Saturday, July 24, 2021

Visible identity

"Liquid Modernity" (Crooke): 

"Wokeism radically challenges the system: “‘You’ have not succeeded by your own efforts, or merits. You have succeeded by virtue of your visible identity alone. That identity reaches back hundreds of years, and precisely rests on opportunities deliberately denied to others. Therefore any semblance of success you have had in life – is illegitimate. It is not deserved. And it is right to take it from you. Wokeism is truly hostile to history, culture and tradition. They don’t respect it – and they insist they are right. It is not up for debate”."

It is lucky for the 1% that the woke picked just the right political position that turns everything on the 'identities' of race (which doesn't exist) and gender (which doesn't exist, or is at least 'fluid'), and missed class altogether, leaving Bezos/Gates/Soros, etc. completely safe.  Any redistribution is to take place amongst the 90%, moving wealth from the privileged majority - and 'privilege' turns completely on racial/gender identity - to the unprivileged racial/gender minorities, meaning, for example, that moving wealth from a poor white man to a rich black woman is perfectly acceptable, indeed, necessary.  The woke are such nihilists that they don't really care what happens to the redistributed wealth (they assume they won't see any of it), and are much more interested in punishing the 'privileged' by taking that wealth from them.
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