Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Person One is free

"Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open" (revolver).  Car valet ->  community college -> University of Nevada at Las Vegas -> Yale Law School.  As one does.


Tweet (Eduard Dolinsky):

"Tarnow city in Poland has officially terminated its relations with Ukrainian city Ternopil, because Ternopil named its stadium after the Nazi war criminal Roman Shukhevych - perpetrator of Volyn Massacre, the mass killings of ethnic Poles in 1943-44 in Western Ukraine." 

"The Cruelty Was Never The Point" (Andrews).  The main problem is that the race grifters get money and status based entirely on how over-the-top crazy they are.

"FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart" (Murray):
"The hearings on the Assange extradition in January 2020 did not seem to be going well for the US government. The arguments that political extradition is specifically banned by the UK/US extradition treaty, and that the publisher was not responsible for Chelsea Manning’s whistleblowing on war crimes, appeared to be strong. The US Justice Department had decided that it therefore needed a new tack and to discover some “crimes” by Assange that seemed less noble than the Manning revelations.

To achieve this, the FBI turned to an informant in Iceland, Sigi Thordarson, who was willing to testify that Assange had been involved with him in, inter alia, hacking private banking information and tracking Icelandic police vehicles. This was of course much easier to portray as crime, as opposed to journalism, so the second superseding indictment was produced based on Thordarson’s story, which was elaborated with Thordarson by an FBI team.

The difficulty was that Thordarson was hardly a reliable witness."
"The Stryker is a ‘deathtrap’ but you’re paying for it anyway" (Perry).  Someone should write an article listing all recent American military procurement that hasn't produced flaming pieces of shit for ten times what they ought to cost.  It wouldn't be a long article.

"After Only a Week of Counting, We Are Starting to Get Close to Learning, Hazily, Who Might Have Won Last Week's NYC Mayoral Primary" (Sailer).  "NYC Exposes the Flaws in Ranked Choice Voting" (Rall).  The entire point of alternatives to first past the post is to remove any kind of connection between the voters, the voting process, and the results.  Soon, they can eliminate voting altogether, and almost nobody will notice.  Trump/Corbyn/Brexit told them that they needed to accelerate the process of de-democratizing.

I think I've heard this song somewhere before:  "Yolk TV: Jews Control New "Woke" Asian Media Initiative" (Striker).

"Carrying Palestine’s grief" (Ereikat).

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Online hate speech

Tweets (Michael Tracey):

"Does anyone in the government have to explain why US troops are engaging in armed hostilities anymore? Could any US official with a straight face go before the American public and explain what the purpose of this conflict in Syria supposedly is

The idea that US troops are routinely having to act in "self-defense" while they occupy parts of Syria -- a country on the other side of the world, on an indefinite mission that virtually no one can even explain -- is one of the more brazen perversions of language you'll ever see" 

"US Strike Killed Child, Wounded Three Civilians at Iraq-Syria Border" (Ditz).

Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"bellingcat + poitras? hahaha. like i've been saying: the big thing about all the obama-era crypto revolutionaries is that they were always with the empire."
"Canada wants to fine people up to $50,000 for “online hate speech”" (Frieth).  This is pure lawfare, to the benefit of Trudeau's shekel collection and the (((donors))) who provide it.  Immediately after it passes that infamous Khazar definition of anti-Semitism will suddenly appear, and the $50,000 fines will eliminate the possibility of any speech about Israel that isn't abject praise for genocide.  If this passes, or comes close, I will never vote Liberal at any level ever again. You can tell how bad it is in the way Liberal politicians shrug off any possible problems, with the Minister in charge seemingly unaware of, and unconcerned about, what is in the legislation (hiding lawfare until after it is passed occurs every time (((they))) pull this stunt, as informed voters would never put up with it).  If citizenship is a deal, this is a deal-breaker.

"The British Are Having Trouble Adapting to the Realities of the 21st Century" (O'Neill):
"The western attitude also conveniently overlooks some relevant points of international law. A region is free to choose to dissociate itself from its governing body. The West conveniently overlooks the relatively recent example of Kosovo’s separation from Serbia in February 2008 which was supported by the West. That separation was supported in particular by the United States which promptly established its largest European base in the country. It is not unrelated that Kosovo is today a major European Centre for the distribution of Afghanistan heroin, again thanks to the Americans who largely control the export of Afghanistan heroin.

The West is remarkably silent in discussions of what happened in Kosovo when the question of Crimea’s secession from Ukraine is put into the verbal equation. The Crimeans at least had a democratic vote, which was essentially to return to the earlier status quo of being part of Russia."
It is a tragedy that such a guide should be necessary:  "How to Handle a Zionist Defamation Campaign" (Salaita).

"Donald Trump Joins Rumble – Rumble Bans Criticism of the Jews!" (Anglin).  Cohencidence.

"MBS, Saudi ‘reform’ exposed by execution of teenage protester" (Kechichian).  They do buy a lot of arms, though.

Soggy blob

"The New Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary Is Damning" (Dominguez).  Note all the efforts to steer The Narrative away from 'intelligence' to some weird version of class analysis (while being savvy enough to mention the issue to make its immediate dismissal more credible).

"Curated Discourse, Narrative Artists and the Coming Conflicts" (Crooke):

"Most Iranians – including Raisi – would of course, like see sanctions cleanly removed. That would help the economy. Yet, it would come at the price – and opportunity cost – of returning the Republic to the values which originally underpinned it, and which many (not all), would like to see revived.

The Revolution essentially was about ending the westification of Iran, under the Shah. The JCPOA in effect was taking Iran back to it. Raisi is promising a wider foreign policy horizon, more firmly rooted in a look-East."

"The Weird, Creepy Media Blackout On Recent Assange Revelations" (Johnstone).

"Who Should Pay for College?" (Lind).

Escobar on the soggy blob.

Monday, June 28, 2021



Flakey pastries

"The iron fist is in place: Azerbaijan’s war. An historical parallel." (Rozoff) (a lot of this ahistorical nonsense appealing to an imaginary heroic past also reminds me of Khazars talking about 'Israel').  "How the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict is a lesson to the West in geopolitical reality" (Lieven).  Next!:  "Georgia: Pan-Turkic empire’s next conquered province" (Rozoff).  Next!:  "Battle of Tours".  The Euro-trash who watch this happen as it is seen to be a poke in Putin's eye might want to put down their croissants and think this through.

Dumpster-fire imperialism

"Civil War in Afghanistan Will Threaten Afghanistan, China and Pakistan" (Prashad) (my emphasis in red):

"On June 3, 2021, Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi, and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi held their fourth trilateral dialogue. This was the first high-level meeting held since September 2019. There was no direct reference to the withdrawal of the U.S. forces, but it set the context for the two most important outcomes of the meeting.

First, China pledged to play a “constructive role” to improve the long-fraught relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, which have become more heated up because of the regional conflict between India and Pakistan. China has close ties with the governments in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) requiring peace in Central Asia for the success of the massive infrastructure and trade project, which runs from China’s Pacific coast to the Indian Ocean and to the Mediterranean Sea. China’s leverage over these countries is considerable. Even if China can create a modus vivendi between President Ghani and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, it does not settle the deeper problems, such as the military weakness of Ghani’s government.

Second, based on these governments’ cooperation in the counterterrorism process, the foreign ministers agreed to jointly tackle terrorist outfits that operate in Afghanistan and in its neighboring countries: such as the Turkistan Islamic Party or East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), ISIS, and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Pakistan’s government is troubled by the operations of the TTP, which operates along the borderlines of the two countries but is based in Afghanistan’s Paktika province. China, meanwhile, is very concerned about the ETIM, which operates in Afghanistan and Tajikistan and has been trying to destabilize the Chinese province of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The ETIM has close ties with the Taliban, which—while it has held discussions with the Chinese—understands that its use of the ETIM gives it leverage against China. Whether or not these three governments will actually be able to weaken these terrorist groups, incubated by the Taliban, is unclear."
"Given the heightened U.S. pressure on China, however, there is plenty of evidence that the U.S. is not unhappy with the possibility of instability that will come to the heart of Asia after the summer of 2021. In 2003, the U.S. designated the ETIM as a terrorist group, but it removed it from that list in 2020. This is clear evidence of the U.S. motives to destabilize China’s Xinjiang province.

