Saturday, June 19, 2021

Grind you away

"Propaganda and the Media — Censorship, or Burning the History Books — Part 6" (Romanoff).  There is and has been a hell of a lot of work going on to make sure we don't know how bad our 'leaders' really are, much of it directed by Khazars for Khazar supremacist ends. 

"‘The system tries to grind you away’: What it’s like to be a Black or Indigenous woman in federal politics" (Patel).  Paul took the shekels - or maybe, as a Jew, sinned for free! - and suppressed the criticism from within her party of actual genocide against brown people, and yet we're told by this 'journalist' that it is Paul that is the victim of racism!  Unbefuckinglievable!  How low can they go?  This kind of unearned whinging is Sailer territory.

"Iran floats reports of imminent Shanghai Cooperation Organization membership" (Dorsey).

"Peru’s New President, Socialist-Worker Pedro Castillo: Right-Wing Contesting" (Ridenour).  "Peru: A president-elect, non-existent fraud, a fractured country" (Teruggi).  What's really interesting is that he is economically socialist but socially conservative.

There are times when 'Langley' can't suppress the CIA in him!:  "Iran’s Leading Candidate for President is a far right Notorious Hanging Judge" (Cole).

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