Sunday, June 13, 2021

White House laundry

One of the stupidest things I've ever read:  "Was January 6th a Dress Rehearsal for Coup d’État in the U.S.?" (Kuzmanov).  I used to buy Covert Action Magazine as a zine decades ago, and have recently rediscovered it, but I think it is time for a reconsideration.   Remember Lies of Our Times, Murder Can Be Fun, Answer Me! - with Goad still around - Vice when it was a free magazine, Paranoia Magazine?  We'll have to return to zines as (((they))) have shut down the internet because it is posing a problem for genocide and theft.

I really don't think things have changed at all, though it is now fashionable to keep your genocidal beliefs under your kippah!:  tweet (The War Nerd):

"You see this a lot: Israelis being more honest about how the demographics of conflict PR works than US media would dream of being. Leon Hadar, longtime IDF PR guy, on why it's not so easy to do IDF PR these days:..."

A huge part of Zionism is constructing the language you are allowed to use to discuss the situation and strictly enforcing such usage:  "On ‘conflict’, ‘peace’ and ‘genocide’: Time for new language on Palestine and Israel" (Baroud).

"Success Is Confrontation" (Robinson).

I guess this is ironic:  "Greenwald: Trump DOJ Obtained Data On Schiff And Swalwell, Two Long-Time Champions Of Domestic Spying".  Another funny thread attacking Greenwald.

"Mozilla suggests regulators issue laws that curb recommendations of “conspiracy theory videos”" (Rankovic).  Firefox is almost as bad as - ugh! - Chrome.

"A Few Thoughts on White Identity" (Olson):
"In a widely circulated critique of DiAngelo’s training manual, University of Tennessee history professor, David Barber, succinctly zeroed in on the consequences of avoiding class analysis. I sense it’s a message we should emphasize in conversations with other white folks and it merits this lengthy quotation: 

White supremacy is not only white over black, it is also the small number of rich whites over the much larger number of rich whites over the much larger number of poor and working class whites. In return for a guarantee that the latter group of whites will suffer the many calamities of life afforded working people less intensely and less frequently than do people of color, the poor and the working class will not challenge the rule of the rich. [T]he contradiction of white supremacy for the poor and the working class is not that white supremacy advances us but that it ties us to our own oppression… It’s the bribe to keep the poor and working class passive in the face of their own oppression. 3

In response to my query on this topic, Michael Yates, an economist, labor educator, writer and editor at Monthly Review, put it this way:

White workers simply don’t want to fall as low as they think nonwhite workers are, not just economically but socially and politically.

That is, as bad as things are or might become, whites are not at very bottom of the pecking order where Black people are. Their fear is that their white status will be undermined by any African-American gains. Pitiful as it it, this may be as concise, revelatory and serviceable a definition we can put forward for white skin privilege.

Finally, by positing the ineluctability of white racism — the flat out futility of thinking that white attitudes can change — DiAngelo’s book uncannily dovetails with Afropessimism, an analysis most closely identified with Prof. Frank Wilderson and one that also further fragments and abandons the crucial necessity of solidarity and multi-racial struggle. I may by mistaken but by my reading, the latter neglects and negates Black agency in the present and future and also fosters the belief that white people are incapable of renouncing racism which, in turn, contributes to pervasive feelings of hopelessness. Needless to say, both schools of thought lend welcome camouflage to corporate elites and their willing enablers, in part, because racial capitalism depends on manufacturing this white ignorance."
"For Evangelicals, is Benjamin Netanyahu the fallen messiah? - analysis" (Jaffe-Hoffman).

"Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind" (CDaN).  Just your basic old-school rape-murder scandal involving Senator Fred Thompson and Tennessee Governor Ray Blanton. 

Tweet (Daniel Seidemann):
"As of tomorrow, the State will no longer be paying the living expenses of the Netanyahu family.

There are unconfirmed reports that the Bidens, as a good will gesture, have offered Sara Netanyahu to do the family laundry at the White House, as has been customary in the past."

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