The Pakistani intelligence official suggests that if the Taliban takes Kabul, groups such as the TTP and the ETIM will be emboldened to conduct attacks in Pakistan and China respectively. These groups, he tells me, will fight alongside the Taliban to weaken Kabul’s hold and to use the countryside to launch these attacks; there is no necessity for the Taliban to actually take control of Kabul."
The Assholes have succeeded in creating a dumpster fire that China has to try to put out in Burma, and have tried and failed to do the same thing in Thailand and Hong Kong.  The chance of a dumpster fire in Afghanistan, one that can light another fire in Xinjiang (and also in Pakistan), is probably the only reason the Khazars are allowing their farm animal pets to turn tail and flee Afghanistan.

Davos Man PM

"Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna set to retire from politics".  McKenna is mostly known as having been Environment Minister, which raises the question of what the Canadian Environment Minister does, other than running cover for oil sands. A rumor is that she wants to become Mayor of Ottawa.  This opens a safe seat for Mark Carney to run in, eventually to become PM.  Some big wigs probably prefer a Davos Man as PM rather than a literal Nazi.

Respond, act and assist

"Miami rabbi: At least 50 Jewish missing in Surfside collapse" (Keene).  It's a Holocaust!  Oh, wait, it's just a 'Canadian' (((philanthopist))) saving shekels on concrete, nothing to see here:  "Miami condo collapse draws attention to Canadian developer" (Doolittle/Radwanski) (original article paywalled).  Note that this poor (((victim)))/(((refugee))) was a (((survivor))) of anti-Semitic persecution in Canada from the Nazis at the Law Society over some minor financial discrepancies.

"The Miami Rescue Effort is as Shameful as the Collapse Itself" (Anglin).  Luckily, the (((cavalry))) has arrived, fresh from mass child murder, to save the day.

Added:  "Developers of doomed Fla. tower were once accused of paying off officials: report" (Fitz-Gibbon).

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Terminally ill

"US Threatens Sanctions On Gulf Allies If They Normalize Relations With Assad" (Durden).  The national motto of Assholia is 'Yinon yesterday, Yinon tofay, Yinon tomorrow, and Yinon forever!'

"The Epstein Associate Nobody’s Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS" (Vedmore) (if you are a Brit, the Khazars have all your health data):

"P.S. Since writing this article in the summer of 2019, Nicole Junkermann has been using various continental European courts to have the content pulled down and censored. She has used a regional Berlin court to silence the article and has tried to have me pay her legal fees for her Orwellian action. Junkermann has used courts to pull down interviews I gave on this subject to Ed Opperman, Jason Bermas, and Tony Gosling. Her actions regarding this article led me to write two more articles that form the Junkermann Trilogy. Each of these articles will be transferred for safekeeping over to Unlimited Hangout servers to stop them from being permanently deleted from the record. I thank everyone who initially shared this article and those who continue to do so."

"Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment" (Alexandersson/Jónsson).

"James Galbraith: China and Supply Chains – The White House Review’s Focus on US Depenedence".  The war on China is impossible and is being played up solely as a distraction from the War For The Jews being planned, that against Russia.

Not The Onion:  tweet (Michael Bueckert):

"In some rare good news, Canada indicates that it wouldn’t support a potential right-wing coup in Peru."

Not The Onion:  "Make-a-Wish Foundation will only grant wishes to terminally ill children who are fully vaccinated" (Sacca).

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Homeland pivot

"Exclusive: Washington pressured Brazil not to buy ‘malign’ Russian vaccine" (McEvoy):

"It is also striking that the US dissuaded Panama from accepting Cuban doctors, who have been on the global front line against the pandemic, working in over 40 countries.

As well as Brazil, the US has despatched Health Attachés to China, India, Mexico and South Africa, likely charged with carrying out similar activities.

The documents demonstrate how Washington views global health in strict power terms, willing to sacrifice countless lives in order to deny Official Enemies a soft power victory."

"What is Behind Gen. Mark Milley's Righteous Race Sermon? Look to the New Domestic War on Terror." (Greenwald):
"The post-WW2 military posture of the U.S. has been endless war. To enable that, there must always be an existential threat, a new and fresh enemy that can scare a large enough portion of the population with sufficient intensity to make them accept, even plead for, greater military spending, surveillance powers, and continuation of permanent war footing. Starring in that war-justifying role of villain have been the Communists, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Russia, and an assortment of other fleeting foreign threats 
According to the Pentagon, the U.S. intelligence community, and President Joe Biden, none of those is the greatest national security threat to the United States any longer. Instead, they all say explicitly and in unison, the gravest menace to American national security is now domestic in nature. Specifically, it is "domestic extremists” in general — and far-right white supremacist groups in particular — that now pose the greatest threat to the safety of the homeland and to the people who reside in it. 
In other words, to justify the current domestic War on Terror that has already provoked billions more in military spending and intensified domestic surveillance, the Pentagon must ratify the narrative that those they are fighting in order to defend the homeland are white supremacist domestic terrorists. That will not work if white supremacists are small in number or weak and isolated in their organizing capabilities. To serve the war machine's agenda, they must pose a grave, pervasive and systemic threat. 
Viewed through that lens, it makes perfect sense that Gen. Milley is spouting the theories and viewpoints that underlie this war framework and which depicts white supremacy and "white rage” as a foundational threat to the American homeland. A new domestic War on Terror against white supremacists and right-wing extremists is far more justifiable if, as Gen. Milley strongly suggested, it was "white rage” that fueled an armed insurrection that, in the words of President Biden, is the greatest assault on American democracy since the Civil War. 
Within that domestic War on Terror framework, Gen. Milley, by pontificating on race, is not providing cultural commentary but military dogma. Just as it was central to the job of a top Cold War general to embrace theories depicting Communism as a grave threat, and an equally central part of the job of a top general during the first War on Terror to do the same for Muslim extremists, embracing theories of systemic racism and the perils posed to domestic order by “white rage” is absolutely necessary to justify the U.S. Government's current posture about what war it is fighting and why that war is so imperative."
That's quite a pivot for an Empire. Completely incapable of winning a foreign war (the gold standard for imperialism), or even being competitive, the Pentagon may think it can win fighting 'white supremacists' in Idaho.  I don't think posse comitatus applies any more.

"Henry Kissinger’s Famous Diplomacy Achieved Nothing" (Ryder).  "Insider View: The Tragedy of the U.S. Deep State" (Escobar) (I don't know if Mr. S. is real or a literary device).  "Multipolarity: Has Kissinger ‘Switched Sides’ Nearing His Final Days?" (Kirby).

Farewell call

Niqnaq has compiled a group of charming stories on Hunter's many attempts to pay a prostitute, something which attracted the serious attention of the Secret Service when he somehow managed to access his father's accounts.

This was never going to happen as the Khazars didn't want it to happen:  "Very hard to rejoin JCPOA if Vienna talks drag on: US warns Iran".  Hence:  "Escobar: A Sovereign Iran Will Move Closer To Russia-China".

"Terrified Washington resorts to piracy as it loses grip over West Asia" (Mizarei).

What the British boat was setting up:  "NATO openly identifies Russia as target of impending Black Sea war games" (Rozoff):

"The NATO release of June 25 contains a paragraph that could not be more transparent in disclosing the geopolitical context within which the upcoming war games are to be conducted:

“Since Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, NATO has increased its presence in the Black Sea. NATO supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, extending to its territorial waters. NATO does not and will not recognize Russia’s illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea and denounces its temporary occupation.”

After the encounter between HMS Defender and a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 earlier this week, the Russian government appealed to the U.S., Ukraine and NATO to postpone if not cancel this year’s Sea Breeze. It appears that plea has fallen on deaf ears.

