Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Voting with your racist feet

"Big Corporations Now Deploying Woke Ideology the Way Intelligence Agencies Do: As a Disguise"  (Greenwald). 

My perception of marketing is that marketers spend the vast majority of their time obsessing over not inadvertently offending any sizeable part of their customer base.  In fact, you could say that not offending is the essence of marketing.  The winner in capitalist competition is the corporation that has the largest percentage of unoffended parts of its potential customer base (the customer who decides that he or she hates you is lost, forever). We live in the age of turbo-marketing, with the primary marketing data being all the customer information extracted from the internet.  So why would corporations pick as a 'disguise' a series of issues which are very likely to offend the majority of their customer base?  The CIA is different, as its 'customer base' is the President and Congress, and they are hiring their employees from the woke world of today's universities.  'Disguise' can't be the issue for corporations, as the 'disguise' itself is worse than its absence would be.

You can market to disparate chunks of the customer base in such a way that it does not offend the larger groups.  Thus, specialized marketing to gays, for example.  Some Christian nuts will take offense, but most people don't care.  This is completely different from marketing in such a way that the largest group of potential customers is completely insulted as being somehow inherently evil.  Can you imagine trying to explain this to Don Draper?

The standard white nationalist theory - so standard that it is rarely said, as it is accepted as a given - is that wokenness in the corporate world is part of a Jewish conspiracy to strengthen the Jewish supremacist position in society by weakening the power of the white majority.  I don't think this fully explains corporate wokenness (although it goes a long way to explaining the crucial role of (((universities))) in creating the woke monsters who find themselves toiling in corporations), but it is still better than Greenwald's theory.

"The Shape of Things to Come" (Giraldi) (a fairly outrageous Chauvin trial problem, one of many, which doesn't mean a new trial is inevitable in a situation where such a ruling would result in billions of dollars or property damage).  Wokenness makes no sense for corporations, but can, at least for a time, make considerable sense from the point of view of political factions.  The Democrat base is going to get this kind of thing in lieu of concrete material benefits.  From the point of view of intelligence operations, making the entire white population 'domestic terrorists', suddenly greatly increases their market share, and is particularly important where Assholia is losing all influence on the international stage.

It is probable that none of this can be described as rational.  HR departments have metastasized to take over the entire corporate culture.  If I am right, we should eventually see the 'woke' corporations lose large amounts of market share to the corporations that aren't seen as woke, and go out of business.  Will Delta be around in five years?

Tweet (Matt Taibbi):

"The Intercept ditching its oppositional posture to do an FBI-like job snooping on ordinary people in Gab files feels familiar — like Wikileaks being discarded as a partner by mainstream outlets in favor of Bellingcat, an approved ™ leak site."

As 'journalism' continues to descend into pure PR, the customer base - readers or viewers - becomes increasingly irrelevant, with product financed not by consumers but by people with specific agendas paying for content for propaganda purposes.  The most authoritarian parts of the swamp are the best paying customers.
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