Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Ethical Paradox of The Vaxx

Authoritarianism as a bureaucratic substitute for thinking and actual problem solving:  "A Pandemic of Authoritarianism, as the Red Grains Cascade" (Crooke).

Philosophers studying ethics use bizarre thought experiments to work their way through the maze.  It is essentially the Two Buttons Meme (also).  You are faced with a stark choice, neither of which is ideal (in fact, both are usually awful, or deeply flawed), and have to pick the most ethical.  The Vaxx has turned into this kind of choice.

It has been established that the plutocrats used 9/11 as an experiment to see just how far fear could be pushed to promote ridiculous political decisions, like spending untold amounts of wealth - literally trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars, amounts that could have been used to solve most of the world's problems -  while burning massive amounts of climate-altering hydrocarbons, to fight Wars For The Jews and enrich the MIC.  Now, a new fear is being used to establish an addiction to the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, and a complete dystopian authoritarianism.  The plutocrats have toyed with this idea before - the Evil Sackler's marketing was simply by intentionally encouraging addiction to their toxins, and Monsanto's plan was to make the use of Roundup a necessary requirement to be able to farm - but this is quite the extension, to make all human life dependent on products of the PIC, and to allow the state to use its monopoly on violence to enforce compliance in a completely totalitarian state.

The Vaxx was sold as a way of getting everybody back to the desired 'normal', making sure that others weren't deprived of hospital care (remember 'flattening the curve'?), and more specifically, to protect both yourself and others from the pandemic. We were told that taking it is both self-regarding, and altruistic.  But here's the thing.  While it is true that it provides temporary protection against the worst symptoms, including death, and may thus be a rational choice for an 85-year-old for whom it buys enough time to die of natural causes, it is actually the opposite of altruistic.  It does not prevent your getting the disease, it does not prevent your passing the disease on to others (thus the seemingly bizarre insistence by the bureaucrats for mask wearing by the supposedly protected vaxxed, not to mention the vaccination requirement even if you have the much stronger natural immunity from having been infected), and turns your body into a biological weapons factory to produce new, more dangerous, forms of the virus, which will require an endless number of similarly-flawed 'boosters'.  Even worse, because it is a given that a considerable number of people won't comply, often for the very good reasons I have described, and infection rates are blamed on the unvaxxed, rather than the vaccine itself, it is providing the perfect excuse for the plutocrats to impose complete authoritarianism on everybody, for their other purposes.  That which was predominantly marketed as a way for you to do good for others and society is actually an extremely selfish act, which may provide you with a few extra years of living in an Orwellian dystopia.

We're seeing some push-back.  Australia, and, naturally, in the foolish 'woke' world, some college campuses, seem to have been chosen as the guinea pig cages for the worst of the experiments on how much people can be pushed.  Protests around the world have thus far been completely ignored by the plutocrats and their bureaucrat and politician servants.  The rewards for the plutocrats are just too big for them to give up now.  If Trudeau loses, although nobody will say it out loud, I imagine it will be the first political response by the people.

This is big.  This is everything.
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