Though the expression has often been used in the past, the world may be ready to witness a Sarajevo moment."

An indication that Turkey really is turning away from the crime scene called 'Israel':  "John Bolton joins newly launched Turkish Democracy Project" and "Neocons take aim at Turkey" (Petti).

"Afghan Ghani makes farewell call on Biden" (Bhadrakumar) (the thing that makes Turkey valuable to actors like Russia or Assholia, despite all the problems it causes, is that it is willing and able to serve as henchman to do anything, without morals or scruples or concern what anybody might say, as long as it is in the 'Turkic' world, which is basically anywhere across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia):

"Since no regional capital is willing to collaborate, Washington has zeroed in on Ankara as its newest indispensable partner. A US team landed in Ankara on Thursday to flesh out how a Turkish military contingent at Kabul Airport could provide underpinning for the security operations in Afghanistan.

Washington is pandering to President Erdogan’s Neo-Ottomanism. Turkey already has bases in Iraq, Syria, Qatar and Libya, and plans to open a new base in Azerbaijan. But Pakistan will have mixed feelings about a Turkish military presence next door. And the Taliban has criticised Ankara for messing around in Afghanistan. "

"Mailchimp Suspends The Babylon Bee For "Harmful Information"" (O'Neil).  I like the idea of not rewarding these malicious actors for their 'mistakes'.

Friday, June 25, 2021

A hell of your own making

Helter Skelter?:  "Blackness Fatigue: Enough Is Too Much" (Reed) (the sudden and complete end of all admissions testing, on the sole basis that it works (!), is a laugh!).  Comment by BorisMay:

"I can’t see what the problem is with all this. You Americans have been doing this to the rest of the world, turning people against each other, and destroying societies, nations and states for the last one hundred years.

Now it is the US’s turn to enjoy what America has imposed on the rest of the world. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, as the saying goes.

You arrogant, self righteous, ignoramuses have made life hell for the rest of the world and now it is your turn to enjoy the fruits of your perversions which you have forced on everyone else.

You should celebrate with joy and happiness what you are imposing today in the slave markets of Libya, amongst the starving poor of Syria, of the carnage that is Yemen that you murdering bastards have imposed.

You scum are just about to get your just rewards, and with a bit of luck, you’ll all murder each other in to oblivion and then the world will be rid of the most evil, most vile and most Satanic nation on Earth.

Good riddance to all you perverts. You have made life hell for just about every country you have interfered with.

Now it is your turn to turn your own rotten country in to a hell of your own making."

"More on Domestic Terrorism: Who Will be the Target?" (Giraldi):
"Presumably, no one was empowered to suggest that surging black violence over the past year is a major “domestic terror” issue. The conclusion therefore was skewed – while no one would deny that there have been violent incidents involving white racist group and individuals, they are far outnumbered by the deaths that have taken place due to the black lives matter movement, which both government and corporate America have embraced. Given that, the targeting of “white” groups must be considered to be essentially political, particularly insofar as the White House and Attorney General Merrick Garland have made every effort to link the “racist-extremists” to the Republican Party and more particularly to Donald Trump."
There's this weird parallel in the Empire simultaneously falling apart both internationally and domestically.

Dated nostalgia

"The Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement is Embarrassing" (Studebaker): 

"The Democrats decided to pack the infrastructure bill with a lot of other spending. $400 billion alone was slated to go to nursing home services, a pressing need in its own right, but not one of the needs which the American Society of Civil Engineers tracks in its reports. We need to spend $2.59 trillion in the next decade on pure, traditional infrastructure. By including so much other spending in the initial bill, the Democrats made the bill appear corrupt, bloated, and untrustworthy. Republicans took advantage, framing the bill as a mystery box of liberal giveaways.

The Biden administration made this problem worse by disparaging traditional infrastructure. In March, a Washington Post story included this damning line:

Some people close to the White House said they feel that the emphasis on major physical infrastructure investments reflects a dated nostalgia for a kind of White working-class male worker.

The idea that only white men benefit from traditional infrastructure spending is absurdly bigoted. American citizens of every background are employed in industries which benefit from infrastructure spending. American citizens of every background need functioning infrastructure. When the ASCE says we need $2.59 trillion for infrastructure, they’re saying that if we don’t get that money a substantial amount of infrastructure will fall into disrepair. We cannot have a functioning country without functioning infrastructure. To frame it as a “white” or “male” concern is beyond preposterous.

What’s more, it was deeply politically stupid. By framing traditional infrastructure as suspect, the White House sent a message to blue collar voters that this package isn’t really concerned with helping them. It’s not as if the White House has a blanket policy of opposing nostalgia for the 20th century. The administration loves comparing Joe Biden to FDR, and COVID stimulus to the New Deal. But it won’t countenance nostalgia for Dwight Eisenhower’s interstate highway spending, because that might actually get some Republican voters excited about the bill. If the administration wants Republicans to support this bill, they should be framing infrastructure spending in a manner that is attractive to Republican voters. Biden should have been publicly comparing himself to Ike. The bill should have consisted overwhelmingly of the traditional infrastructure spending the ASCE says we need. If Biden had promised $2 trillion in straightforward infrastructure spending over the next 10 years, he would have deprived Republicans of their best argument against the bill. He would have created enormous excitement in ordinary people.

The failure to do this instead created a cloud of suspicion around the bill from the very beginning."

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Tired of a diet of pangolin

This looks like the start of identifying a more specific instigator for the pandemic (possibly the Joint Special Operations Command):  "A Bristling Array of Implausibility: Reflections on the Unz Bio-Warfare Attack Hypothesis" (Sushi).  I'm always a big fan of the idea that successful conspiracies are run by 'rogue' high-level operators, a small group somewhat below the top political levels.

"Why did the PA kill Nizar Banat?" (Dalloul):

"Thousands of words have already been written and spoken about Banat's "murder", and his name has trended on Twitter. Why, though, did the PA kill him?

Nizar Banat was an outspoken critic of the PA, Fatah and the PLO, all of which are headed by Mahmoud Abbas. He exposed many cases of corruption linked to them. The latest example was the PA-Israeli deal to exchange soon-to-expire Israeli Covid-19 vaccines for newly-produced vaccines intended for the West Bank. The deal was cancelled after it was exposed.

Banat intended to run for the Palestinian parliamentary election, and has been posting videos on his Facebook page about PA corruption and criticising the security cooperation between Ramallah and Israel at the expense of the Palestinian resistance and the principles of the Palestinian cause.

He was arrested eight times by the PA and tortured because of his views and activism against PA corruption. He was open about rejecting the peace made by the PA with Israel because, according to him, it met all the demands of the Israeli occupation and undermined all the rights of the Palestinians.

Recently, Banat phoned Muhannad Karaja from Lawyers for Justice, and told him that the PA was threatening him. He explained to Karaja that the PA intelligence services asked him to end his criticism of the PA and officials from Fatah and the PLO.

This suggests that the PA killed Nizar Banat to silence him, because he embarrasses the authority by exposing its conspiracies with the Israeli occupation plotted against the Palestinians. The PA killed him because he was a nationalist who believed that the authority is nothing more than a Zionist project intended to serve the Zionist project in the region."

"Lipstick on a Pig: Why Biden is Fawning over Israel’s New Government" (Baroud):

"Biden’s doctrine on Israel and Palestine is simple. He does not want to make an actual commitment to relaunching the peace process, for example, nor does he want to be placed in a position where he is forced to make demands from, let alone put ‘pressure’ on Israel. Since Biden has little or no expectations from Israel, Bennett seems willing to play the role of the accommodating and sensible politician. He would be foolish not to do so, for, per his own political ‘vision’, he merely wants to manage the conflict and prolong the occupation while, like his predecessor, continue to promote his own version of the deceptive notion of ‘economic peace’.

