Thursday, June 17, 2021

In prison, dead, or exiled

 Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):

"Joe Biden asks:

“How’d it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world  as interfering in the elections directly of other countries?”

Earth to President Biden: that’s exactly how the world views the United States."

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"This is pure context-free, mind numbing imperialist propaganda. The only difference between Democracy Now and MSNBC here is former Radio Free Europe director Masha Gessen wears a loud blazer on the latter network."
"Biden’s Putin Summit Was the Ultimate Disaster, Several Bizarre Moments with Press" (Anglin).  The Assholian Swamp has a conundrum.  They don't feel comfortable starting WWIII with Biden around, but they also fear the complete knucklehead that is Harris. Thus, we are in holding pattern while this problem is sorted out.

"A Russian geopolitical analyst’s thoughts on Joe Biden [Video]" (Bordachev) (my emphasis in red):
"The pinnacle of Europe’s success in relations with the United States was the creation in 1975, on the initiative of France, of the “Big Six”, where Canada was added a year later for a laugh. But at that time the US foreign policy truly lay in ruins – the defeat in Vietnam, the oil crisis and the Soviet offensive on all fronts. Now, despite all the internal turmoil, American power is far more convincing.

What can Europe do in this situation? There are few opportunities at her disposal. Germany and France, perhaps, would like more independence, for this they even have control over the single European currency, but Poland, the Baltic states and others are hanging on their feet. Thirty years ago, Berlin and Paris made the decision to expand the EU eastward in their historic quest to seize what Russia had lost control of. Then the Europeans had the illusion that the future world would really become more comfortable for them. This did not happen – the world certainly changed, but it did not become better for the EU. And the EU did not have enough strength to “digest” the acquisitions.

Today, the mere presence in the EU of countries for which the struggle with Russia is part of their national identity is enough to paralyze any attempts to reach an agreement with a neighbor in the East. And without this there can be no independent Europe."
Tweet (Max Blumenthal) (Carlson is the universal outlier):
"Assange's brother says he has not been able to visit the jailed journalist since lockdown began and zero members of Congress have spoken up for him since Biden's inauguration. 

And so far, this is the only mainstream outlet to interview Assange's family while on their US tour."
Tweet (#HandsOffVenezuela You Cowards):
"Look I’m just saying given that Mumia Abu Jamal , Leonard Peltier, Assata, Hampton, Jamil Abdullah Al-Ami, etc…. Are either in prison, dead, or exiled; it strikes me as cynical that a press corps which can ask biden about us dissidents and hasn’t suddenly cares re putin"
The four stages of Dem grief.

CNN puts on its FBI hat and gets to work.

Tweet (Raheem J. Kassam) (these guys don't look or act like larpers):
"Yeah um… people who revere flags don’t drag them along the ground or throw them to the floor… this is deeply revelatory"
"The Anatomy of a Federal Terrorism Prosecution: A Blueprint for Repression and Entrapment" (HRLR Online).

"Domestic Terrorism Hoax: FBI Frames Drug Addict Who Left Gas Canister In Front of Jewish Center As Terrorist Bomber" (Striker).  The FBI is completely off the rails and needs to be wound up after separating its forensic labs.

Tweet (John Cardillo):
"Let's simplify this.

FBI concocted the "plot" to "kidnap" Whitmer, had their operatives act as kidnappers, and found a bunch of moron patsies they then labeled as Trump supporters and conservatives.

It appears they did the exact same thing on Jan 6th.

Time to abolish the FBI."
Tweet (Naser):
"Please keep sharing vids of Israeli settlers chanting “death to Arabs,” “may your village burn” & “the 2nd Nakba is coming” all under the protection of Israeli police while Palestinians are detained for simply raising their flag. Show the world the beacon of democracy in the ME."
What terrifies me and what should terrify everybody is that, when 'Israel' is ended, some of these monsters are going to want to return to real countries, and our shekeled crooked politicians will invite them right in.  Can you imagine having to live near such evil!

The Young (and Vile) Turks seem to be committing professional suicide (they are in a big Twitter fight with Maté).  The implosion has been coming for a while.

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