Wednesday, June 02, 2021

May your village burn

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"On the left: the tactic I described in 2011 Dems use to trick their supporters to believe they are trying hard to get good things done but, gosh darn, are just failing.

On the right: Dems admitting Manchin & Sinema have numerous Dem allies who want things blocked but stay quiet:" 

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Lab Leak Theory is the perfect Biden Era disinfo campaign with its Biden-y bipartisan appeal—unites Russiagaters with Qers; Repubs with Dems; Wapo/NYT with Fox + substackers; DC neocon elites with anti-neocon/anti-DC “populists”. 
Get ready for 4+ years of psychic driving."
Tweet (Mark Curtis):
"There hasn't been a war on terror. There's been a war on targets designated by Washington/London (Saddam, Taliban, IS, Qadafi, Assad) leaving the infrastructure of terrorism supported by US/UK (Saudi, Qatar, Pakistan, Syrian/Libyan Islamists) in place."
"At London Israel demo, calls to “burn” Palestinian villages" (Winstanley).  The normies are slowly being educated in just how crazy these (((psychos))) are.

"Jake Tapper spreads hatred of Palestinians" (Brown).

"It’s a Nikolai Patrushev-Yang Jiechi World" (Escobar).  With Iran updates at end.  Note the article Escobar cites on Roman Protasevich which raises some issues of how much of a neo-Nazi he is, but leaves the issue open.

"NYC: Asian Woman Punched in the Face by Black – Female Asian Assemblywoman Defends Blacks!" (Anglin).

Historians will look at this as the first day of the decline of Google, a victim of the struggles evidencing the decline of the Assholian Empire:  "Huawei Challenges Google, Apple With New Smartphone Operating System" (Durden).

Tweet (Edward Snowden):
"I've been working from home since the Obama administration."
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