While the Americans and the Israelis are busy engaging in the ever-familiar ritual of ‘putting lipstick on a pig’, the Palestinians remain irrelevant in all of this, as their political aspirations continue to be discounted, and their freedom delayed. "

"The United States Continues to Play its Geopolitical Games but the Rest of the World Moves On" (O'Neill).  We're firmly in the 'dead skunk on the road' phase of a declining hegemon.  Everybody else just drives around it.  I don't believe there is any chance of a war against China, as the Pentagon would have done its war games showing Assholia will lose (and China will take Taiwan as the forfeit).

"Nicaragua's Benedict Arnolds – Political Opposition as Organized Crime" (Sefton).  The State Department playbook.  You pay off some political hacks to stir up problems in the country you are trying to destabilize, the government takes legal steps to deal with the problem, then you scream the country is a dictatorship as these fine 'opposition leaders' are facing the justice system.

"Britannia fools the waves: UK sent clear signal to Moscow with warship in Crimean waters... just probably not the one it intended" and "Imperial Delusions" (Robinson).  It's a ship that acts just like Boris Johnson.

There is no logic to CIA vindictiveness:  "UK High Court Delays as Assange Remains in Jail" (Murray).

I Have Read Marx and Lenin

"The Intercept Publishes Bogus "Exclusive Leak" Of Material Publicly Available Online" (Jilani).  Don't fret, Antifa is still completely above the law.

"Top general fires back at 'offensive' criticism of military being 'woke'"  President Manchin and Chief Coup Leader Milley constitute the current leadership of Assholia.  'Langley' salutes his Leader:  "Top US Officer Gen. Milley Schools GOP Reps. on Critical Race Theory, Need for Military to Study Society: “I Have Read Marx and Lenin”".

Tweet (Julie Kelly) (note the defense strategy of 'educating' the Deplorable grandma in question through a suggested reading list):

"DOJ claims it did not recommend the reading list Lloyd's lawyer gave her.

LOL "We don't prosecute people based on their beliefs." HAHAHAHA OK"

"Out of the Freezer for Good: The Seeds of the Next Nagorno-Karabakh War" (Sjursen).  This may replace Ukraine as the starting point of WWIII.

"John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison Hours After Judge Ordered US Extradition" (Anglin).  Schrödinger’s McAfee.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Defensive in nature

"Saudi operatives who killed journalist Khashoggi received paramilitary training in U.S. -New York Times" (Rothschilds):

"Four Saudis who participated in the 2018 killing of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi received paramilitary training in the United States the previous year under a contract approved by the State Department, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The training was provided by the Arkansas-based security company Tier 1 Group, which is owned by the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, and was defensive in nature and devised to protect Saudi leaders, the Times reported." 

Requisite Early Life reference.

Unnecessarily limiting options

Greenwald is the canary in the mine:  "What happened to Glenn Greenwald? Trump happened – and put the left’s priorities to the test" (Cook). Pretty thorough evisceration of Robinson, a mess who isn't worth reading.  One thing coming to the forefront is that the left-right distinction has largely been ignored by the Right, particularly by right populists who see it as a harmful distraction, unnecessarily limiting options, while for the Left it has become an obsession, particularly in administering the purity tests which are now everywhere.

Tweet (Jesse Kelly):

"REMINDER: It’s high treason if you saunter into the capitol building and snap a selfie but it’s really not that big of a deal if you falsify evidence so the FISA court will give you a warrant to spy on your political opponent."

"FBI monitoring of social media posts before Jan 6 raises more questions of how much it REALLY knew prior to Capitol Hill riot" (Klarenberg).  One of the paradoxes of the Panopticon is that it is now impossible for any government agency to claim ignorance of anything.

"The End of Global Internet: U.S. Seized Foreign Domains" (South Front):
"At first, disinformation campaigns, discrediting and blackmailing of independent media became the norm. Further, the persecution of journalists and editors became the common practice. Further, the Americans used to introduce personal and group sanctions, freezing ( in other words ‘stealing’) individual funds of undesirable persons. Further,  there were arrests and even kidnappings of those who went beyond the American agenda. Realizing their impunity, the White House started to block the independent media and objectionable news agencies. The Big Techs, controlled by the White House, began to scour the information space from content that, according to Washington, could pose a threat to the promotion of the interests of the American elites.

Since the above measures did not bring the desirable results, the Americans decided to take the next step and completely block domains of its ‘ foes ‘.

Thus, today, we can proclaim the death of global Internet. This is a signal to the whole world and an open declaration of US imperial dominance."

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

This is a thrill.

"The Palestinians’ Inalienable Right to Resist" (Allday).  The Palestinians could barbeque every Jewish baby, alive, and, as long as it is done with the intent of national liberation, it is not only moral, and utterly legal, but indeed, supererogatory behavior.  There is no possible legal or moral response to a fight for national liberation.

"Change in the Middle East?" (Giraldi).  The blackmail and bribery are still in place, so what possible reason would there be for there to be any change in attitude towards Khazar genocide?

"The Not-so Strange Death of Liberal Russophobia" (Robinson):

". . . the ‘strange’ death of liberal Russophobia isn’t so ‘strange’ at all. Its rise and fall indicates that it was always a tactic more than anything else. Russia-bashing was a method chosen by elements in the Democratic party as a means of undermining Trump and so winning back power. It wasn’t in my view a very good method, and I don’t think that Biden’s victory owed much if anything to it, but it was always a method not an end in itself. That doesn’t mean that ‘Smart America’ didn’t come to believe its own Russophobic propaganda – I get a strong sense that its members repeated its claims so often that in due course they became true believers. But from Biden’s point of view, once Trump was gone, the method had served its purpose. There is no longer any reason to make a central point of Democratic rhetoric."

Don't worry, it will be back as soon as the Swamp and its (((bosses))) figure out the 'WWIII with no functioning President' conundrum.

More good stuff from revolver (while somehow not mentioning the OKC bombing):  "They’ve Done This Before: Five Past Cases of FBI Incitement".  I've been thinking all along that it is odd how every time they make a fuss about an extreme right-wing terrorist group, the 'leader' turns out to be an FBI informant.

"When the FBI Framed Four Innocent Men" (Techno Fog).  "Glenn Greenwald Agrees with Tucker That 1/6 was Part of a Larger FBI Hoax" (Anglin).

"New Evidence Reveals That Senator John McCain and Other High-Ranking Vietnam War POWs May Have Lied to the American Public About Being Tortured" (Glatz).  Allegations of torture are part of the dehumanization of the enemy.  Needless to say, the big torturer of out time, by far, is Assholia.

"The Good Nazis and Bad Nazis of Western Media" (Armstrong).

"Biden’s Two-Step Geneva Waltz Simply Buys Him Space" (Crooke):

"The sudden lifting of the (once ‘perpetual’) COVID emergency powers, and the growing scepticism at ‘lockdown-based science’, signals the end to the unlimited accretion that the virus ‘gave’ to state power. The ‘science-based’ rationale is in disarray (especially, as now the details of U.S. early ‘gain of function’ collaboration with Wuhan, are being leaked). One can sense a paradigm shift in mood amongst the U.S. public.

The ’emergency powers’ have ended too soon for the likes of the Davos élites: COVID lockdown was weaponised both to be disruptive – and concomitantly, to speed Trump’s ouster. But it was also always intended by the Re-set ‘crowd’ to be the bridge to span the gap between the immediate dispensation of the COVID emergency, and stage two – that of the Global Climate Crisis ‘emergency’ (which also would likely require ‘climate lockdowns’, we are told). These were the disruptive events (the deus ex machina), that would be used to legitimise global monetary governance and the ushering in of a truly radical ‘overhaul of our economic structures, and doing capitalism differently’.

But the cracks in this agenda seem to be accelerating. The oligarchs ‘behind the Re-set curtain’ seem flummoxed by the turn of events – and at the hostility their agenda has generated. The pushback is not confined to just lockdowns; but an ‘exhausted majority’ is revolting at ‘correctness’, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools and in the workplace. The Atlantic reports a poll showing that among the general American population, a full 80% believe that “political correctness is a problem in our country.” Even young people are uncomfortable with it, including 74% ages 24-29; and 79% for those under age 24. On this issue, the woke and their handlers, find themselves in a clear minority, across all ages."

