Sunday, August 01, 2021


Bin Laden memes

Very, very good news:

"Daphne Caruana Galizia: Malta responsible for journalist death - inquiry".

"Ex-prosecutor says Riverside County superiors told him to ditch evidence pointing to murder defendant’s innocence" (Saavedra).

"Are the Opponents of the Covid Injections "Anti-Vaxx Crackpots"?" (Whitney interview with Unz).  Unz is very sensible.  The single issue which doesn't come up is whether the vaccination itself is making the pandemic worse.

Odd to see something like this in Breitbart:  "Biden to Appoint Antisemitism Envoy who Defended Comparing Trump to Hitler" (Pollak).  You can see how (((they))) work, step by step, with long-term goals which the goyim are too stupid to anticipate:  "President Signs Schneider Bill to Elevate Antisemitism Envoy to Ambassador".

What is truly terrifying is that these are the nurses of tomorrow, trained by the Ivy League: "‘It’s terrifying’: Students say racism runs rampant at School of Nursing" (Brown/Horta/Price):
"Professors have taught that race is a risk factor for certain diseases — a theory that has long been contested — and failed to acknowledge the root causes of racial disparities in health outcomes, students say.

For example, professor Lisa Meland taught in her “Introduction to Pharmacology” lecture last year that the populations at greatest risk for primary hypertension include “African Americans, [and] Mexican Americans,” according to lecture slides obtained by the News.

“We’ve heard lecture after lecture listing anti-Black rhetoric, for example that being Black is a risk factor for hypertension … without any elaboration on the reasons why someone might be at higher risk,” Genevieve Lipari NUR ’22 wrote in an email to the News. “When asked to elaborate, many faculty have replied, ‘I don’t know,’ or even worse, attributed it to differences in metabolism or some other biological difference which we know has no basis because race is a social construct.” 
Brown said that these so-called risk factors are actually associated with inherent racism in the health care industry — which the School of Nursing curriculum fails to acknowledge, students say."
On many levels, we seem to be returning to witchcraft.

"Germany Blames Iran for Stalling Nuclear Deal Talks" (DeCamp).  I have to assume this unwelcome intervention is a German thanks to the US for the end of American whining about Nord Stream.  If Iran can come to terms with Saudi Arabia, Iran can then simply completely reposition itself facing east and north, and the sanctions won't matter, except as another lost brick in the wall of Empire.
Trudeau is 100% committed to ending the few last vestiges of free speech in Canada:  "Canada’s next proposal to censor the internet" (Rankovic) and "Canada proposes ‘digital safety commissioner’ to keep illegal content off Facebook, YouTube, Pornhub and other platforms". Canada has reached the American state of bliss where there is literally nobody to vote for.  Guilbeault, the Minister of Totalitarianism, always looks like he is just coming down from a two-week meth bender, which is probably how they keep him spouting this nonsense. 

"The Road to Totalitarianism" (Hopkins).  We either lock all the politicians and senior bureaucrats in the legislative buildings and burn them down, or we will all be made slaves in the billionaireocracy.  This is the stark choice they are presenting us.

As a Canadian, I can say that this is not right, not right at all:
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