Wednesday, June 09, 2021

The inevitable consequence of what we call progress

"The Mogul and the Monster: Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Decades-Long Relationship With His Biggest Client" (Sherman).  A bunch of Khazars telling us that Epstein was a con man!  Needless to say, (((they))) all knew exactly what they were doing and why, and (((many))) were directly involved in assisting the Mossad in setting up the blackmail operation, and this article is just more obfuscation.  It is fun to read bullshit like this when we all know what was really going on.  

"The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax" (Eisinger/Ernsthausen/Kiel).

"Stability: Media Codeword for ‘Under US Control’" (MacLeod).  A 'rule' in the 'rules-based order'.

Tweets by Matt Kennard:

"Kissinger/Nixon in June 1971 on what to do about Bolivia’s new socialist President Juan Torres. 

“A coup?” Nixon asks.

3 months on, the coup came, installing US client dictator Hugo Banzer. 

In 1976, Torres was murdered in Buenos Aires by US terror network Operation Condor.

Widely known, but it’s interesting Kissinger refers to the Peace Corps as an “asset”."

"How Billion-Dollar Foundations Fund NGOs to Manipulate U.S. Foreign Policy: A Case Study from Nicaragua" (Sterling).  Tweet (Ben Norton):

"Nicaragua's elected government has arrested violent coup-plotters who, with millions of dollars of US govt funding, orchestrated terrorist campaigns to try to overthrow the govt.

Now Washington is freaking out because its puppets are facing consequences for their violent actions"

"The fadeout of the Pax Americana in the Middle East" (Freeman).  There are a few chunks of this that are far off the mark:

  1. "Al Qaeda’s 9/11/2001 attacks on the United States were part of its effort to overthrow the Saudi monarchy by forcing an end to American support for it.  To this end, the attacks’ planners made sure that Saudi nationals outnumbered the other fanatics taking part in them."  No, the operation was set up to make it seem to be mostly Saudis as Saudi stolen identities were handed out to the terrorists.  Much of this was done through the CIA controlling the American consulate in Jeddah.
  2. "With belated diplomatic support from the United States, Saudi Arabia is striving to extricate itself from its failed intervention in Yemen.  But its withdrawal from that war is hostage to the Houthi determination to see the Kingdom humiliated."  WTF?!  This is one of the most staggeringly ridiculous things I have ever read.  Is Freeman a pseudonym for MbS?
  3. "Saudi Arabia has undeniably lost its centrality in U.S. Persian Gulf policy and has in many ways been replaced in that role by the United Arab Emirates.  The UAE has an openness and dynamism that the Kingdom cannot match."  And so on, just as if MbZ paid for some PR. 

"The narcissistic fall of France" (Houellebecq):

"The United States of America seems, on the other hand, to have erected optimism into a principle of existence. One can doubt the soundness of this attitude. When Joe Biden claims that “America is once again ready to lead the world” (here again, I am too lazy to find the exact quotation; Biden is even more tedious than Voltaire), I immediately interpret this as:

  • America will not be long in embarking on a new war;
  • As always, she will wind up conducting herself like a piece of shit;
  • She will waste a lot of money, while reinforcing up the near-universal loathing of which she is the target; this will allow China to strengthen its position."


"No, we are not really dealing with a “French suicide” — to evoke the title of Eric Zemmour’s book — but a Western suicide or rather a suicide of modernity, since Asian countries are not spared. What is specifically, authentically French is the awareness of this suicide. But if we consent to set aside for a moment the particular case of France (and really it would be wise to do so), the conclusion becomes crystal clear: the inevitable consequence of what we call progress (at all levels, economic, political, scientific, technological) is self-destruction."

"The Colonial Pipeline Hack, The 'Russians', & The FBI's Ransom-Grab - What Really Happened?" (Durden):

"Bitcoin is secured through a currently unbreakable cryptographic formula known as a Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm. You can safely rule out the possibility that the feds broke this form of encryption and were able to pull off this computing power miracle, which is only theoretically possible through the use of quantum computing, a technology that is still very much a work in progress.

The feds did not “hack” a bitcoin wallet in this manner, though they certainly seemed happy to give off that impression, as it sows doubt about the security of the bitcoin network.

The DOJ has historically been extremely hostile to bitcoin, labeling it as a preferred monetary system for cyber criminals, despite bitcoin transactions being publicly available to anyone with access to the internet.

A DOJ warrant from Monday morning gives us much more detail about how the government actually secured the bitcoin funds. They did so by obtaining a warrant on a bitcoin wallet or exchange that had servers in Northern California. Yes, you read that correctly. The entity responsible for the ransomware attack did not in fact have custody over their bitcoin. Instead, they were using a custodian for their funds. It is unclear whether this account with servers in the United States is an FBI wallet or the affiliate’s wallet, but the major error in bitcoin 101 custody remains the surprising issue. Using a custodian for your funds instead of maintaining possession of them is a very basic error, especially for an allegedly sophisticated hacking gang.

Given that bitcoin transactions are publicly available, it was easy for the feds to track the funds transferred from Colonial to this outfit, as Colonial’s initial transfer to the bitcoin wallet is public information. All they had to do was “follow the money,” which strangely made its way into a U.S. based custodial address."

"Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt’s family sues for records on officer who fatally shot her" (Breuninger).  I can't see how the government could possibly give this up, so look for a quiet settlement.

"What Is The FBI Hiding About The DC Pipe Bomb Suspect?" (Techno Fog).

"What to expect when Biden, Erdogan meet" (Bhadrakumar).  (((Biden's teleprompter))) is looking to get concessions from Turkey it can then use against Putin when 'Biden' and Putin meet.

"Obama: Poland and Hungary are now “essentially authoritarian”".  'Authoritarian' means 'not run by Soros'.

"Babyon Bee’s legal counsel demands retraction of NYT article that paints satire as “misinformation”" (Parker).

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