Friday, June 18, 2021

Ratty and batty

"Ratty Old Jew Jon Leibowitz Shills Wuhan Lab Theory on Steven Colbert Show" (Anglin):

"You used to literally be censored and banned from social media for saying the virus came from a Chinese lab, and we are now entering into a paradigm where you will get banned for saying the virus came from bats. Facebook actually had to announce that they would no longer be banning people for saying the virus came from a lab. Eventually, you will be banned for bringing up the fact that the media used to say it was from bats. It’s full “we’ve always been at war with East Asia.” Total information control. Imagine being inside the head of a person who is capable of thinking this is reasonable."

Going to the trouble of rolling out Stewart to impress upon whoever the hell watches Colbert is a strong indication that the Swamp wants to run with the lab leak, but why?  Chinese negligence is pretty thin gruel on which to form a casus belli for WWIII, particularly when it is abundantly clear that the reason the Chinese were doing the research is because the Assholes were paying them to do so, all on the basis that past leaks from Assholian labs meant that the Assholes knew the danger of a leak, and wanted to offshore it.  There is also the minor detail that everybody who has examined the issue has concluded that there is no evidence for lab leak.  I'm wondering if this new program is not offensive but defensive in nature, that the Swamp is nervous that somebody will put two and two together and conclude that this was actually Assholian biowarfare against China.  There is also the fact, which seems to be memory holed, that Patient Zero was almost certainly Assholian, and goes back to at least December 2019, before the first Chinese victim, and that the Pentagon knew about Chinese victims well before the Chinese had identified the problem.

"A Covid Timeline, 1943-2021" (Roberts).

"The Covid BioWeapon: Made in the USA, Aimed at China" (Whitney/Unz).  An almost simultaneous attack on Iran is huge evidence, and I like the thinking that the planning would have been organized by some crazy like Pompeo, in the same way that 9/11 was set in motion by Rumsfeld.
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