Thursday, June 24, 2021

Tired of a diet of pangolin

This looks like the start of identifying a more specific instigator for the pandemic (possibly the Joint Special Operations Command):  "A Bristling Array of Implausibility: Reflections on the Unz Bio-Warfare Attack Hypothesis" (Sushi).  I'm always a big fan of the idea that successful conspiracies are run by 'rogue' high-level operators, a small group somewhat below the top political levels.

"Why did the PA kill Nizar Banat?" (Dalloul):

"Thousands of words have already been written and spoken about Banat's "murder", and his name has trended on Twitter. Why, though, did the PA kill him?

Nizar Banat was an outspoken critic of the PA, Fatah and the PLO, all of which are headed by Mahmoud Abbas. He exposed many cases of corruption linked to them. The latest example was the PA-Israeli deal to exchange soon-to-expire Israeli Covid-19 vaccines for newly-produced vaccines intended for the West Bank. The deal was cancelled after it was exposed.

Banat intended to run for the Palestinian parliamentary election, and has been posting videos on his Facebook page about PA corruption and criticising the security cooperation between Ramallah and Israel at the expense of the Palestinian resistance and the principles of the Palestinian cause.

He was arrested eight times by the PA and tortured because of his views and activism against PA corruption. He was open about rejecting the peace made by the PA with Israel because, according to him, it met all the demands of the Israeli occupation and undermined all the rights of the Palestinians.

Recently, Banat phoned Muhannad Karaja from Lawyers for Justice, and told him that the PA was threatening him. He explained to Karaja that the PA intelligence services asked him to end his criticism of the PA and officials from Fatah and the PLO.

This suggests that the PA killed Nizar Banat to silence him, because he embarrasses the authority by exposing its conspiracies with the Israeli occupation plotted against the Palestinians. The PA killed him because he was a nationalist who believed that the authority is nothing more than a Zionist project intended to serve the Zionist project in the region."

"Lipstick on a Pig: Why Biden is Fawning over Israel’s New Government" (Baroud):

"Biden’s doctrine on Israel and Palestine is simple. He does not want to make an actual commitment to relaunching the peace process, for example, nor does he want to be placed in a position where he is forced to make demands from, let alone put ‘pressure’ on Israel. Since Biden has little or no expectations from Israel, Bennett seems willing to play the role of the accommodating and sensible politician. He would be foolish not to do so, for, per his own political ‘vision’, he merely wants to manage the conflict and prolong the occupation while, like his predecessor, continue to promote his own version of the deceptive notion of ‘economic peace’.

While the Americans and the Israelis are busy engaging in the ever-familiar ritual of ‘putting lipstick on a pig’, the Palestinians remain irrelevant in all of this, as their political aspirations continue to be discounted, and their freedom delayed. "

"The United States Continues to Play its Geopolitical Games but the Rest of the World Moves On" (O'Neill).  We're firmly in the 'dead skunk on the road' phase of a declining hegemon.  Everybody else just drives around it.  I don't believe there is any chance of a war against China, as the Pentagon would have done its war games showing Assholia will lose (and China will take Taiwan as the forfeit).

"Nicaragua's Benedict Arnolds – Political Opposition as Organized Crime" (Sefton).  The State Department playbook.  You pay off some political hacks to stir up problems in the country you are trying to destabilize, the government takes legal steps to deal with the problem, then you scream the country is a dictatorship as these fine 'opposition leaders' are facing the justice system.

"Britannia fools the waves: UK sent clear signal to Moscow with warship in Crimean waters... just probably not the one it intended" and "Imperial Delusions" (Robinson).  It's a ship that acts just like Boris Johnson.

There is no logic to CIA vindictiveness:  "UK High Court Delays as Assange Remains in Jail" (Murray).

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