Sunday, October 31, 2021

A firehose of idiocy

Picking over parts of Yemen to build spy posts: "A tale of two Quads" (Bhadrakumar).

Didn't (((Biden's teleprompter))) promise Boris the Drunkard some movement on the Dunn file?:

"Eisenhower’s Death Camps" (Aangirfan). I think I (mis-)spent half my life in school being force fed tales of something called the 'Hollowcost' (my entire education was this 'Hollowcost' and stories about how oil is made out of huge piles of crushed dinosaurs), but, for some reason, I never learned about this.

"The days of remaining anonymous on the internet are coming to an end" (Gatewood).

It is worse than awful:  "Canada: “Liberal” MPs support new internet censorship bill where “hurtful” content is targeted" (Harper).  Needless to say, the point is to require, under penalty of jail or massive fines, a strict and universal adherence to whatever the most Zionist views of Israel are at the time (also misgendering, the second worst thing a Canadian can do, other than complaining about genocide).  Things that are not obviously 'hateful' will be swept up by the much broader term, 'hurtful', which is subjective and elastic.

The start of a spectacular thread on Julia Ioffe, neurologist:

Empty words

"Clinton Campaign Spread Alfa Bank Ruse Throughout Obama Admin to Press Trump-Russia Probe" (Sperry). Clinton campaign, Steele, FBI, and even CIA.

"Tough choices for Biden administration: Which empty words to approve?" (Brown).  Considering that (((Biden's teleprompter))) is the actual President (well, along with President Manchin), and, of course, the (((Khabinet))), there must be a lot of belly laughs while they craft the weasel language.

"Comprador Imperialism" (Morgan):

"The Chinese have seen the feces-smeared and needle-littered streets and have rejected the runaway liberalism that gives the world such gifts. The Chinese don’t care about the future of American power, only its steady desuetude. They want to whittle the American empire down so they can take its place as world hegemon. They are already doing this, but it works much more efficiently if someone inside the shop runs the fire sale.

Indian politicians, Ukrainian mafiosi, African warlords, Canadian billionaires—they want in on the scraps, too. “Managed decline” is not what we thought it was. Someone is managing it, and it isn’t the government. It’s comprador imperialists, the ones in very expensive suits cutting deals with very unsavory characters in parts of the world that not even Instagrammers care to visit. Did you think I meant Kinshasa? No, I meant San Francisco.

But there you go. San Francisco was where the United Nations Charter was signed. It is now basically a city-sized opium den. Cohongs, indeed. This hollowing-out of the empire is Samir Amin’s dependency theory in reverse. The periphery was once dependent on the imperial metropole. Now, the filthy metropole is dependent on the periphery. Because the periphery will soon be king. And the “comprador bourgeoisie,” as Marx called them, are selling, again in reverse of the original theory, their big country out to the “nationalist bourgeoisie” of the third world.

The empire is devouring itself, and the comprador imperialists are the ones apportioning out the helpings."

"A Cult, a Fake Gov't & US-funded NGOs Hold Panels Panning China" (Rubinstein).  This kind of conference is one of the usual warmongering tactics, but I'm sure Falun Gong is going to be disappointed.  By the way, somebody - NED, CIA? - is obviously heavily funding the Falun Gong organ, The Epoch Times, whose articles are now appearing constantly in ZeroHedge (paid content?).

BASED! Lebanese minister:  "A window into the Saudi-Lebanon row".  "Calls mounting for removing Lebanon minister over Gulf row".

"Cover-up of U.S. Nuclear Sub Collision in South China Sea" (Walsh).  If you are pulling some kind of preening stunt in the vicinity of China, and your complete incompetence results in yet another unforced accident, you are going to want to cover it up!

"The JFK Cover-Up Strikes Again" (Galbraith):
"I am not accusing Biden, or the agencies whose advice he accepted on these matters, of breaking the law. On the contrary, I take them at their word: that in their view, a full disclosure of all documents would compromise military, intelligence, and foreign relations.

It is not difficult to imagine how. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that there was a conspiracy. Suppose that the remaining documents, together with those already released, were to establish – or permit private citizens to establish – what most Americans already believe. In that case, it would be obvious that the cover-up involved senior US government officials – including the leaders of the very agencies currently being tasked with reviewing the records. And, as a point of logic, it follows that in every succeeding cohort, under every president, the cover-up has continued. Isn’t that the only plausible way the current interests of those agencies might be damaged?

The irony is that by withholding the records, the government has already admitted, without saying so, that the Warren Commission lied and that there are vile secrets which it is determined to protect. It concedes, without saying so, that there was a conspiracy and that there is an ongoing cover-up. If there were not, all the records would have been released long ago. You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to see this."

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Fun fact

"COVID Gives Joe Biden A Permanent Excuse To Stay Hidden" (Tracey).  Not surprising - what else are you going to do if you have to maintain the illusion that Biden still has his faculties?  The interesting part is that the (((media))) completely participates in the deception in order to create the impression that Biden is all there.

