Sunday, August 15, 2021

It’s gnarly

"Escape from LA" (Levine): 

"First thing I saw in the news was a photo op showing California’s progressive family-friend-to-oligarchs governor Gavin Newsom dressed up in working class gear, personally hauling and throwing away homeless people’s possessions. It’s gnarly. But I guess he’s been feeling the fear from the upcoming Republican recall election and this is the way he responds: showing that he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and to get rough and tough with these no good bindle stiffs. And just yesterday my friend Patrick sent me an interview with Larry Elder, the Republican frontrunner of the Newsom recall drive, confirming that there was indeed a deal struck between the Trump administration and LA’s progressive mayor Eric Garcetti to ship the homeless off to faraway reservations built on unregulated federal land in the Mojave Desert. Far out of sight, totally out of mind — an easy bipartisan solution to a difficult problem! I speculated that such a deal was in the works a year and half ago, when we first moved back to LA — and it turns out it was indeed true. The only reason this plan to ship the homeless into federal gulags didn’t go through, according to Elder, was because Trump, archenemy to all the good liberal people of Los Angeles, didn’t win reelection. Ha! That’s progressive California for you — a reactionary backwater that wears its corporate wokeness like a magical cloaking amulet."

"Clerk assigned to Moïse investigation found dead, had planned to quit" (Celine).  Most dangerous job in the world.

"Canada is headed for a federal election on Sept. 20" (Tunney/Paas-Lang).  

"Justice and Politics: When Words are Betrayed by Deeds" (Petersen).

"Raisi, the “Guardian of the Values of the Revolution”, Revealing His Road-map." (Magnier).

"A Message From France" ('Hardscrabble Farmer').  While the government of France, a rothschildocracy, could not possibly be worse, I have considerable confidence in the ability of the French people to scare the bejesus out of the plutocrats.

Leaving aside the considerable irony of The Intercept being the world's most infamous American intelligence honeypot, this is a pretty good story on the FBI's entrapment operations, the details of which are always completely ridiculous (except to courts, which swallow the FBI stories whole):  "The Most High-Profile Al Qaeda Plot Foiled after 9/11 Was an FBI Scam" (Speri).

Whales, a thread.

"Why won’t the US medical establishment “believe women”? Covid-19 vaccines do not warn about menstrual disruption" (Parenti).
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