Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Without any irony

"CDC warns COVID-19 may be a few mutations away from evading vaccines" (Salo).

"This Hoax is Just Getting Started: Totally Vaxxed Iceland Now Discussing 15-Year Coronavirus Restrictions Plan" (Anglin):
"Let me just go ahead and make some magical guesses:
  • The entire Western world is going to implement the vaccine passport agenda
  • The vaccine passport will turn into a larger medical database, which keeps track of everyone’s vaccination status
  • A continual series of “new variant” hoaxes will be rolled out, and everyone will be expected to get continual “boosters” to protect from the “new variants”
  • The “new variants” will be blamed on the unvaxxed
  • Unvaxxed will be progressively restricted from not only working, but from buying and selling, and from engaging in society on any level
  • They will introduce an implantable microchip to replace the QR code scanning tracking app
  • A digital credit UBI system will be linked to your app/implant, as most work will be gone
  • Progressively, the virus agenda will be welded onto the global warming agenda, and you will be told that you can’t have your freedoms because you are changing the weather by living your life
  • There will be a “carbon credit” system integrated into your app or microchip implant, which will be something like a social credit score, where you will be rewarded or punished based on how the government and tech corporations determine that your behavior is affecting the weather

Those are all things that I can tell you as easily as I can tell you the sky is blue.

There are still many things that we don’t know, of course.

For example:

  • What will ultimately be done with the people who refuse to be vaccinated – They could round them up and put them in camps, they could round them up and force vaccinate them, they could simply allow them to exist as a kind of “untouchable” class that serves as an example to those who follow orders as to why they need to continue following orders.
  • What the vaccines will do to people in the long term – This is something that not even the overlords themselves know. “Experimental vaccine” means that they do not know what the effects will be, because it is an experiment. It looks like more people are dying than they expected to die in this first wave of deaths coming shortly after the vaxx. It will obviously shorten people’s lives beyond the initial die-offs we’re seeing now, but we do not know if it will be next year or in a couple decades that people really start dying on a mass scale.
  • What the next rounds of vaccines will do – As mentioned above, there is a possibility (probability?) that this vaccine agenda is a part of a massive program to genetically engineer the entire human population. Clearly, there is some reason that the population is being experimented on with this gene therapy, but we do not totally understand what that purpose is. Presumably, the vaxx will make people sterile.
  • How long this system will last – This system is completely out of control, and it is obviously totally unsustainable. There is zero chance that it will last until the end of the century, and it could collapse next year if the United States decides to engage a shooting war with China. I tend to think it can’t hardly go on much longer as it is, because there is such an active push to completely destroy the white middle class that held the country together, and replace them with incompetent brown people, while at the same time, China is rising rapidly and refusing to be bullied. But if the Western nations were able to win a war with the Chinese (and the Russians), that would mean that it could go on for longer because there would be no external pressure. But having attacked the people who built it and held it together, and pushing so aggressively to remove them from the positions they hold where they keep things running, it has already peaked, and we are going to witness a downward spiral.
Here’s another thing we know as a matter of absolute fact: none of this can be fixed."
Despite all the head fakes and deception, WWIII against China is not going to happen.
"Another Whistleblower Bites the Dust as The Intercept Adds a Third Notch to Its Burn Belt" (Webb).  No guilt at The Intercept:  "Facing Years in Prison for Drone Leak, Daniel Hale Makes His Case against U.S. Assassination Program" (Devereaux).  "Daniel Hale Pens Letter For Judge Describing How He 'Came To Violate The Espionage Act'".

Peak Snopes:  "Did Biden Say ‘My Butt’s Been Wiped?’" (Evon).
"Bloomberg doesn’t disclose potential conflict in op-ed promoting Israel arms deal" (Clifton) ((((Ross))) has a much more important (((conflict))) than WestExec).  "Biden Advisers Ride on Pegasus Spyware" (Guyer):
"A new investigation by The Washington Post and a consort (my emphasis in red)ium of 16 international news outlets reveals that software from an Israeli company named NSO Group has spied on hundreds of journalists, activists, executives, and government officials. Its infamous product Pegasus can crack into encrypted phones without a trace and is used by autocrats. The findings are part of the Pegasus Project, which has already presented evidence of the spyware being used to hack the slain Mexican journalist Cecilio Pineda Birto as well as two people close to the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But NSO Group has been deflecting from its relationship with authoritarian governments for years. After its surveillance tech was caught being used to target dissidents, the notorious Israeli company sought the assistance of WestExec Advisors, the consultancy founded by now–Secretary of State Tony Blinken and staffed by prominent national-security experts from the Obama administration.

WestExec turned the company down, but NSO was persistent. It was investing heavily in a revamp of its global reputation in response to accusations of its spyware’s abuse, especially in the hands of Saudi Arabia. NSO must have sensed just how influential Blinken’s tight-knit group of former policymakers was, though the client didn’t align with WestExec’s stated principles.

The consulting group stood firm, but NSO had actually already recruited one of its members. Dan Shapiro, a WestExec consultant based in Israel and Obama’s former ambassador to the country, had already been working for NSO.

Shapiro began independently advising NSO in mid-2017, months before WestExec was established. He counseled NSO on how to prevent the misuse of its technology and advised the company to stop selling its hacking tools to Saudi Arabia, according to The New York Times. Initially, NSO heeded. But then, under new ownership—and with the encouragement of the Israeli government and the Trump administration—NSO once again sold its powerful software to Saudi Arabia.
Shapiro advised NSO through the end of 2018 and participated in Biden campaign strategy calls in 2020. He is now under consideration to be President Biden’s special envoy to the Middle East."
"Without any irony, the company celebrated World Data Privacy Day in January on social media. “At NSO Group, we have committed ourselves to high ethical business standards by embedding human rights protections throughout all aspects of our work,” it posted, above an image of a padlock set against neon-colored zeroes and ones. Amid damning revelations about its spyware, not even the best consultants can rebrand NSO."
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