Doxxing threats delivered to voters who might vote 'wrong': 

"Biden uses massive 85-car motorcade to wind through Rome - creating MASSIVE carbon footprint before chatting about environmental issues with the Pope and flying to Scotland for climate change conference" (Goodin/Schwab/Earle).  To be fair, they need about 40 cars to carry the extra 'Bidens'.

"'Hard to know where pandemic relief money went,' admits federal spending watchdog" (Lang).  Hint: check the off-shore accounts of billionaires.

The first referendum on what normal Americans think of wokenness:  "AP Acts Puzzled That a Democrat Could Lose" (Graham):

"The AP writer admitted the obvious: McAuliffe suffered when he "quipped" that "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach." This is especially awkward since many parents home-school or put their kids in private schools. McAuliffe went to private schools, as did his children. AP didn't mention that little personal detail."

The whole tranny rape in the girl's bathroom thing - you know the threat we're told is a right-wing fantasy which never happens? - and the reaction to blame and beat up the parent for being so deplorable as to take offence at his daughter's rape - did not help. 

"Virginia: This “Charlottesville Nazis for Youngkin” Thing is a Real Serious Yikes" (Anglin).  "Lincoln Project claims responsibility for fake ‘white supremacists’ at Glenn Youngkin event" (O'Neill/Chamberlain) (whose side are these pedos on?).  I thought McAuliffe was a Democrat version of Roger Stone, skilled in the dark art of ratfucking, but this was just pathetic.  The funny part is they had to pick a black guy for the stunt (who, to his credit, looked entirely miserable about being there), in order to be 'inclusive', but that gave away the fact that these weren't real deplorables.

From a Greenwald thread  "The finest people who use race as a toy."  Or, perhaps, prop.

"US Lawyers Argue Assange Healthy Enough to Be Sent to His Death" (Medhurst).

Fun fact.

Friday, October 29, 2021

The spaces left between

"Poland asks Russia for new discount deal with cheaper gas to slash its energy bills amid shortages & price rises across Europe".  Literally at the same time they are doing everything they possibly can to provoke WWIII in order to lead to the complete nuclear destruction of Russia! 

The parody account which consists of imagined pitches for stories made to CBC producers:
There is already considerable angst about Tucker Carlson's 1/6 documentary: It is striking that 'The Science' has conclusively and completely shifted regarding the success of the vaxx, but the bureaucrats/politicians continue on their totalitarian path as if nothing has changed:  "The Science: Covid Vaccines Don’t Reduce Risk of Spreading or Catching Virus, Useless After 3 Months" (Dunderhoff).  It is obvious that they needed the vaxx totalitarianism to lead to the Great Reset totalitarianism (that's how it was drawn up on Schwab's whiteboard), so any changes to the facts which undermine vaxx totalitarianism must be ignored.
Barry's coddling of the crooked billionaires led directly to Trump's election:  ""Meltdown": How "Hope and Change" led to MAGA" (Taibbi).  I am still reading and hearing stories about how many lives were profoundly wrecked by the 2007-2008 billionaire thieving housing 'crisis' (or opportunity, for those friends of Barry).

The Khazars win everything these days, and the perfect Khazar double is more American arms to kill civilians in Yemen, in return for Saudi Arabia joining the Abraham Accords:  "Facing Pressure to End Yemen Blockade, Saudis Want More US Arms" (Ditz).

Is the fact that MbS is such a flaming, spectacular, psychopathic piece of shit ever going to have any real world consequences?

For the 'good' kind of electoral challenge (an unusually telling unconfident move from the front-runner):  "Terry McAuliffe Hires Controversial Ex-Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias" (Turley).  If McAuliffe loses, it will be because of that tranny rape and the police state tactics used against normal people who had some issues with it.

Hoe Savile 'groomed' politicians and royals:  "Jimmy Savile: Establishment Hero" (Kinney).

It has become clear that the real supply chain shortage under which we are suffering is that of guillotines.

Thursday, October 28, 2021


"As evidence emerges of provocateurs inciting the Jan 6 Capitol riot, was an asset working on behalf of the FBI to stir up trouble?" (Klarenberg):

"The video referenced by the Arizona paper is one of many depicting Epps aggressively advocating the breach of the Capitol from January 5 onwards. That evening saw a law enforcement-mediated standoff between Trump supporters visiting Washington DC for the next day’s planned and widely promoted protest, and Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists.

Strikingly, an aspect of that particular clip not mentioned in the news report is the extremely hostile reaction his bold suggestion elicited from those around him. After he repeatedly advocated “going in”, other pro-Trump protesters respond with a shouted chorus of “no!”, before chanting in unison “Fed!” over and over, prompting Epps to awkwardly clarify that he meant “peacefully”. 
Multiple separate clips show Epps moving between different groups in the crowd, and repeating the same routine, loudly calling for attendees to enter the Capitol building, and typically being met with indifference or even outright antipathy. In one, his audience’s exhaustion with his antics is evident – he asks for “one minute” to make his pitch yet again to another group of Trump supporters, but the throng responds that he has only “30 seconds”, despite a sympathetic protester drawing attention to Epps’ military background and calling for him to be respected.
This activity alone would surely mark him out as of interest to the FBI – after all, determining the degree to which what transpired on January 6 was planned in advance and, if so, by whom, were central initial questions in its probe that remain unanswered. However, Epps’ movements the next day, much of which was likewise captured on film, would make him one of the most valuable sources of information on the Capitol’s infiltration.

