Sunday, August 01, 2021


"History tells us the United States’ supposed ‘concern for democracy’ in Nicaragua is nothing of the sort" (Kovalic).  The standard State Department pattern is to create and support a bunch of alternative politicians will will run for office in order to become American stooges if elected.  When the government successfully parries the operation, as in Nicaragua or Venezuela, it is immediately labeled 'anti-democratic', thus requiring regime change.

The weak-sauce revolution:  "Pro-Sanders group rebranding into ‘pragmatic progressives’" (Weissert).

The anti-vaxx history of polio. A reply points to some problems.

"The Shadow State: Twitter Suspends Commentator for Criticizing Vaccine Policies" (Turley).

Sailer quotes Nemets:
"I think once you replace enough of your population, the old myths are forgotten & memorials are obliterated to demonize the old majority & justify the rise of the new rulers of a land.

Wokism crystallizes during the population shift - allows the old majority to moralize their dispossession & allows them some sort of status in the new order as loyal collaborators."
Canada is still over 70% white, so they may be jumping the gun a bit in installing the new overlords.

"Mark Carney Part 1 - The Environmentalist" and "Mark Carney Part 2 - The Globalist Ruling Class Connections" (Viable Opposition).  He is too busy being a Davos man to run for a seat in the Canadian Parliament.

"NYC: Jewish Activist-Led Hate Crimes Task Force Gets NYPD to Jail Woman Suffering from Pneumonia Over "Hate Speech"" (Striker).

The terrible scourge of 'Polish-Canadians', or the PCQ.

"Two Kinds of Pride in American Politics" (Studebaker).  John Galt and The Educated.

Thiel tax planning:  "The Real, Untold Story of Roth IRAs" (Scorse).

"The Crisis in Tunisia" (Iqbal).

"How Washington’s top Taiwan specialist embraced separatist party leader and opened new cross-Strait crisis" (Porter).  It is funny to watch the 'experts', who apply the thin veneer of objectivity to Imperial violence, anticipate what the warmongers want to see in their intellectual product.

"Palestinian Activist: The Problem is not Ignorance of Israeli Occupation’s Brutality, it is Inaction" (Winstanley).  There is nothing novel about Zionism - (((they))) just keep doing the same genocidal things over and over, protected by controlled western politicians and bureaucrats, and the (((media))).
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