Thursday, August 26, 2021

Impact investing

Sweden hasn't been 'Sweden' for quite a while:
""Killing For The Sake Of Killing": Pilots Leak Footage Showing Deadly Drone Strikes Against Unarmed Afghans" (Durden).

The Sailer shtick is that he knows the math and sticks to the facts, but this little posting is so misinformed and just dumb that it completely undermines his credibility on all issues: "Soros's D.A. in L.A. Won't Oppose Release of Sirhan Sirhan".
Thread by Echo Chamber on Epstein's early interest in Gates and Maxwell family mass public manipulation through health scares.  Everything converges.  In particular, 'impact investing':
Echo chamber thread on the Rockefeller Foundation.

What we're seeing is conspiracy theory futures.

"Schrödinger’s terrorists: Washington warmongers suddenly worried about Al-Qaeda and ISIS, amid Afghanistan agony" (Malic).  "The Government/Media is Continuing to Talk About ISIS Attacking the Kabul Airport" (Anglin) (my emphasis in red):
"As I’ve said from the beginning, this entire airport thing is nonsensical. Right now, the airport is being rushed by the standard earth-scum that marched into Europe in 2015. Those people are not “interpreters,” they’re not “American citizens,” and they’re not “fleeing the Taliban.” They’re just people trying to get a free ride to America or Europe or wherever.

If there are American citizens “trapped” in Kabul, they should just go home and wait for a couple weeks until the US leaves the country and the situation at the airport clears up, at which point they can just go get on a plane at their leisure.

There is no “chaos” in Kabul, outside of the one place the US still occupies: the airport. There is no rush to get out of the country. There is no looming threat.

This is all just maniac disinformation, and I’m not surprised they’ve added their ISIS boogieman."
'Journalists' don't get the big bucks for being good journalists: "British Melodrama Over Afghanistan Withdrawal Masks Their Own Impotence And Irrelevance" (Tracey).

"“I Was Living Like Scarface”: The Ludicrous Costs of the War in Afghanistan Revealed in New Documents, Testimonies" (MacLeod):
"The U.S. also often paid huge sums of money to Afghan warlords to destroy poppy fields. However, local bosses — who grew the crop themselves — would simply destroy their rivals’ fields and collect the money, leaving themselves both enriched and in a dominant position to further control the trade in their area.

One notable example of this is local strongman Gul Agha Sherzai, who eradicated his competitors’ crops in Nangarhar Province (while quietly leaving his own in Kandahar Province untouched). But all the U.S. saw was a local politician seemingly committed to stamping out the illegal drug trade. They therefore showered him with money and other privileges. “We literally gave the guy $10 million in cash for rubbing out his competition,” Hoh said. “If you were going to write a movie about this, they’d say ‘This is too far fetched. No one is going to believe this. Nothing is this insane or stupid.’ But that is the way it is.”"
""Get The F*ck Out!": Antifa Attacks Female Reporter In Portland" (Taibbi).  "Portland: Leftists Split After Anarchists Beat Down Liberal Journalist and Call Her A Slut" (Striker). "Antifa is a Fatherless Child" (deBoer).  The father has a name - (((George Soros))) - and the fact he relies on a non-existent connection, based solely on a name, to traditional anarchists shouldn't distract us from the fact he is using paid street rats to conduct domestic terrorism for very bad purposes.

(((Hollywood))) has picked the (((worst possible choice))) to host Jeopardy:
I'm starrting to think that Ukraine has realized things are so hopeless it just wants to commit national suicide by hosting WWIII. "Will Ukraine Face The Same Abandonment After US Exit From Afghanistan?" (Ross).  "Ukraine holds “Crimean Platform” summit" (Melanovski).

Peak 'current year':
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