Revolver meticulously reviews numerous videos showing Epps apparently issuing orders to a masked Capitol rioter, seemingly also a former US Marine, who appears to have been armed with super-strength bear mace, to have engaged in a range of incendiary acts, and to have repeatedly provoked other protesters to commit violent acts and not back down from law enforcement. That rioter, Suspect 273 – also known as #MaroonPB – coincidentally remains at large today, too.

Even more tantalisingly, though, one clip shows Epps right on the frontline when the protest turned violent and the police barricades were broken through for the first time. Ryan Samsel, who has been blamed for kickstarting the “insurrection”, is pictured standing in front of the barricade, in a bitter showdown with the officer behind.

Epps emerges from the left of the frame, takes Samsel aside, whispers something in his ear, then vanishes. Moments later, Samsel and others begin charging at the barricades, knocking them down – a pivotal act that allowed for the eventual deluge of protesters into the Capitol. Media reports in the immediate aftermath of January 6 suggested the infiltrators’ path was effectively laid by the DC Police’s failure to deploy precautions such as ‘frozen zones’ (areas officially off-limits) and the hardened barriers commonly used for major events. 
Samsel was arrested just three weeks after January 6 – conspicuously, he’s one of only a few individuals accused of comprising the large “breach team” who’s been taken into custody. According to his attorney, in prison, he’s been subjected to vicious torture, his jaw, nose and orbital bone having all been shattered, and his right eye damaged so badly he may be permanent half-blind."

Threads by Doleman, Gosztola (day one), Medhurst and Flick Ruby on day 2 of the Assange railroading.  Still, and as expected, this case is largely invisible in the (((media))).  It is quite something that this massive issue of freedom of speech is reduced to various opinions on the likelihood of Assange offing himself in American custody.

"Prosecutors discontinue 'hate crime' case against Scots feminist Marion Millar" (Gordon).  There are occasional tiny displays of sanity.

"Two Years After Sudan’s Military Coup" (South Front).  The civilian government has been dragging its feet in instituting 'normalization' with Israel, so the Americans will keep replacing governments until they get one that will.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Manufacturing and coercing our consent

It has reached the point where every day is a new Biden flub:  "If You’re On The Train And They Say “Portal Bridge,” You Know You Better Make Other Plans" (Dunderhoff). I think the key is the supreme confidence in the delivery of word salads, while Americans play along or pretend not to notice.  End of Empire is always a blast.

"Biden’s Unforced Taiwan Error" (Larison).

The CIA really doesn't like Trump, but more people have died already under the wonderful rule of (((Biden's teleprompter))) than died when Trump was in power:  "Is Trump one of Top Mass Murderers? Dr. Birx says he Killed 130K- 160K with Bad COVID Policy" (Cole).  Also, it appears to me that Dr. Birx went along for the ride, and is herself complicit.  What we've learned from the pandemic is that there is no one in the ruling classes who has even the most basic level of competence.

Trudeau The Nazi kicked Garneau, a prominent Liberal, out of cabinet, presumably as part of the job of repairing relations with China after the Meng Wanzhou debacle, which can now conveniently be blamed entirely on Garneau, who will now be shipped off as ambassador to some comfortable country:

"Billionaire political meddlers, disinformation agents launch ‘Good Information Inc.’ to fight disinformation" (Rubinstein).  There are almost as many Dem PR operations as there are Wars For The Jews (to be fair, nobody is catching up to the number of Wars For The Jews).

Rubinstein is a good writer:  "Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen represented by US intelligence insiders".  I assume, for First Amendment reasons, the Facebook will maintain legal control of censorship, but the actual work of cancelling the truth-tellers, and the expense thereof, will be sent to the National Security State.

Overconfidence is when you don't even bother to hide your Great Reset plans when you roll out the vaxx passes:
"Australian cartoonist fired for vaccine mandate cartoon" (Harper).

A somewhat ironic twist in the history of late Noam:  "Manufacturing our consent for medical apartheid? ‘Libertarian socialist’ Noam Chomsky comes out in support of a two-tier society" (Clark).  "Is Forced Isolation of the Unvaccinated Really the Left’s Answer to the Pandemic?" (Cook) (the comments are both funny and very 'anti-Semitic').  On Noam 'Concentration Camp' Chomsky.  None of this makes any sense when we consider what we know of the pandemic and the vaxx, but makes perfect sense when we consider this is just managing the stage for the Great Reset.  'The Science' was just the PR releases of the vaxx companies and their government shills (like Fauci), and when the actual facts came in and didn't support the PR, the facts were ignored and the people who noticed the facts threatened with various forms of political violence.  In some places, that violence is already more than a threat.

