Tuesday, June 22, 2021

This is a thrill.

"The Palestinians’ Inalienable Right to Resist" (Allday).  The Palestinians could barbeque every Jewish baby, alive, and, as long as it is done with the intent of national liberation, it is not only moral, and utterly legal, but indeed, supererogatory behavior.  There is no possible legal or moral response to a fight for national liberation.

"Change in the Middle East?" (Giraldi).  The blackmail and bribery are still in place, so what possible reason would there be for there to be any change in attitude towards Khazar genocide?

"The Not-so Strange Death of Liberal Russophobia" (Robinson):

". . . the ‘strange’ death of liberal Russophobia isn’t so ‘strange’ at all. Its rise and fall indicates that it was always a tactic more than anything else. Russia-bashing was a method chosen by elements in the Democratic party as a means of undermining Trump and so winning back power. It wasn’t in my view a very good method, and I don’t think that Biden’s victory owed much if anything to it, but it was always a method not an end in itself. That doesn’t mean that ‘Smart America’ didn’t come to believe its own Russophobic propaganda – I get a strong sense that its members repeated its claims so often that in due course they became true believers. But from Biden’s point of view, once Trump was gone, the method had served its purpose. There is no longer any reason to make a central point of Democratic rhetoric."

Don't worry, it will be back as soon as the Swamp and its (((bosses))) figure out the 'WWIII with no functioning President' conundrum.

More good stuff from revolver (while somehow not mentioning the OKC bombing):  "They’ve Done This Before: Five Past Cases of FBI Incitement".  I've been thinking all along that it is odd how every time they make a fuss about an extreme right-wing terrorist group, the 'leader' turns out to be an FBI informant.

"When the FBI Framed Four Innocent Men" (Techno Fog).  "Glenn Greenwald Agrees with Tucker That 1/6 was Part of a Larger FBI Hoax" (Anglin).

"New Evidence Reveals That Senator John McCain and Other High-Ranking Vietnam War POWs May Have Lied to the American Public About Being Tortured" (Glatz).  Allegations of torture are part of the dehumanization of the enemy.  Needless to say, the big torturer of out time, by far, is Assholia.

"The Good Nazis and Bad Nazis of Western Media" (Armstrong).

"Biden’s Two-Step Geneva Waltz Simply Buys Him Space" (Crooke):

"The sudden lifting of the (once ‘perpetual’) COVID emergency powers, and the growing scepticism at ‘lockdown-based science’, signals the end to the unlimited accretion that the virus ‘gave’ to state power. The ‘science-based’ rationale is in disarray (especially, as now the details of U.S. early ‘gain of function’ collaboration with Wuhan, are being leaked). One can sense a paradigm shift in mood amongst the U.S. public.

The ’emergency powers’ have ended too soon for the likes of the Davos élites: COVID lockdown was weaponised both to be disruptive – and concomitantly, to speed Trump’s ouster. But it was also always intended by the Re-set ‘crowd’ to be the bridge to span the gap between the immediate dispensation of the COVID emergency, and stage two – that of the Global Climate Crisis ‘emergency’ (which also would likely require ‘climate lockdowns’, we are told). These were the disruptive events (the deus ex machina), that would be used to legitimise global monetary governance and the ushering in of a truly radical ‘overhaul of our economic structures, and doing capitalism differently’.

But the cracks in this agenda seem to be accelerating. The oligarchs ‘behind the Re-set curtain’ seem flummoxed by the turn of events – and at the hostility their agenda has generated. The pushback is not confined to just lockdowns; but an ‘exhausted majority’ is revolting at ‘correctness’, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools and in the workplace. The Atlantic reports a poll showing that among the general American population, a full 80% believe that “political correctness is a problem in our country.” Even young people are uncomfortable with it, including 74% ages 24-29; and 79% for those under age 24. On this issue, the woke and their handlers, find themselves in a clear minority, across all ages."

I've seen no indication that the Davos crowd is prepared to moderate its insanity over a little issue like mass public opposition.  Having wrecked everything, these monsters have convinced themselves that their entire plan is the only way to save their necks and 'leadership' roles and keep themselves in privileged positions.  They are going to keep pushing until they get absolutely everything they want in their new dystopia, or until the guillotine blades start falling.

"Former Reddit CEO: “Deplatforming works”" (Maas).

Tweet (Assal Rad):

"Today, US will spend $2,000,000,000 on war, starve Iranians & Venezuelans w/sanctions in a pandemic, support a Saudi blockade on Yemen where a child dies every 75 seconds, and give Israel $10,400,000 to fund its ethnic cleansing & occupation of Palestinians. Today."

"Documents reveal how Ben Affleck got into the CIA, promising to ‘do the Agency proud’" (Secker).

"Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics" (Babylon Bee):

"Hubbard said while she's disappointed she won’t be able to live out her Olympic dreams this year, that’s just the way it goes. “Sometimes your testicles get in the way,” Hubbard said. “That’s just something we gals have to deal with.”"

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