Sunday, August 22, 2021

May you be cursed by BHL

"Afghanistan - The New 'Northern Alliance' Resistance Has Already Fallen Apart" (Moon).  Sadly, I don't think the Taliban has changed at all, except for sharpening up their PR to better fit Western liberal norms.

World leaders outside the Empire actually know what is going on, but don't usually get asked the right question: The Israelis are no longer even bothering to justify their genocidal attacks in Gaza on Hamas 'terrorism', mere protesting is enough: "Israeli Occupation Fighter Jets Attack Targets in the Center of Gaza after 41 Palestinians Injured at at Gaza Border".

"Problem: Blacks Receive Almost All Felon Firearm Charges in Michigan; Solution: White Female Prosecutor Abandons Felony Firearm Charges in Name of Reducing System Racial Bias"  (Kersey).  This is going to lead to enough tragedy that it will be reversed after a lot of deaths, almost all of black people.  You know what prosecutorial discretion would work?  Stop prosecuting drug cases.  It would have to be state-wide to prevent specific areas becoming drug hubs, but removing most of the financial incentive in the drug trade would force the thugs who get involved in it to find something else to do.  It is funny you can't have an Unz headline without the irrelevant detail of the prosecutor being a white female.

Imagine the American screams if a journalist was arrested in Belarus for covering a protest:  "It Begins: Owen Shroyer of Infowars Indicted by Feds for Standing on Capitol Steps on 1/6" (Anglin).

The interesting PR problem for the Dems is that vaccine 'hesitancy' is overwhelmingly in the black population:  "Texas Lt. Governor Blames “Rotten, Disease Riddled Jigaboo Thugs” for Low Vaxx Rate" (Anglin).
'Bullying': "White Flagged America" (Dinh).
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