Sunday, June 06, 2021

Riots for watsisface

"Antifa Rioter on Guy He’s Rioting for: “I’m Not Gonna Lie, I Forgot His Name”" (Anglin).  Soros should print the name on the checks.

Tweet (Suzanne Seddon):

"Tony Blair Talking to Andrew Marr this morning.

Tony Blair: 🚨 While they can’t force people to be vaccinated. They can make life unbearable for those who decline."

"“We are Human Guinea Pigs”: Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action" (Engdahl).

The pro-Bibi call for assassination, an encouraging sign of the Jewish Civil War (maybe (((they))) can slaughter each other for a change):  tweet (Noga Tarnopolsky):

"Shin Bet warning is explained by call tonight from group of top rabbis saying "everything must be done so that the 'change government' won't arise." Everything. Netanyahu's premise– that he is the only legitimate national leader– is fully adopted by the religious political right."

Tweet (Louis Allday):

"Israel is neither reformable nor redeemable, and anyone who perpetuates the fallacy that it is, is complicit in the ongoing colonisation, oppression and suffering of the Palestinians."

"UN Official Recalled from Gaza After Praising Jewish Bombings" (Anglin).

The White Nationalist view of Tulsa: "Biden Uses Tulsa To Push New Blood Libel Against White Americans" (Greer) and "The Tulsa Libel" (Hood).

"China Notes That the Same Journalist Pushing Wuhan Lab Hoax Pushed Iraq WMD Hoax" (Anglin).  "Nigeria: Government Blocks Twitter Indefinitely After President’s Tweet Deleted" (Anglin):
"Twitter is literally being blocked because they were censoring the political discourse of Nigeria. When that happens, they come out and say Nigeria is against freedom of speech.

It’s hard to believe it’s even real. It seems like satire.

Anyway, in case anyone missed my explanation of this and doesn’t think it is straightforward: what Twitter and Facebook do is come into your country and allow the population to use them for free. They offer a good service. Then, once everyone is using it, they start to censor ideas that they don’t like in order to manipulate your country’s society and politics.

In order to stop Twitter from being the de facto form of communication, and them having the ability to decide what messages Muhammed can send out to his people, he has to ban them.

It is truly incredible Twitter has the nerve to come out and claim Nigeria is the real anti-free speech force in the equation."
Tweet (Oilfield Rando):
"Just build your own Nigeria then"
Greenwald tweets on the Atlantic Council PR operations and operatives.

"Escobar: How St. Petersburg Is Mapping The Eurasian Century".  Dollar ditching.
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