"Israel Calls the Fight for Palestinian Rights ‘Terror’ – and So Turns Reality on Its Head" (Cook).  "EU enables Israeli attack on Palestinian groups" (Abunimah).  Who would dare challenge them, even if they could lift their heads over the piles of shekels and blackmail videos and say something?  I repeat, as Anglin wrote:  "Seriously: these are the most powerful people in the world, and you’re not allowed to question them."

"From Russia, With (Taliban) Love" (Escobar).  The Americans are too embarrassed to sit across a negotiation table from the Taliban.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Patience running out

All you need to know about the phony manipulators at PETA: 

Are they using the same Republican coach, or is DeSantis just mimicking Trump?: This is how to run a serious country: "Beijing Tells Evergrande's Billionaire Founder To Repay The Insolvent Company's Debts" (Durden). "Jewish Overlords Issue Decree on Children’s Halloween Costumes" (Anglin):
"You can say “oh, I don’t have to follow these Jews.”

But you are mistaken.

These Jews are in charge of the entire country. If you cross them, you risk being completely obliterated.

If you reject the Jewish guidelines, and allow your child to dress up as a racist and sexist goblin or ghost costume, you risk paying the ultimate price.

They will get you fired from your job, sue you, put you on blast in the media as an evil hater and terrorist. They can literally do whatever they want to you. Your only choice is to bow to the will of the Jews, or risk total annihilation.

Seriously: these are the most powerful people in the world, and you’re not allowed to question them.

How do you think that works?

They crush people like ants.

Ask me what happened when I questioned the Jews.

(No but seriously – don’t ask.)

These Jews slaughtered Our Jesus and they are planning on wiping out the rest of us. 
Of course, with people already losing their jobs because of the Jewish vax agenda and the Jewish economic collapse, some people might have less to lose."
"Shock as Jews Whining and Bitching That Everyone Hates Them" (Anglin).

"Noam Chomsky Endorses Holodomor 2.0 Strategy to Starve The Unvaxxed Into Submission" (Menahan).

"The Slithering Sarah Silverman, Part 1" (LeBlanc).  Some contradictions in the product.

"Trudeau speech latest example of weaponizing antisemitism to defend Israel" (Engler).  He's just a ventriloquist dummy for the Bronfmans.

All this pretend whining, even by the spokes-country for the Rothschilds, won't make any difference:  "Israel’s ‘terrorist’ designation of Palestinian rights groups credits ‘apartheid’ label U.S. political establishment denies" (Weiss).  As I keep noting, the Khazars are absolutely brimming with confidence these days.  See also:  "Israeli Official Threatens To Cut Power & Water To Proposed US Consulate For Palestinians" (Durden).  As Anglin wrote:  "Seriously: these are the most powerful people in the world, and you’re not allowed to question them."

"Russian and Chinese Patience with the United States Finally Shows Signs of Running Out" and "Significant Changes of Direction by the West in Relation to China" (O'Neill):
"Brenner points to the recent development of the AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom and the United States) as a political gesture that is designed to achieve two ends: first, to place an immediate obstacle in the way of Sino-Australian relations, and second, to tighten the United States grasp on Canberra’s foreign policy options in the Asia Pacific region.

He describes the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as someone who is just posturing, Brenner is not the first person to point out that there will be economic losses as a consequence of Australia’s posture toward China. It is difficult to understand how Australia could, in fact, follow a foreign policy that is so detrimental to its economic relationship with China, which is far and away its biggest trading partner. One of the alarming features is that Morrison’s suicidal conduct toward trading relationships with China has had so little effect on his popularity. The Australian media has played a major role in not alerting the readership to the economic dangers of Australia’s blind adherence to American foreign policy wishes with regard to China."
"The Syrian Charity Scam" (Larudee).  Please give to the suffering orphan head-loppers of al Qaeda.

"Sinister Rockefeller Food System Agenda — They Created it and Now Want to Destroy It" (Engdahl):
"This agenda is not surprising when we look at the background of the key actors at Rockefeller Foundation. The President, Rajiv Shah, came out of a background at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he was Director of Agricultural Development. At Gates Foundation Shah worked with the Rockefeller Foundation to create the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. He is intimately tied to the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) of Great Reset guru, Klaus Schwab, where Shah recently co-chaired the WEF Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Economic Growth and Recovery. There he wrote that “governments must actively shape markets towards green and inclusive growth.”

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is a project that has tried to force GMO seeds and related pesticides at huge cost on poorer African small farmers. It has been an agriculture disaster for African farmers. The AGRA model plays a key role in understanding the unspoken agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation and allies such as WEF and Gates Foundation. The person responsible under Shah at Rockefeller for the agriculture program is Roy Steiner, the foundation’s Senior Vice President for Food Initiative. Steiner was with Shah at the Gates Foundation and worked with Shah to create the pro-GMO AGRA in Africa.

