Monday, June 14, 2021

Fraudulent dopes

"BREAKING: Reporter Who Broke Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story Found DEAD in His Apartment" (Fairbanks).  Another entry in the Killary Death List. 

Tweet (Mark Ames):

"This culture used to mock Soviets for allegedly handing out literary prizes to state toadies. 

The last 2 winners of the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting went to media that courageously exposed crimes by Washington's official enemies China & Russia."

Tweet (Shant Mesrobian):
"If someone wins a Pulitzer now, the assumption should be that they are a fraudulent dope. Same for any other prestigious prize or honor."
It stands to reason that the most prestigious Assholian 'journalism' awards are deeply embarrassing for all recipients.

Tweets by Dubula on winning an award for 'journalism' while making stuff up:
"It's wild how you can write an article titled "inside a Xinjiang detention camp" and not even go to Xinjiang, have no actual pictures from inside or outside the alleged camp, only use grainy satellite photos and unsupported testimonies, and win a prize for journalism."
"McCarthyite meltdown shows how Russiagate, Syria propaganda captured 'left' media" (Maté).  Some very strange things manage to pass for 'left' these days.

"The Media Is an Accomplice in Erasing Palestinian Life" (Turfah).  It is why (((they))) need to run both the (((media))) and (((social media))).  Anything even close to honest coverage of the genocide (((they))) planned and are executing would have made the mass murder and land theft impossible.  An example of how (((they))) operate in Canada:  "Anti-Palestinian Bigotry Overshadowed by Anti-Semitism Uproar" (Engler).

"Latin Assassin-Nation" (Boyd-Barrett).  Full summary, worthwhile comments.  

"'We Are Sounding the Alarm': Global Left Warns Right-Wing Fujimori Trying to Steal Election in Peru" (Germanos/Queally).

"Revealed: Secretive British anti-crime agency spent millions training Colombia’s repressive police" (Kennard).  British training of the bad guys is a thing.

"USA’s Sordid Role in Afghanistan" (Iqbal).

"Ahmadinejad Claims Israel Infiltrated Iranian Intelligence".  The stolen documents story is an iffy creation of the Mossad, so I don't know what he's up to, although he may just be lashing out as they won't let him run for election.

"New Great Game rages in post-coup Myanmar" (Lintner).  "Aiming At China U.S., UK Launch Ethnic Guerilla War On Myanmar" (Moon).  Tricky problem for China.

"West Adds Belarus to New Axis of Evil" (Rozoff).

For Imperial reasons, the Serbs have been completely fucked over:  "Britain Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Dr. Karadzic (Well, Not Quite)" (Karganovic) and "Transfer of Dr Radovan Karadzic to a British prison raises many questions" (Voegelin) and "Book Review – Joint Criminal Enterprise: Why everything you were told about Slobodan Milosevic and the Serbs was wrong. By Andy Wilcoxson." and "Spirit of the Srebrenica narrative" (Malenica).  Karadžić and Milošević were both guilty of the cardinal sin of pushing back against The Narrative.  They murdered Milošević for embarrassing them, and it may be easier and less suspicious to have Karadžić die in a British jail.  Related:  "Serbian WWII Film Smeared by War Propagandists in Western Media" (Parry).

"Boris Yeltsin had entourage of ‘hundreds’ of CIA agents who instructed him how to run Russia, claims former parliamentary speaker" (Tickle).

"A Sinister Agenda Behind California Water Crisis? Looming Food Supply Catastrophe" (Engdahl).  I'm very conspiracy friendly, but there are enough real conspiracies involving California water that this one seems more than a little contorted.

Tweet (Rob DenBleyker):
"I'm currently banned from facebook for 3 days for threatening a cookie. I think fb needs to take a look at its policies"
"What You Do After Work Shouldn't Cost You Your Job" (Rall).

"More Hypocrisy from the G7 Leaders" (Viable Opposition).  They are insisting everybody else eat insects to 'save the planet'.  This whole shindig was a guillotine moment.

Now here's a conspiracy theory!:  "Kamala’s “New Era” Mexico Trip was an “Anti-Trump Coup” Clean-up Job" (Flores):
"In the most clear and simple terms, Kamala Harris’ trip to Mexico was a clean-up job in the aftermath of an aborted plan to flood the U.S. with refugees in the event that Trump attempted to remain in office after January 20th. Without that understanding, we are left with vague generalities about ‘Root Causes’ of migration which are almost always going to be described in banal economic terms, or (conveniently within the rubric of Great Reset mythology), climate change.

This may appear to the uninitiated as a big claim, but we have provided even larger proofs in our past work on the subject in exposing the Transition Integrity Project. If we are going to talk about the ‘Root ‘Causes’ of the crisis, then the TIP stands front and center. This was the project financed by a group including George Soros and Nicolas Berggruen of the World Economic forum (under Klaus Schwab), and led by John Podesta of the Clinton clique. Its war-games were published in all the major Operation Mockingbird-type operations of the intelligence services – The Atlantic, The Washington Post, the New York Times, etc.

Borrowing from the language and methods of standard destabilization/color revolution schemes, the ‘Transition’ was based on the all-out gambit to remove Trump from office. This even included an openly promoted secession movement wherein “Cascadia’’ (California, Oregon, Washington) would all secede if Trump won the election or refused to accept a Biden victory, and these actions would be endorsed publicly by Biden and Harris. This much isn’t speculation, but the openly published outcomes of the TIP war-game.

Because color revolution and coup techniques involve destabilization campaigns, we know that all assets that can be wielded in that direction, will be. One very visible sign of intentional destabilization is when ‘conditions’ create large population displacement.
Therefore, we cannot ignore the vast network of Soros-backed NGOs operating in Central America and, much to the chagrin of the Mexican government, also in Mexico. These NGOs were activated to organize ‘Root Causes’ into actual human waves of migrants who magically arrived into U.S. facilities with their documentation completed, well-dressed and well-fed, and already coached on the precise words to use to qualify them not as a regular migrant, but as a victim (refugee) of inhumane conditions."
Tweet (
"Trudeau overheard telling staffers he expects Kamala Harris to be President by the end of 2022 per WH official attending G7"
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Apparently this is the first article pushing Lab Leak Theory—published in the Moonie paper, relying on the "expertise" of an Israeli military-intelligence officer named Danny Shoham."
Euro-trash news:  "The Copenhagen Summit for Democracy: The New Nazis" (Black).

"Despite the Headlines, the Gates Foundation Has Evaded Scrutiny" (Schwab).

"The Grim Trade-Off Of BLM?" (Sullivan).

Tweet (Imraan Siddiqi):
"They also killed 66 children with bombs a few weeks ago, so."
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