Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Atrocity training

They pulled out their privilege cards and have the US judicial system over a barrel:  "Heir: Sacklers won’t settle unless freed from opioid suits" (Mulvihill).  This is a case where it is clear that the Taliban would have come up with a just solution, much more quickly.

"The Propaganda War (Part II)" (Hopkins).  This is worse than useless, just playing into the hands of the bad guys.  The only thing that will possibly help is direct action, and giving people busy work in lieu of direct action is counter-productive.  I very much doubt we're going to see any direct action, so we're pretty much all lined up for the slaughter.

Greenwald tweets on various Afghanistan-related lies.

Embarrassing, disgusting, lackey news:  "Canada’s Disaster in Afghanistan" (Engler).

The Japanese origins of organized Burmese inhumanitarianism:  "The Tatmadaw" (Thornton).

"Facebook suspends news outlet for reporting on latest Hunter Biden story" (Harper).  Containing real evidence of possible Russian interference in American politics.

"Detainee says China has secret jail in Dubai, holds Uyghurs" (also).  Did think the warmongering PR was going to stop?  "A Cult, a Fake Gov't & US-funded NGOs Hold Panels Panning China" (Rubinstein).

Nosferatu, water peddler.

Illustration of a fantasy from a fantasy newspaper.

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