The deep role of both Shah and Steiner in AGRA and its GMO agenda gives a very good idea how Rockefeller & Co. plan the radical transformation of US agriculture, and it is not good. The report says that it will reduce CO2 and methane emissions and introduce plant-based alternatives. Bill Gates co-funded the startup of the imitation meat company, Impossible Foods, using lab-grown fake meat and gene-editing. He insists synthetic beef is a necessary strategy to address climate change and declares that Americans and other Western nations must switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef. No more cows no more gas emissions

The agriculture agenda of the influential Rockefeller Foundation, the agenda of Davos WEF and of the UN all converge on the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030 for “sustainable agriculture.” On September 23, 2021 in New York the UN hosted Food Systems Summit 2021. The chair of the summit was Agnes Kalibata UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to the 2021 Food Systems Summit. Her selection was vehemently opposed by dozens of NGOs based on the fact she is President of the Gates-Rockefeller AGRA in Africa. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres announced the summit as a part of the Decade of Action for achieving Agenda 2030 sustainable goals. Olivier De Schutter, former UN special rapporteur on the right to food, stated that the Food Summit was the result of “closed-door agreements” at the World Economic Forum in Davos. 
In June 2019 at the UN, WEF head Klaus Schwab and UN’s Guterres signed a formal partnership “to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” One year later amid the covid pandemia, Klaus Schwab announced launch of the technocratic Great Reset together with Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN; and Kristalina Georgieva of the International Monetary Fund. Davos, the UN and Rockefeller Foundation are all on one agenda and it is not good for the future health and food of mankind. This is no conspiracy theory; it’s the real conspiracy."
"Nation-State Attacker of Telecommunications Networks" (Schneier).

"Release Georges Abdallah: a demand for justice!":
". . . Georges Abdallah co-founded the Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Fraction (FARL) which claimed responsibility for several operations on French soil, including the executions in 1982 of Yacov Barsimentov and Charles Ray, active Mossad and CIA agents. Arrested in Lyon on October 24, 1984, Georges Abdallah was sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in the assassinations, following a politically motivated trial riddled with irregularities. As an example, let us note the case of his first lawyer, Jean-Paul Mazurier, who later revealed, after the trial, that he had been in the employ of the French intelligence services. Or even the ludicrous accusations (officially disclaimed some time later) against the Abdallah brothers, naming them as supposedly responsible for the attacks on the rue de Rennes in Paris in 1986. The response to these attacks designated Georges Abdallah as a scapegoat in a period when the authorities and the media of the time sought to name any culprit, with the bloody attacks which make the headlines. While the prosecutor in his case requested a 10-year prison sentence, Georges Abdallah was sentenced to life imprisonment: Exceptional justice running at full speed."
Yet another case of government employees doing bad things:

Only time will tell

Thread by Greenwald.

All credit must go to self-proclaimed freedom-of-speech champion (((Susan Wojcicki))).

"Billionaire Leon Black Is Being Investigated by the Manhattan D.A., Sources Say" (Sherman). "US judge sets deadline for Prince Andrew to answer questions under oath about sexual assault allegations" (Osborne).

Needs another A for Anti-, the AACLU: 

"The Age of Exterminations (IV). How to Kill the Rich" (Bardi):
". . . our society is possibly the most monetarized one that ever existed in history and the people who run our financial system yield immense power. That power, though, makes them attractive targets for another kind of power: the military one. Think of our Internet barons, Bill Gates and his ilk. By getting rid of a few tens of them, the government could cash in at least a trillion dollars in a single sweep. That is an amount of the same order of magnitude as the US military expenses in one year. Could that happen for real? 

Of course, right now, it is hard to imagine a court that sentences Mark Zuckerberg to be burned at the stake after having confessed under torture of consorting with the devil and other unholy behaviors. Yet, things that happened once in history can always appear again. 

It will all depend on a balance of factors: power, wealth, control, technology, and more. Something drastic could happen, for instance, if the US government were to find itself in truly dire financial straits. Then, the temptation of using military means to solve the crisis could become strong. After that all is said and done, as president Mao Zedong said, the origin of all political power is the barrel of the gun. Is the recent shutting down of Facebook a signal of a battle being already being fought in the ethereal "Metaverse" regions? Only time will tell."
"Klaus Schwab’s Marx: A Sorcerer With the Powers of the Netherworld" (Flores).

"‘Cloak and dagger’ military-intelligence outfit at center of US digital vaccine passport push" (Loffredo/Blumenthal):
"MITRE’s own COVID-19 umbrella coalition includes In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Palantir, a scandal-stained private spying firm."
"As detailed in the first installment of this series, tech oligarchs like Bill Gates and global capitalist policy hubs such as the World Economic Forum have advanced digital ID and electronic currency systems across the Global South in order to harvest data and profits from populations that were previously out of reach.  
The advent of vaccine passports providing access to employment and public life has become the key vector for accelerating their agenda in the West. As the financial consulting firm, Aite-Novarica, declared this September, digital COVID-19 vaccine passports “expand the case for digital IDs beyond COVID-19 vaccination only, and potentially serve as a digital ID as a more comprehensive, universal source of identity information…”"
I can't see salvation from these freaks with anything less than an all-encompassing violent revolution.  They won't stop until they are physically prevented from doing more Evil.

Lots of information:  "Turkish Intelligence: Mossad Operated Palestinian Cell Spying on Other Palestinians" (Silverstein).  The continued existence of the Palestinian Authority is ridiculous.  This unmasking is a firm statement by Turkey of whose side it is on.

