Friday, June 11, 2021

Hell of the Same

"The Hell of the Same: Capitalism Breaks Down and Homogenizes Life, Disconnects the Past, Present and Future" (Stanton).

Tweet (Sa’eed Jiddan):

"“progressive” institutions across the western world right now"

Tweet (Yousef Munayyer):
"What the hell is this BS headline @nytimes
Representative Omar did not "set off a fight". She asked the Secretary of State about US policy toward human rights accountability and then BAD FAITH critics seeking to silence her attacked her."
I thought Omar's comparison of 'Israel' and Assholia to Hamas was outrageous. 'Israel' is no more and no less than a crime scene, and Assholia is as if a psychopathic serial killer was a country. Hamas is an army of national liberation (as is the Taliban, a very successful army of national liberation).  There is no comparison.  The Jews and their toy bribe recipients and blackmail victims attacked her for the usual motive of preventing Palestinian national liberation by keeping a cordon sanitaire around Palestinian resistance.

One of the numerous reasons why the world simply can't afford a Khazar-stolen 'Israel' is its propensity for serving as the strong arm for the Assholes in doing really, really terrible things around the world.  "Colombian death squads, Israeli arms dealers, and Soviet emigre cultists" (Levine).  "New Investigation Reveals Role of Israeli Operatives in Colombia’s “Political Genocide”" (Cohen) - Rafi Eitan and Yair Klein.

"Sorry Ukraine, Uncle Sam won’t be riding to your rescue: Biden delivers essential wake-up call to Kiev, ending years of delusion" (Robinson).  Ukraine can't do anything to improve itself as long as it believes the answer to all its problems is coming from an outside force.

What I thought must have happened (although it remains possible that this was entirely a Ukrainian intelligence operation to hold Protasevich out as bait):  "Belarusian or Russian Agents ‘Stalked’ Roman Protasevich During His Holiday in Greece" (Prothero).  Another view is that his own people sold him out for their own political goal of embarrassing Belarus:  "The Abduction of NEXTA" (Shamir):
"Apparently, Belarus authorities didn’t know of Roman P’s arrival to Minsk, until an opposition Telegram channel had broadcasted news report of Roman P detained in Minsk. At the time of news report, Mr P stood in the queue to immigration for checking out, after he quickly cleared customs inspection. In the absence of the report, it is highly likely Roman P would board the plane and continue his way to Vilnius. It took almost 30 minutes after the broadcast until Roman P was detained. These 30 minutes, Internet exploded. The man is still free, Belarus authorities didn’t understand what had happened, but already all opposition channels speak only of kidnapped Roman P. In 30 minutes, even sleepy Belarus KGB rose to the bait. Roman P was arrested. Roman P is convinced that he was doxxed by his own colleague, Franak Viačorka, or Frantishek Vecherko, an adviser to Svetlana T and an employee of the US Agency for Global Media. The timing is really impressive: the press release of Svetlana T calling to save Roman P had been broadcasted nine minutes after Roman has got to Minsk airport and over 20 minutes until he was detained. A Luka sympathiser would prefer to report of Belarus secret services’ excellent achievement, but it seems that the operation had been planned in Warsaw and Washington, while Luka only rose to the bait. Disappointing somewhat, but more realistic!"
Tweet (Seyed Mohammad Marandi):
"Most western linked analysts don't point out that "hardliners" in Iran are generally more attached to indigenous religious/cultural values, anti-imperialism & social justice.

Whereas "moderates" & "reformists" are usually culturally & economically more liberal & market oriented."
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