I've seen no indication that the Davos crowd is prepared to moderate its insanity over a little issue like mass public opposition.  Having wrecked everything, these monsters have convinced themselves that their entire plan is the only way to save their necks and 'leadership' roles and keep themselves in privileged positions.  They are going to keep pushing until they get absolutely everything they want in their new dystopia, or until the guillotine blades start falling.

"Former Reddit CEO: “Deplatforming works”" (Maas).

Tweet (Assal Rad):

"Today, US will spend $2,000,000,000 on war, starve Iranians & Venezuelans w/sanctions in a pandemic, support a Saudi blockade on Yemen where a child dies every 75 seconds, and give Israel $10,400,000 to fund its ethnic cleansing & occupation of Palestinians. Today."

"Documents reveal how Ben Affleck got into the CIA, promising to ‘do the Agency proud’" (Secker).

"Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics" (Babylon Bee):

"Hubbard said while she's disappointed she won’t be able to live out her Olympic dreams this year, that’s just the way it goes. “Sometimes your testicles get in the way,” Hubbard said. “That’s just something we gals have to deal with.”"

Monday, June 21, 2021

Treasures We Failed to Save

"The Radicalization of Kevin Greeson" (Sheets): 

"In 2009, Kevin Greeson traveled from Alabama to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama, at the time one of his political heroes. Twelve years later, a stone’s throw from where Obama had been sworn in, Greeson died of a heart attack while demonstrating in support of President Donald Trump during the Jan. 6 siege of the Capitol.

Greeson had undergone a stark political transformation in those intervening years. A longtime Democrat who once championed unions and supported progressive politicians, Greeson had become a staunch Trump supporter by the time he died outside the Capitol at the age of 55.

In the weeks leading up to his death, he gave up Fox News for less mainstream right-wing news sources and wrote a series of posts on the conservative-leaning social media site Parler advocating political violence in response to what he saw as Democrats’ efforts to “steal” the 2020 election from the president.

“Let’s take this fucking Country BACK!! Load your guns and take to the streets!” he wrote on Dec. 17.

While Greeson’s inflammatory Parler posts and false online rumors that he tased himself to death have drawn considerable attention, his political transformation has not.

“He was a vice president at the union, and he was an Obama supporter,” said Mark McDaniel, the Huntsville attorney representing the Greeson family. “He got interested in Trump because he felt he was more business-minded, and as the economy kept getting better, he kept getting more interested in Trump.”

For much of the late 20th century, north Alabama was home to a number of large factories and industrial facilities that provided blue-collar jobs with decent wages to people like Greeson. But many of those positions were eliminated over the past two decades as manufacturers and plants closed or sold to foreign companies — and as the jobs disappeared, the Democratic Party’s support dwindled."

It's not racism, or fascism, or some other 'hate', as we've been instructed by the (((media))), but the neoliberalism of Barry, and its concrete effects in the lives of people, that forced Barry voters to become Trump supporters.

"Who Is A “Terrorist” In Biden’s America?" (Webb):
"Another telling addition to this group of potential “terrorists” is “any other individual or group who engages in violence—or incites imminent violence—in opposition to legislative, regulatory or other actions taken by the government.” Thus, if the government implements a policy that a large swath of the population finds abhorrent, such as launching a new, unpopular war abroad, those deemed to be “inciting” resistance to the action online could be considered domestic terrorists."
The Wars For The Jews Protection Act.

"Pax mundi: Putin embraces Biden, all’s right with the world" (Rozoff).  Does Putin have an angle in manipulating - partly with flattery - what is left of Biden?

"“Just Blind Chance”: The Rising Call For “Random Selection” For College Admissions" (Turley).

Tweet (Imraan Siddiqi):
"This is the 3rd holiest site in Islam.

I repeat, this is the 3rd holiest site in Islam."

"Goodbye, Walker Rock Garden. Another Treasure We Failed to Save" (Scigliano).

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Whatever fake currency

You wouldn't recognize this as the same guy described by the CIA through 'Langley':  "Biden has a worthy interlocutor in Raisi" (Bhadrakumar).

My emphasis in red:  ""He who has the gold makes the rules" and the state has the monopoly on force. Bitcoin and other cyptocurrencies are systemic threats to this tried and tested model. Can the state ever tolerate such a threat, or will it have to tame such a 'wild beast'? Is compromise possible without compromising the core values of crypto?

Crypto is a complex topic with a lot of puts and takes; this could be an interview all its own, and so I will only provide a highly abbreviated answer.

First, we already live in a world of many currencies. Nobody considers the Swiss Franc a threat to US economic sovereignty, or the Japanese Yen, or whatever fake currency they're using in Europe these days. What ensures US economic sovereignty? For starters, tax collection in US dollars, which makes it easiest by far to use US dollars generally in the US. Cryptocurrency is not a threat to that, in my view.

We also already live in a world with anonymous, untraceable criminal and terrorist money flows, in the form of, incredibly, paper US currency. There are 12 billion (!) US $100 bills in circulation globally, more than any other denomination, despite the fact you never see $100 bills in daily life; that's because they're the global standard for bad behavior. Whereas cryptocurrency works in the form of a public ledger that can be data mined just like any database; a lot of national security people are actually quite fired up about more transactions moving from paper currency to the blockchain.

Then, if you still want to fight cryptocurrency, there's the nature of the thing that you'd be fighting. Cryptocurrency is math, and code. Numbers, just numbers, stored in computers all over the world. The level of draconian control required to ban cryptocurrency -- bad numbers, numbers that you don't want to exist or move around -- would be totalitarianism on a cosmic scale, far worse than whatever is motivating you to try to ban it.

Finally, the benefits of cryptocurrency are real, from new competition to "too big to fail" financial incumbents, to new jobs created by the explosive innovation in the space, to enormous consumer gain that extends all the way down the economic ladder to the lowest income and most unbanked in our society. So, I expect an uncomfortable but largely stable long term dynamic."

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Grind you away

"Propaganda and the Media — Censorship, or Burning the History Books — Part 6" (Romanoff).  There is and has been a hell of a lot of work going on to make sure we don't know how bad our 'leaders' really are, much of it directed by Khazars for Khazar supremacist ends. 

"‘The system tries to grind you away’: What it’s like to be a Black or Indigenous woman in federal politics" (Patel).  Paul took the shekels - or maybe, as a Jew, sinned for free! - and suppressed the criticism from within her party of actual genocide against brown people, and yet we're told by this 'journalist' that it is Paul that is the victim of racism!  Unbefuckinglievable!  How low can they go?  This kind of unearned whinging is Sailer territory.

"Iran floats reports of imminent Shanghai Cooperation Organization membership" (Dorsey).

"Peru’s New President, Socialist-Worker Pedro Castillo: Right-Wing Contesting" (Ridenour).  "Peru: A president-elect, non-existent fraud, a fractured country" (Teruggi).  What's really interesting is that he is economically socialist but socially conservative.

There are times when 'Langley' can't suppress the CIA in him!:  "Iran’s Leading Candidate for President is a far right Notorious Hanging Judge" (Cole).

Friday, June 18, 2021

Ratty and batty

"Ratty Old Jew Jon Leibowitz Shills Wuhan Lab Theory on Steven Colbert Show" (Anglin):

"You used to literally be censored and banned from social media for saying the virus came from a Chinese lab, and we are now entering into a paradigm where you will get banned for saying the virus came from bats. Facebook actually had to announce that they would no longer be banning people for saying the virus came from a lab. Eventually, you will be banned for bringing up the fact that the media used to say it was from bats. It’s full “we’ve always been at war with East Asia.” Total information control. Imagine being inside the head of a person who is capable of thinking this is reasonable."