"Meet Sabrina Miller, the student who waged a campus war for Israel" (Klarenberg).  "Over 500 scholars launch fightback against Israel lobby" (Cook).  "Israeli, UN, European Human Rights Experts Condemn Israel for Branding Palestinian Rights Groups “Terrorists”" (Cole). It is funny how (((they))) constantly prove and re-prove all the worst allegations the 'Nazis' make about them.  I am reminded of the meme.

Somebody might ask why one historical event - one! - is treated massively differently from every single other topic of discussion, education, or research:  "Why Not Question “the Holocaust” in Schools?" (Giraldi).  Of course, the issue was raised as many consider things like the vaxx and CRT to be Khazar products, so this is presented as a small taste of their own medicine, and a bit of a threat to back off.

"Protest Over 'Unsettling' Antisemitic 'Vax the Jews' Banner Hung on Texas Bridge" (Fish).  Clever.

Here's what we should be studying in schools, easily one of the most disgusting monsters of all time:  "Unrepentant Israeli commander of Deir Yassin massacre dies age 94".  Teaching or studying the 'Holocaust' is no less than encouraging and abetting the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians.

Thread by John Cutting on how to survive the Chicago police.

Is Saakashvili bi-polar? Serious question. "Waiting Upon Structures to Crack" (Crooke).  The Empire is now just a series of unforced errors.  If anybody in it has any sense at all, it is wiped out by bribery and blackmail.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Dumb as a bag of hair

This is part of the noticeable Khazar khonfidence in the last little while.  "Palestinian human rights groups refuse to be silenced by Israeli terror designation" (Sweeney).  "Why Israel is trying to criminalise Palestinian civil society" (Hawari).  "Israel faces vast backlash after labeling human rights groups terrorist organizations" (Arria).

A thread by Mohammed El-Kurd. 

"Surprise! Biden Continues the CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up" (Hornberger).

"Resheq lauds Turkey's intelligence for busting Mossad ring".

"Oil Giant BP paid ex-MI6 spy firm to snoop on green campaigners" (Williams/Amin/Pogrund).  You have to assume this is going to happen if you go up against any big corporation.

"A commented reading of Putin’s speech at Valdai" (The Saker).

"More on the Disinformation Industry" (Robinson).

"“Hacker X”—the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire—unmasks himself" (Sharma).  This is a dumpster-fire of a story, as reflected in the many editorial apologies in the story itself, but parts of it might be true, and the part that made the Dem crowd maddest was this:

"Pundits and governments just might have given Russia too much credit, he says, when a whole system of manipulating people's perception and psychology was engineered and operated from within the US.

"Russia played such a minor role that they weren't even a blip on the radar," the hacker told me recently. "This was normal for politicians, though… if you say a lie enough times, everyone will believe it.""

Pretty good gangster story from Toronto: "‘Dumb as a bag of hair.’ An Ontario man long on drug-dealing ambition hooked up with Mexico’s cartels but was over his head" (Edwards/Nájera).

"Biden Demands Ethiopia’s Unconditional Surrender" (Garrison). Abiy Ahmed, who was so much in favor with the Empire that they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize, must be feeling a bit like Suu Kyi, hero to zero in the West for playing footsie with China.  "Beijing, Moscow, Ankara Push US Out Of Red Sea Dominance" (Falun Gong).

American Hero Daniel Hale isn't quite as deeply buried as reported:

"Legal Analysis: Does Alec Baldwin Have Criminal Exposure After Shooting Woman Dead In Apparent Mistake?" (Branca).  The case against Baldwin.

Looks like they are going to try to pin the whole thing on the AD who handed Baldwin the gun:

Witchcraft test. The 'Science' hasn't much improved since the days of throwing women into ponds to see if they sink or float.

"Hackers, Havana Syndrome, And Other Invisible Russian Aggressions That Only The CIA Can See" (Johnstone).

Over the horizon

I suppose Le Merchant is out - a quick search revealed no Le Merchant mask - but how about a settler wielding a chainsaw?  Or would that be cultural appropriation?

"Google sought fellow tech giants' help in stalling kids' privacy protections, states allege" (Nylen).  I'm surprised this is permitted in the new Ziolitico.

From a thread on Google:
"In Major Shift, NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan" (Eban).  Fauci outright lied about this, repeatedly.  On the other hand, if the attack was really a bioweapon attack by the US against China and Iran, still by far the most likeley scenario, this is all a distraction.

Earlier color revolutions and other attacks against China:  "The USA’s decades long war against China" (Rodvik).  China has learned from this.

"Alleged Cyber Criminal Credited for Hacking Gab and Epik Has History of Being An FBI Asset; Admits "Anonymous" Has Support of US Intelligence" (Striker).  The intelligence agencies are actively recruiting 'hackers'.  Not really much of a shock.

"How Biden is trying to rebrand the drone war" (Turse).  'Over the horizon' sounds benign, almost progressive.

"Pyrrhic victories ring hollow in the Middle East" (Bishara).

"Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol" (revolver).  More January 6 agents provocateurs.

