Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Online hate speech

Tweets (Michael Tracey):

"Does anyone in the government have to explain why US troops are engaging in armed hostilities anymore? Could any US official with a straight face go before the American public and explain what the purpose of this conflict in Syria supposedly is

The idea that US troops are routinely having to act in "self-defense" while they occupy parts of Syria -- a country on the other side of the world, on an indefinite mission that virtually no one can even explain -- is one of the more brazen perversions of language you'll ever see" 

"US Strike Killed Child, Wounded Three Civilians at Iraq-Syria Border" (Ditz).

Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"bellingcat + poitras? hahaha. like i've been saying: the big thing about all the obama-era crypto revolutionaries is that they were always with the empire."
"Canada wants to fine people up to $50,000 for “online hate speech”" (Frieth).  This is pure lawfare, to the benefit of Trudeau's shekel collection and the (((donors))) who provide it.  Immediately after it passes that infamous Khazar definition of anti-Semitism will suddenly appear, and the $50,000 fines will eliminate the possibility of any speech about Israel that isn't abject praise for genocide.  If this passes, or comes close, I will never vote Liberal at any level ever again. You can tell how bad it is in the way Liberal politicians shrug off any possible problems, with the Minister in charge seemingly unaware of, and unconcerned about, what is in the legislation (hiding lawfare until after it is passed occurs every time (((they))) pull this stunt, as informed voters would never put up with it).  If citizenship is a deal, this is a deal-breaker.

"The British Are Having Trouble Adapting to the Realities of the 21st Century" (O'Neill):
"The western attitude also conveniently overlooks some relevant points of international law. A region is free to choose to dissociate itself from its governing body. The West conveniently overlooks the relatively recent example of Kosovo’s separation from Serbia in February 2008 which was supported by the West. That separation was supported in particular by the United States which promptly established its largest European base in the country. It is not unrelated that Kosovo is today a major European Centre for the distribution of Afghanistan heroin, again thanks to the Americans who largely control the export of Afghanistan heroin.

The West is remarkably silent in discussions of what happened in Kosovo when the question of Crimea’s secession from Ukraine is put into the verbal equation. The Crimeans at least had a democratic vote, which was essentially to return to the earlier status quo of being part of Russia."
It is a tragedy that such a guide should be necessary:  "How to Handle a Zionist Defamation Campaign" (Salaita).

"Donald Trump Joins Rumble – Rumble Bans Criticism of the Jews!" (Anglin).  Cohencidence.

"MBS, Saudi ‘reform’ exposed by execution of teenage protester" (Kechichian).  They do buy a lot of arms, though.
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