Thursday, June 03, 2021

Flashcard war

With all my suspicions and conspiracy theories, even I am often taken aback by the sheer audacity/chutzpah:  tweet (assistant inspector):

"you have gotta be fucking kidding me

No dancing Israelis will have been found to be involved.

Tweet (Ben Mauk):
"Sayragul Sauytbay makes some wild claims in her new book on surviving a reeducation camp in Xinjiang. The claims don't at all accord with those she made at her extradition trial in Kazakhstan, which I attended. Call me incredulous. I'm upset the claims are now being amplified."
"Our History of Popular Resistance: Palestine Reading List".

"Revealed: The American Money Entwined with Israel’s Jewish Terrorist Groups" (Buxbaum).

"Birds of a Fascist Feather: Why Israel Is Aiding Colombia’s Crackdown on Protesters" (MacLeod).  One of the (extremely few) things Assholia gets from the trillions it gives to the crime scene called 'Israel' is thuggish assistance in imperial dominance.

"Rabbi dares to mention Israel’s ‘ethnic cleansing,’ and donor makes her eat her words" (Weiss).  Credit where credit is due - a lot of recent Mondoweiss undermines the basic tenets of lite Zionism.

"US soldiers at European bases that host nuclear weapons exposed security details" (nwomaster).  Atypical Bellingcat, I have to assume NATO will now put disinformation on the flashcards

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