The philosophical background of Putin's big speech:  "Postliberalism, or a ‘Conservatism for Optimists’’" (Robinson).

"Lee Camp: The Four Layers of Reality — And Why We’re Only Allowed to Talk About One".

"Biden has pledged that ‘America is back.’ But as peace shatters in the Balkans, does that mean yet more US overseas misadventures?" (Fisher):
". . . what does America investing its resources actually look like? In early 1992, before the war that scarred Bosnia and Herzegovina, all parties involved had already come to an agreement, the Carrington–Cutileiro plan, to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina into cantons along Serb, Croat, and Bosniak lines.  

At the last minute, however, the then-US ambassador to Yugoslavia, Warren Zimmermann, met with the leader of the Bosniak majority, Alija Izetbegovic, in Sarajevo, reportedly promising him full recognition of a single Bosnia and Herzegovina. Izetbegovic promptly withdrew his signature from the partition agreement, and shortly thereafter the US and its European allies recognized Izetbegovic’s state. War ensued a month later, in April 1992. The US eventually worked its way back to new partition negotiations that echoed the talks held prior. 

As the New York Times reported in 1993, “tens of thousands of deaths later, the United States is urging the leaders of the three Bosnian factions to accept a partition agreement similar to the one Washington opposed in 1992.

Zimmermann is quoted as saying at the time that “Our hope was the Serbs would hold off if it was clear Bosnia had the recognition of Western countries. It turned out we were wrong."

Sunday, October 24, 2021

The face-eater

The Biden/Barry/neo-Nazi mass grave in eastern Ukraine:  "More Skeletons in Obama’s Closet" (Bentley). Having moral culpability for a mass grave of civilians puts you in a very rarified group of world-historical monsters.

"EcoHealth Throws NIH Under The Bus Over Wuhan Gain-Of-Function Report; Researcher Claims 'Massive Cover-Up'" (Durden).  "Anthony Fauci Did Experiment Where Live Puppies Have Their Faces Eaten Off by Insects!" (Anglin).

'Contributions': "Cyber-mercenaries helped Saudis hack an NYT reporter" (Doctorow).  "New York Times journalist hacked, researchers suspect Saudi Arabia of having used notorious Pegasus malware":
""Amid a global outcry over the use of its products, NSO Group has alternated between downplaying its number of customers and their targets, while insisting that its products are designed for use in legitimate law enforcement investigations, and claiming that it severed multiple business relationships over alleged human rights abuses.  

The company now says it wants to help regulate the very surveillance software it got rich selling. In a letter to the United Nations dated September 30, the Israeli firm offered to be a “constructive participant” in building an “international legal framework” to regulate government and private phone snooping."

"Snowden Catches Jew Shitcoiner Trying to Build a Database of Iris Scans" (Anglin).

What Zuck does for a living:  "Something Weird Is Happening on Facebook" (Ladd).

"New details released about massive Yemeni advances in Operation Spring of Victory" (Almarshahi).

Mixed messaging from the Americans:  "Biden’s Taiwan gaffe meant no harm" (Bhadrakumar).  Note the LNG deal.  

Parallel, coordinated tracks

The definitive article to date on the parallel tracks of Sussmann, who worked with CrowdStrike on the allegations of a Russian hack of the DNC, and Elias, who worked on generating the Steele allegations that Putin  had kompromat on Trump:  "Coming Into Focus: Hillary's Secretive, Russiagate-Flogging Pair of Super-Lawyers" (Maté):

"The indictment of Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann for allegedly lying to the FBI sheds new light on the pivotal role of Democratic operatives in the Russiagate affair. The emerging picture shows Sussmann and his Perkins Coie colleague Marc Elias, the chief counsel for Clinton's 2016 campaign, proceeding on parallel, coordinated tracks to solicit and spread disinformation tying Donald Trump to the Kremlin.

In a detailed charging document last month, Special Counsel John Durham accused Sussmann of concealing his work for the Clinton campaign while trying to sell the FBI on the false claim of a secret Trump backchannel to Russia’s Alfa Bank. But Sussmann's alleged false statement to the FBI in September 2016 wasn't all. Just months before, he helped generate an even more consequential Russia allegation that he also brought to the FBI. In April of that year, Sussmann hired CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm that publicly triggered the Russiagate saga by lodging the still unproven claim that Russia was behind the hack of Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks.

At the time, CrowdStrike was not the only Clinton campaign contractor focusing on Russia. Just days before Sussmann hired CrowdStrike in April, his partner Elias retained the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump and the Kremlin.

These two Clinton campaign contractors, working directly for two Clinton campaign attorneys, would go on to play highly consequential roles in the ensuing multi-year Russia investigation.

Working secretly for the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS planted Trump-Russia conspiracy theories in the FBI and US media via its subcontractor, former British spy Christopher Steele. The FBI used the Fusion GPS's now debunked "Steele dossier" for investigative leads and multiple surveillance applications putatively targeting Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page.

CrowdStrike, reporting to Sussmann, also proved critical to the FBI's work. Rather than examine the DNC servers for itself, the FBI relied on CrowdStrike's forensics as mediated by Sussmann.

