Monday, May 17, 2021

Warms your heart to see

100% defense:  "Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter" (Kelly). 

"‘Warms your heart to see’: American conservatives celebrate Israeli bombing of AP & Al Jazeera offices".

They can nail what you look like merely from a DNA sample.

When I saw the title I thought it must be from one of the conspiracy sites:  "Report: Trump’s post-election ‘coup’ was against his runaway generals" (Vlahos).  The traitorous generals blocked Trump's late bid to become easily the greatest American President, and his attempted counter-attack failed.  "Episode 9: Trump's war with his generals" (Swan/Basu):

"In a remarkable and previously unreported incident in early December, top Trump administration officials reviewed classified intercepts from the National Security Agency that led them to believe Milley was undercutting the civilian leadership of the Pentagon, according to three sources with firsthand knowledge of the classified documents.

The intercepts included a conversation between an American who had spoken to Milley and a senior Afghan official. The American told the Afghan official that Milley had no confidence in the civilian Pentagon leadership that Trump had installed — a direct shot at Miller, his chief of staff Patel, and the rest of their crew.

Another intercept indicated that senior Afghan officials had been convinced that Trump's generals were going to defy the president's desire for a speedy draw-down and would slow-roll his orders. 

The nature of these intercepts led to conversations among senior Trump officials about the potential undercutting of civilian control of the military — a serious, likely fireable issue, but one that took a back seat in the final, chaotic days of the Trump administration.

There was a general lack of interest in being the one who would take these intercepts to the president "because you didn't want to get sucked into some weird scandal and be testifying," said a source familiar with the internal discussions.

Spokesman Col. Dave Butler tells Axios that Milley, who remained Joint Chiefs chairman under President Biden, has approached his job by providing "timely and thorough advice" to civilian leaders including costs, risks, and benefits.

"General Milley has been, and still is, dedicated to recognizing and following the laws and intent that govern civilian control of the military," Butler says. "He has consciously and deliberately supported civilian control of the military throughout his tenure and before.""

I'm starting to wonder about the inexplicable delay in the Gates' divorce.  Is it possible that Melinda is doing this now at the instance of people who know that politicians can't resist Bill due to his massive wealth, and thus are trying to save the universe from the malign and insane ideas of Bill through fall-out from the divorce?  "Long before divorce, Bill Gates had reputation for questionable behavior" (Flitter/Goldstein).

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