Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Greens for genocide

"Green Party's Annamie Paul survives emergency meeting over leadership" (Thurton).

The MP who crossed over to the Liberals has subsequently, needless to say, taken the shekels:  "Green leader Annamie Paul rejects calls to resign as party tees up non-confidence vote" (Turnbull):

"The “catalyst” for her departure from the party was an internal feud between MPs and a now-outgoing senior adviser to Paul over social media posts related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Atwin had maintained that she stands by her pro-Palestinian position, and was hurt by the accusation made that she was anti-Semitic. She said she’s been told there is a difference of opinion among Liberals and believes there will be an opportunity within her new caucus to have a more “healthy discussion and debate” than was possible with her former team.

On Monday, she struck a different tone, tweeting "Palestinians are suffering. Israelis are also suffering as well as their loved ones in Canada and around the world. No one wins with war. I regret if my choice of words caused harm to those who are suffering.""
It is difficult to conceive of an issue less important than the position of the Green Party of Canada on genocide, but this is yet another example of Every. Single. Time., with one 'advisor', (((Noah Zatzman))), causing the entire problem (and party leader Paul also claims to be Jewish).  For a group which loudly proclaims complete innocence regarding the genocide, Every. Single. Time is getting to be difficult to swallow.
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