Monday, August 02, 2021


"Taibbi: Can History Itself Violate 'Community Standards?'"  Given the subject of the censorship, I'm going to take a wild guess that there is more too it than just an algorithm.  That name no doubt triggers an alarm, and (((everybody))) circles round to applaud the cancelling.

The best thing is that much of the 'hesitancy' is as a direct result of terrible and confused and unapologetically shifting messaging, coupled with veiled and not veiled threats of physical force or wrecking people's lives if they don't comply with what 'science' tells Fauci today.  Also, I guess that is the death knell for Democrat arguments for abortion rights.

"Say goodbye to persuasion: Vaccine mandates may be coming — but will they be legal?" (Turley).

"Why Israel isn’t different from “the settlements”" (Murphy).  Think of the IDF/settler relationship in terms of the relationship between the US government and American social media.  In each case, the government protects the non-government entity, so it can do things the government can't or won't do.  Like killing Palestinians in cold blood in situations where the land theft literally looks like a mugging, or cancelling those with political views slightly different than the government.
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