Thursday, August 19, 2021


"Israel’s Secret Arsenal: It’s Not So Secret Anymore" (Giraldi).  The Khazars really screwed themselves over with their nukes.  They never put any strategic thinking into having nukes, and only obtained them for the usual reason, to proves to themselves that they could get one over on the stupid goyim.  They can only use the nuclear program once, at which point they will be an international pariah.  They can't use it in south Lebanon, which they intend to steal, as it would pollute the area, and they run a big risk of nuclear pollution of Israel itself.  While they have been so proud of themselves, distracted by supremacy, Iran and Hezbollah have been building and developing the stores of weapons that can actually be used, rockets and missiles, weapons which could possibly blow up nuclear arsenals in Israel, with more radiation problems.  Neither Iran nor Hezbollah will be even slightly deterred by the nukes from doing what they have to do (and the small nukes they might think they could get away with are no more scary than conventional weapons).  Perhaps the only reason for them is to back up van Creveld's threat to nuke any European countries who defy their will.  The Khazars are not unaware of the problems - it's why thy want the bunker busters.

"In Somalia, the US is bombing the very ‘terrorists’ it created" (Coles).  In case you thought Wars For The Jews were over.

The Labour Party now consists solely of lickspittle Jews and the most disgusting of the bribed and blackmailed shabbos goyim: "Labour intensifies purge of socialists, dissenting Jews" (Winstanley).
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