Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Freedom fries from Base World

Heavy praise for (((Biden's teleprompter))) - can a teleprompter win the Nobel Peace Prize? - and a discussion of what China wants: "Reflections on Events in Afghanistan -8" (Bhadrakumar).

"John Pilger: Afghanistan, The Great Game of Smashing Countries" (Pilger).

"Separated by a century: The doomed narcissism of Generals Petraeus and Miles" (DeRensis).  (((Max 'Jack' Boot's))) proposed 290-year military rescue of the women of Afghanistan!

Monster is just the right word, and she's the effective PM: "Even love is forbidden under Israeli apartheid" (Hussein):
"However, the “helplessness” of the German and US Consulates in Israel – a supposed ally and partner – is surprising."
Not surprising at all - it's shekels and bribery of the complete degenerates of the Euro-trash.  I'm 100% positive there is a European version of the Maxwell operation.

Thread by T on why the military equipment was abandoned, the usual practice of removing the most sensitive tech from weapons supplied to allies, which wasn't done in Afghanistan, so the Chinese (and presumably the Russians) will now have access to all of it.  On the bright side, American military procurement is so corrupt that American 'cutting edge' military technology is two generations behind the Chinese and Russians, so they might as well put it in a museum of ancient artifacts.  Also, at least this tech wasn't given to the Chinese by the best American 'ally', the Israelis!

Thread by Devjyot Ghoshal on the death of Danish Siddiqui. It sounds like Reuters and the Afghan army share the blame equally.  The Taliban, who may or may not have shot him, had no reason to recognize him as a journalist.

"750 US military bases remain around the planet" (Deppen).  Just imagine what that wasted money could do if spent domestically!  Of course, these bases are necessary for the creation of Greater Israel, so what can one do?

"Conspiracy theories aside, there is something fishy about the Great Reset" (Wecke).  Yep, flaying alive.

And after he abandoned his biting dog!:  "Andrew Cuomo Commutes Sentence of Weather Underground Terrorist" (Kaufman) (apologies for the pajamas link).  It is clear corruption from the woke club, but 40 years is enough for anything.  The (felony) (((murderer))) looks like Abraham Lincoln.

The memes of the plutocrats:  "The Propaganda War (Part II)" (Hopkins).  That German graffiti is woke!
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