Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Vat of acid

Khazars and their genocidal song (again, why oh why do bad things keep happening to these loveable people?):  "This Is Not Fine: Why Video of an Ultranationalist Frenzy in Jerusalem Is So Unsettling" (Mackey). 

Time flows backwards for the Khazars and their controlled (((media))).  "Israel’s top newspapers aren’t concerned with the killing of Palestinian kids" (Konrad).

Tweet (Human Rights Watch Watcher):

"“But Hamas launched rockets...”

Launching rockets is a resistance tactic, one of the only methods of self-defense in the face of a colonial onslaught. If you’re wasting words condemning Palestinian resistance, you’re simply carrying water for Israel."

Everything, and I mean everything, is morally and legally permitted to fighters for national liberation.

"Appeal For Defence Funds" (Murray).

The challenge of being a journalist, but not lying:  "We can defeat the corporate media’s war to snuff out independent journalism" (Cook).

"Biden picks Rahm Emanuel for US ambassador to Japan".  This appointment is widely regarded as the test of whether the Biden Administration is completely shit, or not.  As everybody expected, it is completely shit.

"Government Claims Hackers Shut Down Biggest Gasoline Pipeline in the US, Gives No Explanation" (Anglin).  "US fuel pipeline hackers 'didn't mean to create problems'" (Russon).  We give these privately owned corporations huge responsibility to manage very important infrastructure, with no penalties if they grossly fail to do their job.  Of course, taking reasonable steps to secure the system would cut into profits, and we can't have that.  Extreme deference to corporate negligence/wrongdoing is the spirit of the age.  I'm reminded of Musk's satellites, which somehow ended up in the sky despite the fact he has ended the future of astronomy.  More billions for Musk is apparently more important than astronomy.

Tweet (Gumby, JD (murdered)):

"From 1968-71, CIA and Mossad paid a US-trained Turkish intelligence agent named Hiram Abas to murder young left-wing Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon. But none dare call it terrorism. 

(Ganser, "NATO's Secret Armies")"

"Woke CIA recruitment ad - director's cut" (the Syrian part is a bit odd).  I'm not sure hw long this will stay up given the intensity of support for free speech amongst the award-winning free speech (((advocates))) at Jewtube.

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