Friday, June 04, 2021

An insatiable appetite for war

More lawfare for you, goyim:  "Twisting UK Law To Criminalize Dissent on Palestine" (Murray): 

"The general British population may return to slumber until the next major bombings, but one man who will not forget is Richard Barnard of Palestine Action. Incredibly, Barnard has been charged by police and the Crown Prosecution Service with blackmail for proposing to hunger strike until the Israeli Elbit weapons factories in the UK are closed down.

That is not a mistake; he really is charged with blackmail for a proposed hunger strike. I have been trying to find precedent for this and while I can find examples of the argument being made that hunger strike is emotional extortion, I certainly cannot find any example, anywhere in the world, of actual prosecution."
Lawfare is the thing that eventually triggers the farm animals into a reaction, with the reaction then forming the emotional basis for more lawfare, and on, and on, and on.

More:  "Abby Martin Beats the Israel Lobby" (Giraldi).

"Google reassigns diversity chief who wrote Jews have ‘an insatiable appetite for war’" (Feuer/Steinbuch).  Their smartest employee, literally Mel Gibson levels of understanding.  I am hoping they set him to work on fixing search, which is completely broken, and, of course, Blogger, as their regular engineers are obviously not smart enough.

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"This is the face of Zionism and if you’re a Zionist, then this is what you support."
"As Colombia’s right-wing government mounts savage repression, Canada criticizes “violence” of impoverished protesters" (Jordan).  "Torture sites and mass graves reported in Colombia as repression intensifies against mass protests" (Gustavo).  Tweets by Bad actor.  "Colombia’s Partnership with NATO Allows It to Breach Human Rights Without Condemnation" (Antonopoulos).  "Colombia’s rebellion against the capitalist system" (Iqbal) (I should link to more from Iqbal).  "Why Colombia Has Erupted in Protest" (Borda).

"Greenwald: The FBI's Strange Anthrax Investigation Sheds Light On COVID Lab-Leak Theory And Fauci's Emails".   (((Rosenberg's))) job seems to have been, as you might expect, to direct attention away from the (((Camel Club))), but the wider point, that the Assholes do this kind of warfare preparation posing as 'research', still stands.
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