Monday, July 26, 2021

Safety plan

At least they didn't catch him smoking weed:

"Though last month SafeSport had suspended Hadzic from the international competition, the 29-year-old from Montclair, New Jersey, fought to get that prohibition lifted through an arbitration process that ultimately permitted him to participate in the Summer Games. Acknowledging the severity of the allegations facing Hadzic, USA Fencing, the athletic federation in charge of selecting the country’s Olympic competitors, created a “safety plan” to keep him away from women and out of the Olympic Village: He flew in on a separate plane from his teammates, is staying at a hotel 30 minutes away from the other athletes, and won't be allowed to practice alongside women teammates. After he appealed those conditions, the entire roster of Team USA fencers signed a letter demanding the restriction stay in place.

Palmer founded Dogecoin.

These leaky vaccines aren't a bug, but a feature.  The vaccines themselves create more and more dangerous versions of the virus, requiring more vaccines and ... instant billionaires!!!  No wonder they didn't want to wait to test these vaccines in the usual controlled tests.  They would never have been approved.  Bill 
Gates may yet get his fondest desire of mass human die-off.
"The US has Attacked All Pragmatic Iranian Governments: No Nuclear Deal Soon" (Magnier).

"FBI: China Is Behind Past Oil & Gas Pipeline Cyberattacks" (Paraskova).  Russia is in a temporary reprieve - the generals don't want to fight WWIII with a demented commander-in-chief - so everything that was arbitrarily blamed on Russia, with no evidence, is now arbitrarily blamed on China, with no evidence.
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