Thursday, August 19, 2021

Crackpot realism

(((Pessimists))) see the end of a War For The Jews as a Holocaust-level tragedy, while optimists see it as a new chance for personal grifting.

"AFGHANISTAN: Examining the Myths, the Lies and the Legends ~ Andre Vltchek".  "Escobar: How Russia-China Are Stage-Managing The Taliban".

Milley comes immediately to mind:


"What We Need to Do Post-Afghanistan, but Won’t" (Robinson).  Some background on General 'Uninformed' Vance.  To be fair to him, the entire senior male management of the Canadian military consists of serial rapists, so he fits right in.

"Lebanon Is under Maximum Pressure, and the Target Is Hezbollah: Iran Sends Its Support" (Magnier).
"Attempts Continue to Remove Socialist President Pedro Castillo in Peru" (Azikiwe).
Turning the story on its head:  "Prominent Leftist Publication Collapses Amid Power Struggle" (Striker).

Wild extension of 'cultural appropriation', which may be the single dumbest idea in wokenness (and that is saying something!) (I like 'cry-bully strategy', the spirit of the age): Wars For The Yous, goyim.

Wars For The Jews lovers are throwing around the sum of $1 trillion as the cost of this one, peanuts really. Can you imagine what kind of paradise the country would be with $6.4 trillion?  Don't think about it too much - you wouldn't want to become an 'anti-Semite':
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