Going to the trouble of rolling out Stewart to impress upon whoever the hell watches Colbert is a strong indication that the Swamp wants to run with the lab leak, but why?  Chinese negligence is pretty thin gruel on which to form a casus belli for WWIII, particularly when it is abundantly clear that the reason the Chinese were doing the research is because the Assholes were paying them to do so, all on the basis that past leaks from Assholian labs meant that the Assholes knew the danger of a leak, and wanted to offshore it.  There is also the minor detail that everybody who has examined the issue has concluded that there is no evidence for lab leak.  I'm wondering if this new program is not offensive but defensive in nature, that the Swamp is nervous that somebody will put two and two together and conclude that this was actually Assholian biowarfare against China.  There is also the fact, which seems to be memory holed, that Patient Zero was almost certainly Assholian, and goes back to at least December 2019, before the first Chinese victim, and that the Pentagon knew about Chinese victims well before the Chinese had identified the problem.

"A Covid Timeline, 1943-2021" (Roberts).

"The Covid BioWeapon: Made in the USA, Aimed at China" (Whitney/Unz).  An almost simultaneous attack on Iran is huge evidence, and I like the thinking that the planning would have been organized by some crazy like Pompeo, in the same way that 9/11 was set in motion by Rumsfeld.

A Country, a President

"What President Biden and His Media Chorus Revealed about Their War-Fighting Capabilities" (Helmer).  Biden is still capable of moments of lucidity, but you can't count on him.  The Swamp probably likes that he is rarely all there, as it can do what it wants, but Assholes seem particularly needful of guidance from their President, and who knows what they will get if they need Biden to make some solemn call to arms.  The country has now had two perfectly representative Presidents in a row!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The advantages of getting woke

"2 Days in May That Shattered Korean Democracy" (Shorrock/Kim).  A little-known atrocity from Jimmy Carter.

For a 'radical', Noam is always completely conventional:  "Noam Chomsky: Something Rotten in the State of China?" (Petersen).

Nanking Massacre revisionism.

(((Nudelman-Kagan))) was at the big table at the Summit as one of the Assholian 'experts'.  "Sunbeams From Cucumbers: The View From the Khanate of Kaganstan" (Armstrong).

An explanation for woke corporations:  "Why Power Is Getting Woke" (Mesrobian):
"It’s extremely common to find critics of “wokeness” and critical race theory decrying it as a radical activist- and academic-driven plot to upend the basic foundations of American society. And while it certainly does like to present itself that way, and is even believed to be exactly that by its most true believers, it’s an analysis that fails to explain why every Fortune 500 company, establishment politician, media executive, and entertainer has become an evangelist for these ideas. After all, radicalism is about threatening and upending existing power structures. What we’re seeing now is quite the opposite. Far from seeing these ideas as a threat, the existing power structure is enthusiastically adopting them as something of a ruling class ideology. So unless you think all of these people are critical theory sleeper cells who are just now being awakened to carry out a plot decades in the making, the more likely explanation is that not only are these ideas compatible with power, but something about them must actually lend themselves to protecting and even enhancing that power. In other words, it’s an ideology that seems much more suited not to radicalism, but to the opposite: repression. 
One of the most conspicuous things about woke politics is that it politicizes everything. It inserts politics into every space, interaction, and relationship. It problematizes, deconstructs, and dismantles. It calls out and it cancels. And above all, it personalizes politics. But in doing so, it redefines politics itself away from something that takes place in the public sphere — as a way of taking collective action to solve public problems and hold powerful people and institutions accountable — and instead into a matter of personal morality, behaviors, and actions. It privatizes, diffuses, and decentralizes politics. Something that we used to do collectively with a set of defined common purposes with clear objectives is increasingly becoming something we do in the office, with our friends and family members, or while sitting alone at home on the internet. 
Woke politics makes politics less about what powerful people do, and more about what everyone does. Sometimes it’s even about what dead people did, in which case we might take down a statue if there is one, or just call for a “reckoning” (whatever that is). 
But at a certain point, this stops looking like politics at all, and instead a sort of “anti-politics” — something that diverts energy and attention away from traditional political activity and toward something completely different. And when you see the most powerful people in society, from CEOs to elected officials — the people for whom politics is explicitly an accountability and power-limiting mechanism — championing and encouraging this trend, it has to make you wonder at least a little bit: Maybe the point of politicizing everything is to make you forget what actual politics is?"
"Instead of antagonizing power and holding it to account, wokeness makes it invisible. It flattens everyone, elite and not, into fellow participants in a national religion, one in which those with power merely serve as a ceremonial priesthood whose sole responsibility is to ensure faithful observance. The great “awokening” of America’s elites is also something of a great unburdening — an unburdening from the responsibilities, accountability, and scrutiny that comes with power. Ultimately, it’s an unburdening of a leadership class from a country and its people. The question is: Can any country survive that?"

Magical bones

"Israel on the Defensive: Congressmen Demonstrate Their True Allegiance" (Giraldi).  The shekel recipients/blackmailees/Khazars do their thing.

"Putin: "Portrait Of Biden Drawn By Media Has Nothing To Do With Reality"" (Durden).  Putin got in some very subtle digs prior to the meeting, and sees no benefit to gloating about the sad state of Assholian leadership now.  He now has first hand intelligence on how bad things really are.

Have you noticed that Vanity Fair is now doing much of the PR heavy lifting for the swamp?:  "Tucker Carlson Bizarrely Blames the FBI for MAGA Riot" (Ecarma).

"Consuewella Dotson Africa, longtime MOVE member, dies at 67" (Goodin-Smith/Dean), which linked to this (!):  "Penn Museum owes reparations for previously holding remains of a MOVE bombing victim | Opinion" (Muhammad).

"Interview with Barry Meier, author of "Spooked"" (Taibbi).  The first, and certainly last, mainstream critical consideration of #Russiagate.

In prison, dead, or exiled

 Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):

"Joe Biden asks:

“How’d it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world  as interfering in the elections directly of other countries?”

Earth to President Biden: that’s exactly how the world views the United States."

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"This is pure context-free, mind numbing imperialist propaganda. The only difference between Democracy Now and MSNBC here is former Radio Free Europe director Masha Gessen wears a loud blazer on the latter network."
"Biden’s Putin Summit Was the Ultimate Disaster, Several Bizarre Moments with Press" (Anglin).  The Assholian Swamp has a conundrum.  They don't feel comfortable starting WWIII with Biden around, but they also fear the complete knucklehead that is Harris. Thus, we are in holding pattern while this problem is sorted out.

"A Russian geopolitical analyst’s thoughts on Joe Biden [Video]" (Bordachev) (my emphasis in red):
"The pinnacle of Europe’s success in relations with the United States was the creation in 1975, on the initiative of France, of the “Big Six”, where Canada was added a year later for a laugh. But at that time the US foreign policy truly lay in ruins – the defeat in Vietnam, the oil crisis and the Soviet offensive on all fronts. Now, despite all the internal turmoil, American power is far more convincing.

What can Europe do in this situation? There are few opportunities at her disposal. Germany and France, perhaps, would like more independence, for this they even have control over the single European currency, but Poland, the Baltic states and others are hanging on their feet. Thirty years ago, Berlin and Paris made the decision to expand the EU eastward in their historic quest to seize what Russia had lost control of. Then the Europeans had the illusion that the future world would really become more comfortable for them. This did not happen – the world certainly changed, but it did not become better for the EU. And the EU did not have enough strength to “digest” the acquisitions.

Today, the mere presence in the EU of countries for which the struggle with Russia is part of their national identity is enough to paralyze any attempts to reach an agreement with a neighbor in the East. And without this there can be no independent Europe."
Tweet (Max Blumenthal) (Carlson is the universal outlier):
"Assange's brother says he has not been able to visit the jailed journalist since lockdown began and zero members of Congress have spoken up for him since Biden's inauguration. 

