It's a different style of governance to technology and the private sector then what we have here."
Can you imagine our corrupted politicians treating a big corporation like that?  Me, neither.  Everybody should boycott H&M for participating in the warmongering PR.

"Snopes Introduces New Rating: 'False For Now'" (Babylon Bee).
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