Sunday, June 13, 2021

Pro indigenous sovereignty and Zionists

Tweet (David Sheen):

"So dedicated to ensuring the next generation turns out even more racist! When administering international tests, Israel deletes more sections that any other country, including those asking kids “whether people with a different background were their equals”"

What a ridiculous and insulting question to ask (((The Supreme Beings)))!

Court allegations that a Khazar businessman, who didn't like a judgment against his company in Ontario, hired Black Cube, the notorious Israeli private spy outfit, to attempt to entrap the judge in 'anti-Semitic' remarks that could be used to show bias which could then be used to overturn the judgment!:  "Inside ‘Project Camouflage,’ a Bay Street sting that went bust" (Kiladze) (original article link).

The latest spray paint 'victim':  tweet (ribka #BlockTheBoat #SaveSheikhJarrah):
"Anyone that lives in the Bay knows Manny is a freeloading, white supremacist gentrifier piece of shit. He claimed property in The Mission earmarked for low-income housing & lied to cops to get 2 of my friends arrested for picketing with 5 felony charges and 10,000 bail each."
The Green Party of Canada, which is barely there, has an obvious problem with taking the shekels (the new leader, Annamie Paul, seems to have taken up the tough job of shekel collection from original leader Elizabeth May), and has lost a moral MP over it:  "Jews Create Schism In Canada's Green Party Over Gaza, One of Only Three Green Party MPs Leaves Party" (Gamer Uprising).  Classic Khazar! (my emphasis in red):
"Meanwhile, Noah Zatzman, a senior adviser to Paul, sparked revolt within the party after a public Facebook post declared his solidarity with Israel and condemned the “appalling anti-Semitism and discrimination” from “many Liberal, NDP and sadly Green MPs,” without specifying any names. His post said the Greens “will work to defeat you and bring in progressive climate champions who are antifa and pro LGBT and pro indigenous sovereignty and Zionists!!!!!”"
The World's Worst Newspaper gives it the (((slant))) you would expect.  The Liberals are taking immediate steps to protect Trudeau's shekel collection.

Tweet (Alex Rubinstein):
"Amnesty doesn't have actual photos of Uyghur concentration camps so they commisioned visualizations of their low-evidence fantasies from regime change lover & corporate artist-for-hire Molly Crabapple. Did they pay her more than Samsung did for her work? The world may never know."
Imperial Anti-Realism.  Reply by jankybot on real photos of "uyghurs being held in camps".  Assholes have so little shame you could be forgiven for confusing them with Khazars.

"Will right-wing Peruvian demagogue Keiko Fujimori burn the country down before accepting defeat?" (Espinosa).  Tweet (Kawsachun News):
"The U.S. Ambassador in Peru is Lisa Kenna, a long-time CIA officer and State Department senior official."
"I’m on a ‘hit list’ Kiev allows to silence dissent & journalism. That’s all you need to know about Ukrainian ‘democracy’" (Bartlett).  Ukraine is so far gone it is difficult to comprehend how it can be saved.  I assume the plan is to stage WWIII on top of it so everybody can be killed.  The Ukrainians are doing everything they can to help, as they have concluded national suicide is their only hope.

Tweets by Rudy Havenstein: Make Central Bankers Transitory! on Blinken's familial and other connections to the Maxwells and Epstein.  It's a (((small world))).

Cucking towards Assholia:  tweet (Ciarán):
"These video's of football teams from Western Europe is showing how successfully dominated/conquered ideologically we're by the American Empire. China & Iran isn't our enemy, on a geopolitical level, as Europeans, it's America.

Kneel to propose, & before God. Nothing else."
Cuckoldry is the Spirit of the Age in the entire West.  White People have decided to obsess about crimes their ancestors may have done as a kind of sexual fetish.  It is exactly the same as hiring a black man to rail your wife while you watch, with exactly the same power dynamic (you always know you are the one who arranged it).

There is a quiet but real response brewing:  "How right-wing emigrants conquered North Idaho" (Crane-Murdoch) (from 2013, and moving right due to immigration from California, which is only increasing).  Also.

Tweet (Anonyme Citoyen):
"François De Rugy enfariné au cris de "Rends le homards !" à #Nantes où l'ancien ministre et actuel tête de liste LREM aux élections régionales était en campagne. #DeRugy"
One law for us, and another for you filthy peasants:  "House Democrats get targeted in surveillance operation made legal through laws they voted for" (Macon).  Tweets by Chelsea E. Manning:
"getting annoyed with legislators handing over more and unchecked powers to the government, demanding investigations when these sweeping powers get abused (despite warnings) then quietly wrap up the investigations when fixing them would require sweeping restrictions on the gov

decades long partisan back and forth, blaming the other side when its convenient, when the powers themselves are the inherent problem"
Same spirit:  "The Ruling Class and Virtue Signalling" (Viable Opposition).
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