And so far, this is the only mainstream outlet to interview Assange's family while on their US tour."
Tweet (#HandsOffVenezuela You Cowards):
"Look I’m just saying given that Mumia Abu Jamal , Leonard Peltier, Assata, Hampton, Jamil Abdullah Al-Ami, etc…. Are either in prison, dead, or exiled; it strikes me as cynical that a press corps which can ask biden about us dissidents and hasn’t suddenly cares re putin"
The four stages of Dem grief.

CNN puts on its FBI hat and gets to work.

Tweet (Raheem J. Kassam) (these guys don't look or act like larpers):
"Yeah um… people who revere flags don’t drag them along the ground or throw them to the floor… this is deeply revelatory"
"The Anatomy of a Federal Terrorism Prosecution: A Blueprint for Repression and Entrapment" (HRLR Online).

"Domestic Terrorism Hoax: FBI Frames Drug Addict Who Left Gas Canister In Front of Jewish Center As Terrorist Bomber" (Striker).  The FBI is completely off the rails and needs to be wound up after separating its forensic labs.

Tweet (John Cardillo):
"Let's simplify this.

FBI concocted the "plot" to "kidnap" Whitmer, had their operatives act as kidnappers, and found a bunch of moron patsies they then labeled as Trump supporters and conservatives.

It appears they did the exact same thing on Jan 6th.

Time to abolish the FBI."
Tweet (Naser):
"Please keep sharing vids of Israeli settlers chanting “death to Arabs,” “may your village burn” & “the 2nd Nakba is coming” all under the protection of Israeli police while Palestinians are detained for simply raising their flag. Show the world the beacon of democracy in the ME."
What terrifies me and what should terrify everybody is that, when 'Israel' is ended, some of these monsters are going to want to return to real countries, and our shekeled crooked politicians will invite them right in.  Can you imagine having to live near such evil!

The Young (and Vile) Turks seem to be committing professional suicide (they are in a big Twitter fight with Maté).  The implosion has been coming for a while.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Greens for genocide

"Green Party's Annamie Paul survives emergency meeting over leadership" (Thurton).

The MP who crossed over to the Liberals has subsequently, needless to say, taken the shekels:  "Green leader Annamie Paul rejects calls to resign as party tees up non-confidence vote" (Turnbull):

"The “catalyst” for her departure from the party was an internal feud between MPs and a now-outgoing senior adviser to Paul over social media posts related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Atwin had maintained that she stands by her pro-Palestinian position, and was hurt by the accusation made that she was anti-Semitic. She said she’s been told there is a difference of opinion among Liberals and believes there will be an opportunity within her new caucus to have a more “healthy discussion and debate” than was possible with her former team.

On Monday, she struck a different tone, tweeting "Palestinians are suffering. Israelis are also suffering as well as their loved ones in Canada and around the world. No one wins with war. I regret if my choice of words caused harm to those who are suffering.""
It is difficult to conceive of an issue less important than the position of the Green Party of Canada on genocide, but this is yet another example of Every. Single. Time., with one 'advisor', (((Noah Zatzman))), causing the entire problem (and party leader Paul also claims to be Jewish).  For a group which loudly proclaims complete innocence regarding the genocide, Every. Single. Time is getting to be difficult to swallow.

New frontiers in corruption

"Hunter Biden's art to sell as high as $500K and the buyers will be kept 'confidential'" (Keene). Crooked relatives of Presidents trying to grift off the proximity is a theme in Assholian politics, but this seems to take it to new levels.

Tweets by Rep. Jim McGovern on Venezuela.  There's something afoot:  "Anti-Chavista Deputy Bertucci: ‘US Policy Towards Venezuela to Change in Coming Months’".

Biden's not wanting to "get in trouble" seems to be a theme.  He projects as a victim of elder abuse.

Buck breaking.

"Who Let Capitol Protesters Into the Building on January 6?" (Kelly).  One opening you could explain away as incompetence, but multiple openings is a conspiracy.


 Tweet (Eric Feigl-Ding):

"⚠️90-96% of all #COVID19 in 🇬🇧 caused by #DeltaVariant.🧵

📍32% of all Delta cases visiting the hospital emergency room are at least 1 dose vaccinated

📍33% who are then hospitalized vaccinated

📍45% of all deaths got at least 1 shot—➡️ 29% got 2 shots."

"Outbreaks of delta variant spark concern at Calgary hospital".

"More coronavirus in wastewater could signal rise in cases, scientist says" (Tunney).

There's a lot that that is is is is . . . happening

The obvious dementia of Biden in public at the G7, the Biden-Putin meeting, and the fact it was the FBI running the larpers at the Capitol are causing the Democrat spin doctors to spin at unheard of levels.   

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (this tweet is gone, but see here):

"This disinformation has gone viral. 

But what actually seems to have happened is that Biden forgot to turn around & face the press, as is the usual protocol. 

If you look at the video (attached below), Putin held Biden's gaze for a few seconds & then turned to the journalists."

Tweets by Matthew Gertz.  Rather than address the evidence, Gertz mocks the Republicans for failure to take a consistent position in the light of the new evidence.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Jake Sullivan is going to tell NBC, CNN and NYT reporters that Biden strongly stood up to Putin and demanded he cease his bad behavior on Ukraine, Syria and Navalny -- or else face "consequences" -- and they're all going to repeat this with their serious-faces as if it's true."
I'm starting to think the Assholes put the Brits in charge of Imperial PR as the Assholes aren't very good at it (being the hegemon for so many years leaves you out of practice for explaining yourself).

Person 2 and Person 3

"Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge" (revolver).  Nice comparison with the Michigan arrests.  I get a strong Oklahoma City vibe throughout.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


"China and the February 1, 2021 Coup d’Etat in Burma: Beijing’s Geopolitical Nightmare" (Seekins).  A history of Chinese-Burmese relations.

"Stop Blaming the Pandemic for America's Violent Crime Wave" (Jilani).

"Sorry, Liberals. But You Really Shouldn’t Love NATO." (Wertheim).  I assume the JYT prints this so they can hold it up in their war crimes trial held by the survivors of the nuclear war.

The search for a religious explanation for the bafflingly evil actions of the Euro-trash (blackmail and shekels is good enough for me):  "Is EU anti-Semitism chief motivated by Christian Zionism?" (Cronin).

"Islamic Republic of Iran’s Presidential Election 1400" (Tajik).  Towards the end, a section on the peculiarities and odd deterioration of Ahmadinejad.

"George Galloway: After Biden’s addled appearance at the G7, we can only hope he’s never left alone with the nuclear codes".  "Empire of Clowns vs. Yellow Peril" (Escobar):

"Then there’s the Yellow Peril remixed, with the “our values” shock troops “calling on China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms” with a special emphasis on Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

The story behind it was confirmed to me by a EU diplomatic source, a realist (yes, there are some in Brussels).

All hell broke loose inside the – exclusive – G7 room when the Anglo-American axis, backed by spineless Canada, tried to ramrod the EU-3 plus Japan into an explicit condemnation of China in the final communiqué over the absolute bogus concentration camp “evidence” in Xinjiang. In contrast to politicized accusations of “crimes against humanity”, the best analysis of what’s really going on in Xinjiang has been published by the Qiao collective.

Germany, France and Italy – Japan was nearly invisible – at least showed some spine. Internet was shut off to the room during the really harsh “dialogue”. Talk about realism – a true depiction of “leaders” vociferating inside a bubble.

The dispute essentially pitted Biden – actually his handlers – against Macron, who insisted that the EU-3 would not be dragged into the logic of a Cold War 2.0. That was something that Merkel and Mario ‘Goldman Sachs’ Draghi could easily agree upon.

In the end the divided G7 table chose to agree on a Build Back Better World – or B3W – “initiative” to counter-act the Chinese-driven Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)."

Galloway wonders why Canada is there - this is why.  Trudeau has to do the job that a non-demented President of  Assholia would do.

