Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Soggy blob

"The New Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary Is Damning" (Dominguez).  Note all the efforts to steer The Narrative away from 'intelligence' to some weird version of class analysis (while being savvy enough to mention the issue to make its immediate dismissal more credible).

"Curated Discourse, Narrative Artists and the Coming Conflicts" (Crooke):

"Most Iranians – including Raisi – would of course, like see sanctions cleanly removed. That would help the economy. Yet, it would come at the price – and opportunity cost – of returning the Republic to the values which originally underpinned it, and which many (not all), would like to see revived.

The Revolution essentially was about ending the westification of Iran, under the Shah. The JCPOA in effect was taking Iran back to it. Raisi is promising a wider foreign policy horizon, more firmly rooted in a look-East."

"The Weird, Creepy Media Blackout On Recent Assange Revelations" (Johnstone).

"Who Should Pay for College?" (Lind).

Escobar on the soggy blob.
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