Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Unfortunate human error

"The Growth of US GDP: Economic Recovery or Just Another Rebound? “If We are To Believe the Numbers”" (Rasmus).  Fun with numbers:

". . .  it’s important to understand that ‘real GDP’ (the 6.4% annual rate overestimation) is obtained by reducing what’s called ‘money GDP’ from the rate of inflation. So if the rate of inflation is underestimated, then real GDP appears higher than it actually is. And the US always underestimates inflation in order to get a higher real GDP number. It does this in many ways. For example, it doesn’t use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to estimate the inflation. It uses another price index, called the ‘GDP Deflator’. Its number for the overall level of inflation is always much less than the CPI. There are many ways the US further underestimates inflation. Without going into boring statistical details, another way is called ‘chained pricing’. Another is to reduce prices based upon absurd assumptions that improvements in the quality of various products subtracts from their actual price increases. For example, rising prices for computers and smart phones actually show up as price declines. Apple may charge $800 for a new edition smart phone, a hike of $100-$200, but the Commerce Dept. will include it in its inflation estimate as a price decline!"

Contrary to Democrat belief, losing your mental faculties does not turn you into a nice person:  "Chris Hedges: Don’t Be Fooled By Joe Biden".  (((Biden's teleprompter))) and President Manchin know that almost none of the promises will happen.

"Inside the All-Hands Meeting That LED to a Third of Basecamp Employees Quitting" (Newton).  This should be a business school case study on how to fix your company by getting rid of SJWs.  They should quietly bring back the one useful employee they lost.

"Iran Will Leave Vienna at the End of the Month if Biden Doesn’t Lift All Sanctions" (Magnier).  Magnier reflects the views of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which explains the very negative view of Zarif.

Sounds like a compliment:  "Atlantic Council slanders this site" (Rozoff).

Tweets on Colombia by Dan Cohen and Zoe Alexandra.

Remember 'stovepiping', when intelligence agencies fed the same lies to multiple foreign intelligence agencies or media outlets, and then used the apparent multiple sourcing to claim confirmation?:  "‘Unfortunate human error’: CNN makes case for trusting anonymous-source echo chamber despite steady stream of fake news".

"India, COVID and the Need for Scientific Integrity Not Sensationalism" (Todhunter).  It is possible the (((media))) is lying - the (((media))), lying??? - about how bad things are in India in order to further the Pandemic Narrative.

This is probably my last posting ever as one of my specialist doctors has ordered me to get jabbed, and I have exactly the conditions that mean instant death after jabbing.  Being murdered by Bill Gates is a fitting end for a conspiracy theorist.  Oh well, at least I'll miss dying in the nuclear winter.

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