"As the Strategic Balance Inverts, Israel is Politically and Militarily Paralysed" (Crooke):

"The reason the Israeli crisis is graver than many suppose is that no one wants to admit that Israel effectively has wasted its window to any political solution – chasing hegemony and its ‘victory narrative’. It has succumbed to Netanyahu’s narrative of ‘mission accomplished’ – the Palestinian issue supposedly made irrelevant – only to find the window of politics closed shut, at the same time that Israel’s military situation has reversed itself, decisively. The old certainty of Israeli military domination ultimately securing Palestinian acquiescence now looks decidedly frayed.

So fatigued and numbed by their own rhetoric have Israeli and western leaders become, that they will not think or say that Israel has run out of options. And so western policy continues on auto-pilot. Inevitably there will be further Right-wing provocations at al-Aqsa. The IDF will default to its policy of ‘mowing the Gaza lawn’ – only one or other of these times (maybe quite soon), Israel will find itself in a multi-front war.

Are they certain America will spend its blood to extract Israel from its self-made quagmire? Are they convinced Gulf States will be there too, shoulder-to-shoulder?"

"Federal agents admit to falsely accusing Chinese professor of being a spy" (Choi):

"He claimed that his investigation began with an “open source” search for information on Hu, which turned out to be a Google search on the professor.

Sadiku admitted to telling university officials that Hu was a Chinese military operative, despite having no evidence to back up that claim. He never followed up with the officials to clarify that his statements were false, the newspaper noted."

"Mother Of NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Describes Her Daughter's Release From Prison".  Snowden.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Fraudulent dopes

"BREAKING: Reporter Who Broke Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story Found DEAD in His Apartment" (Fairbanks).  Another entry in the Killary Death List. 

Tweet (Mark Ames):

"This culture used to mock Soviets for allegedly handing out literary prizes to state toadies. 

The last 2 winners of the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting went to media that courageously exposed crimes by Washington's official enemies China & Russia."

Tweet (Shant Mesrobian):
"If someone wins a Pulitzer now, the assumption should be that they are a fraudulent dope. Same for any other prestigious prize or honor."
It stands to reason that the most prestigious Assholian 'journalism' awards are deeply embarrassing for all recipients.

Tweets by Dubula on winning an award for 'journalism' while making stuff up:
"It's wild how you can write an article titled "inside a Xinjiang detention camp" and not even go to Xinjiang, have no actual pictures from inside or outside the alleged camp, only use grainy satellite photos and unsupported testimonies, and win a prize for journalism."
"McCarthyite meltdown shows how Russiagate, Syria propaganda captured 'left' media" (Maté).  Some very strange things manage to pass for 'left' these days.

"The Media Is an Accomplice in Erasing Palestinian Life" (Turfah).  It is why (((they))) need to run both the (((media))) and (((social media))).  Anything even close to honest coverage of the genocide (((they))) planned and are executing would have made the mass murder and land theft impossible.  An example of how (((they))) operate in Canada:  "Anti-Palestinian Bigotry Overshadowed by Anti-Semitism Uproar" (Engler).

"Latin Assassin-Nation" (Boyd-Barrett).  Full summary, worthwhile comments.  

"'We Are Sounding the Alarm': Global Left Warns Right-Wing Fujimori Trying to Steal Election in Peru" (Germanos/Queally).

"Revealed: Secretive British anti-crime agency spent millions training Colombia’s repressive police" (Kennard).  British training of the bad guys is a thing.

"USA’s Sordid Role in Afghanistan" (Iqbal).

"Ahmadinejad Claims Israel Infiltrated Iranian Intelligence".  The stolen documents story is an iffy creation of the Mossad, so I don't know what he's up to, although he may just be lashing out as they won't let him run for election.

"New Great Game rages in post-coup Myanmar" (Lintner).  "Aiming At China U.S., UK Launch Ethnic Guerilla War On Myanmar" (Moon).  Tricky problem for China.

"West Adds Belarus to New Axis of Evil" (Rozoff).

For Imperial reasons, the Serbs have been completely fucked over:  "Britain Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Dr. Karadzic (Well, Not Quite)" (Karganovic) and "Transfer of Dr Radovan Karadzic to a British prison raises many questions" (Voegelin) and "Book Review – Joint Criminal Enterprise: Why everything you were told about Slobodan Milosevic and the Serbs was wrong. By Andy Wilcoxson." and "Spirit of the Srebrenica narrative" (Malenica).  Karadžić and Milošević were both guilty of the cardinal sin of pushing back against The Narrative.  They murdered Milošević for embarrassing them, and it may be easier and less suspicious to have Karadžić die in a British jail.  Related:  "Serbian WWII Film Smeared by War Propagandists in Western Media" (Parry).

"Boris Yeltsin had entourage of ‘hundreds’ of CIA agents who instructed him how to run Russia, claims former parliamentary speaker" (Tickle).

"A Sinister Agenda Behind California Water Crisis? Looming Food Supply Catastrophe" (Engdahl).  I'm very conspiracy friendly, but there are enough real conspiracies involving California water that this one seems more than a little contorted.

Tweet (Rob DenBleyker):
"I'm currently banned from facebook for 3 days for threatening a cookie. I think fb needs to take a look at its policies"
"What You Do After Work Shouldn't Cost You Your Job" (Rall).

"More Hypocrisy from the G7 Leaders" (Viable Opposition).  They are insisting everybody else eat insects to 'save the planet'.  This whole shindig was a guillotine moment.

Now here's a conspiracy theory!:  "Kamala’s “New Era” Mexico Trip was an “Anti-Trump Coup” Clean-up Job" (Flores):
"In the most clear and simple terms, Kamala Harris’ trip to Mexico was a clean-up job in the aftermath of an aborted plan to flood the U.S. with refugees in the event that Trump attempted to remain in office after January 20th. Without that understanding, we are left with vague generalities about ‘Root Causes’ of migration which are almost always going to be described in banal economic terms, or (conveniently within the rubric of Great Reset mythology), climate change.

This may appear to the uninitiated as a big claim, but we have provided even larger proofs in our past work on the subject in exposing the Transition Integrity Project. If we are going to talk about the ‘Root ‘Causes’ of the crisis, then the TIP stands front and center. This was the project financed by a group including George Soros and Nicolas Berggruen of the World Economic forum (under Klaus Schwab), and led by John Podesta of the Clinton clique. Its war-games were published in all the major Operation Mockingbird-type operations of the intelligence services – The Atlantic, The Washington Post, the New York Times, etc.

Borrowing from the language and methods of standard destabilization/color revolution schemes, the ‘Transition’ was based on the all-out gambit to remove Trump from office. This even included an openly promoted secession movement wherein “Cascadia’’ (California, Oregon, Washington) would all secede if Trump won the election or refused to accept a Biden victory, and these actions would be endorsed publicly by Biden and Harris. This much isn’t speculation, but the openly published outcomes of the TIP war-game.

Because color revolution and coup techniques involve destabilization campaigns, we know that all assets that can be wielded in that direction, will be. One very visible sign of intentional destabilization is when ‘conditions’ create large population displacement.
Therefore, we cannot ignore the vast network of Soros-backed NGOs operating in Central America and, much to the chagrin of the Mexican government, also in Mexico. These NGOs were activated to organize ‘Root Causes’ into actual human waves of migrants who magically arrived into U.S. facilities with their documentation completed, well-dressed and well-fed, and already coached on the precise words to use to qualify them not as a regular migrant, but as a victim (refugee) of inhumane conditions."
Tweet (
"Trudeau overheard telling staffers he expects Kamala Harris to be President by the end of 2022 per WH official attending G7"
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Apparently this is the first article pushing Lab Leak Theory—published in the Moonie paper, relying on the "expertise" of an Israeli military-intelligence officer named Danny Shoham."
Euro-trash news:  "The Copenhagen Summit for Democracy: The New Nazis" (Black).

"Despite the Headlines, the Gates Foundation Has Evaded Scrutiny" (Schwab).

"The Grim Trade-Off Of BLM?" (Sullivan).

Tweet (Imraan Siddiqi):
"They also killed 66 children with bombs a few weeks ago, so."