Sunday, June 06, 2021

Sleepless nights

Try searching "bibi rabin assassination" on Google, and then on DuckDuckGo!!!  Anyway, after you stop laughing/crying, two prominent links from DuckDuckGo:  "Bibi’s Incites Murder: He Did it Once, He’s Doing it Again" (Silverstein).  "Netanyahu bats away claims he incited to Rabin’s murder" (Pileggi). Bibi has form for calling for assassinations that benefit him.  Anything to stay out of jail.

"Inside Israel’s largest crackdown on Palestinian citizens in decades" (Arraf/Zoubi).  Tweet (Afshin Rattansi) (also):

"NEW: Al Jazeera journalist Givara Budeiri interviewed after her de facto kidnapping by Flag of United KingdomUK-🇺🇲US-Flag of European UnionEU- armed Israeli soldiers."

It is reaching the point where the way to tell a journalist from a 'journalist' is whether they are being beat up and arrested, or not.

There is a Presidential election in Peru going on.  "Peru voters divided ahead of June 6 presidential election" (Azzopardi):

"The uncertainty is causing sleepless nights for investors alarmed by Castillo and his Peru Libre party’s radical political program, which includes tearing up Peru’s 1993 conservative constitution, hiking taxes and nationalizing strategic businesses, including major mines."

Tweet (Kawsachun News):
"Peru's Pedro Castillo held a breakfast in his home region of Cajamarca and is now on his way to vote in today's crunch elections."
The War on Corruption.

"Partner of British billionaire's son charged in shooting death of top cop in Belize: What we know" (Winsor/Valle).  CDaN.

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"As it fades into post-scandal irrelevance, the Lincoln Project has managed to become even more pathetic. The meme of calling US soldiers in WWII "antifa" is breathtakingly idiotic and insulting"
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