Sunday, May 16, 2021

We ruin based on metadata

Comment by Disclaimer to a posting by Sailer on another cancellation (a #metoo cancellation of a biography of Philip Roth; you might argue being a degenerate abuser of women is a prerequisite for writing a biography of Roth): 

"I assume we’ll eventually see this book back in print. Bailey would own the copyright.

I have a legal proposal for these times: Contracts should from now on be written with the possibility in mind that someone may be deplatformed or cancelled.

So, for instance, if a university group wants to invite Charles Murray for a talk, he’d say, Great, let’s do it, but also demand that the fee plus any travel deposits, plus a sort of “restocking fee” for inconvenience be deposited in advance in escrow with a law firm or at least be contractually agreed to.

The same goes for bookings for comedians.

An author when he signs a contract should make sure that if for any reason whatsoever the book does not come out on schedule through no fault of his own, that he has the right to all edits and formatted publishing files and ebook files in order to be able to use them for publication via a new publisher or self-publishing.

I would be O.K. with the opposing side being able to weasel out of paying a penalty if they pay to have a neutral third party, such as a law firm, investigate the charges, taking as much time as needed. And really, criminal allegations should have to be taken to law enforcement authorities … or they didn’t happen."

By the way, Charles Murray has a new book coming out, so Assholes should govern themselves accordingly and stock the fallout shelter.

The 'tist-Woke War of 2022-2024:  "Will the Great Awokening Go Out of Fashion?" (Sailer).  Or:  "How The Libs Owned Us All" (Nagle):
"At this point it feels like you are more likely to see a Macron-style Thermidor within liberalism than an “anti-woke left”. I already hear more and more unapologetic criticisms of the excesses of the cultural revolution among mainstream liberals these days. Ultimately the managers need stability at some point and as Biden himself has said in his own way, they have to prove that this experiment of a secular multi-racial democracy, built on a shaky foundation of consumerism and economic growth, can still hold itself together. Remember from the failed attempt to #metoo Biden, the libs have the magical powers to change the rules at any time and I suspect they’d quite like to go back to brunch without an anarchist with fleas spitting in their food and trying to burn the place down. For right now though, the Dems are offering greater economic redistribution than their national-populist rivals on the right and they are somewhat less ridiculously and incurably woke than the left have become over the last few years. And they’re also in power. So they’re really owning their critics and rivals and everyone all around. Think about that and feel ashamed."
"Suspects Arrested For Bloody Vandalism Of Derek Chauvin Defense Witness’ Former Santa Rosa Home".  I've been noticing that Antifa members look exceedingly unhealthy, almost on death's door.  Perhaps they have real personal complains about capitalism and wellness, but have misidentified their targets (of course, putting the pig's head outside the wrong house is a comical misidentification of the target).

"Striking Back at Modern Day Macarthyism" (Robinson).

"Reporters Once Challenged the Spy State. Now, They're Agents of It" (Taibbi):
"In the first War on Terror, at the exact moment when the public was at its most fearful, politicians convinced Americans to accept sweeping changes to how they understood citizenship. People stopped demanding presidents ask permission to go to war, gave up the expectation that everything from library records to medical histories remain private, were gradually disabused of the idea the state needed warrants to wiretap them, and came to accept the idea that the U.S. had the right to assassinate or detain without trial anyone from any country.

In the domestic sequel, the aim will be getting Americans to lose attachment to concepts like legal guilt or innocence. It won’t matter if you’ve actually committed or planned to commit a crime: if you check enough boxes, you may not be able to post on Internet platforms, fly a plane, use credit services, buy advertising, go on dating apps, work in your chosen profession (or at all), or do any of a dozen other things. A person’s quality of life might hang on whether or not someone — perhaps in the press — decides to publicly attach a name to a term like “white supremacist” or “domestic terrorist.” This is Hayden’s wet dream: “We ruin based on metadata.” There are dangerous racially-motivated extremists in America to be sure, but all of them combined don’t approach the threat of making the entire population subject to the logic of the Watch List."
Just as an aside, the text editing at Blogger is reaching the point where it is almost unusable (and building a working text editor isn't rocket science, so I doubt the Google engineers aren't up to it), leading me to wonder if Google is trying to end Blogger while not being accused of censorship.  I think I may start cutting and pasting from a proper text editor into Blogger.

In light of the unsuccessful, and spectacularly backfiring (!), American Kung Flu attack on China:  "Russia Is Seriously Concerned About US Biolabs In Former Soviet States" (Korybko).

Donor dilemma.

"The spirit of 1936" (Deutch).

The (((media))):  tweet (Dakota Johnson & Johnson):
"Unfucking real.

Israel blows up the office of several news organizations.

CNN's Chief Media Correspondent:

"What were the Israeli's supposed to do!""
Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"What Zionism means in practice:
“Nusayba and I are a perfectly average Palestinian couple: Between us we have lost more than 30 relatives.” – ⁦@itranslate123"
Tweet (Jerry Dunleavy) (from April):
"The Chinese Communist Party's embassy in Japan tweeted and then deleted this cartoon of the United States depicted as the Grim Reaper going door-to-door in various countries wielding a blood-soaked Israeli flag scythe."
Tweet (Adam Crigler) (also):
"Free Julian Assange then."
"Thirteen Facts About American Prisons That Will Blow Your Mind" (Camp).  Tweet (Lee Camp [Redacted]):
"Prison population per 100,000: 
China - 118
Venezuela - 178
Brazil - 324
Russia - 400
The U.S. - 655
Black Americans - 1,500**

**The U.S. prison system is a racist crime against humanity."
Tweet (George Galloway):
"I had good personal relations with the Rev Ian Paisley. Once when he and I found ourselves alone in the Lobby voting against the National Lottery he said:”fancy that, just me and a wee Pape like you, voting against the Devil’s Buttermilk”..."
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