The FBI's odd relationship with the two Democratic Party contractors gave Sussmann and Elias unprecedented influence over a high-stakes national security scandal that upended U.S. politics and ensnared their political opponents. By hiring CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS, the Perkins Coie lawyers helped define the Trump-Russia narrative and impact the flow of information to the highest reaches of U.S. intelligence agencies.

The established Trump-Russia timeline and the public record, including overlooked sworn testimony, congressional and Justice Department reports, as well as news accounts from the principal recipients of government leaks in the affair, the Washington Post and the New York Times, help to fill in the picture."

"The Perkins Coie-CrowdStrike contract is similar to the arrangement between the firm and another contractor pivotal to the Trump-Russia investigation, Fusion GPS. In their 2019 book, Fusion GPS founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch wrote that Sussmann's colleague Elias "wanted it that way for legal reasons: If Fusion’s communications were with a lawyer, they could be considered privileged and kept confidential."

After being hired in the same month of April, the two firms also lodged their respective Russia-related allegations within days of each other two months later in June. Just six days after CrowdStrike went public with the allegation that Russia had hacked the DNC on June 14, Christopher Steele produced the first report in what came to be known as the Steele dossier.

Over the ensuing months, the two firms and their Democratic clients actively spread their claims to the FBI and media. Steele and Fusion GPS, backed by their Perkins Coie client Elias, shared the fabricated dossier claims with eager FBI agents and credulous journalists, all while hiding that the Clinton campaign and DNC were footing the bill. "Folks involved in funding this lied about it, and with sanctimony, for a year," the New York Times' Maggie Haberman commented when Elias' secret payments to Fusion GPS were revealed in October 2017.

After going public with its Russian hacking allegation in June, CrowdStrike had contact with the FBI "over a hundred times in the course of many months," CEO Henry recalled. This included sharing with the FBI its redacted reports, and providing it with "a couple of actual digital images" of DNC hard drives, out of a total number of "in excess of 10, I think," Henry testified. When Wikileaks released stolen DNC emails on the eve of the Democratic convention in July, senior Clinton campaign officials doggedly promoted CrowdStrike's claim that Russia had hacked them.

In congressional testimony, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson said that it was an "extraordinary coincidence” that the Russian hacking allegation (by fellow Clinton/Perkins Coie contractor CrowdStrike) overlapped with his firm's Trump-Russia collusion hunt (while working for Clinton/Perkins Coie). 
Coincidence is one possibility. Another is that the roles of Sussman and Elias behind CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS's highly consequential claims about Russia and the 2016 election could be pillars of the same deception."


"Release of JFK records delayed again, with Biden citing Covid-19 and national security". The National Security State has never been more powerful, and it has fit itself into the gap left by the fact there is no compos mentis American President.

"Ten Things for US to Understand about Latin America" (Wells).

"Biden Administration Is Undermining the Venezuela Dialogue" (Flores).  Saab, etc.

Alternatives to the lost university system:  "University Politicization Now Terminal. But We Will Survive." (Welton).

"‘Israel was behind 9/11’: shock report exposes dark side of Irish politics".

"Russia president holds first meeting with Israel PM".  "Russia Will Allow Israel to Attack Syria With Impunity" (Ditz).  Israel has picked up the pace of its illegal attacks.

"Amid new revelations, Alex Odeh’s assassination in O.C. remains unsolved" (San Román).  It is not really unsolved if you know who did it.

"Victoria Annoys Russians, But Properly" (Shamir):

"Right after Victoria Nuland’s departure, US-Russian relations quickly got worse. The NATO head office in Brussels declared a few Russian diplomats ‘personas non grata’, and in response, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent home all NATO representatives in Russia. At the same time, the US began their campaign for taking Ukraine and Georgia into NATO."

"Ohio babysitter convicted of 2002 death of child released, charges dismissed" (Pinckard).  The legal system is no more than a form of theater.

"A Big 'Thank You' From The Global Oligarchy" (Slane).  While there is considerable heroic resistance, it is fair to say that the type of resistance has not made a damn difference (part of that is that the (((media))) is doing all it can to hide any dissent), and the oligarchs and their politician/bureaucrat employees continue to roll on with the plan.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Clandestine camaraderie

"Alec Baldwin 'Rust' camera crew walked off the set in protest before the fatal shooting" (James): 

"Safety protocols standard in the industry, including gun inspections, were not strictly followed on the "Rust" set near Santa Fe, the sources said. They said at least one of the camera operators complained last weekend to production managers about gun safety on the set.

Three crew members who were present at the Bonanza Creek Ranch set that day said they were particularly concerned about two accidental prop gun discharges on Saturday.

Baldwin's stunt-double accidentally fired two rounds Saturday after being told that the gun was "cold" — lingo for a weapon that doesn't have any ammunition, including blanks, one of crew members who witnessed the episode told the Los Angeles Times.

"There should have been an investigation into what happened," said the crew member. "There were no safety meetings. There was no assurance that it wouldn't happen again. All they wanted to do was rush, rush, rush."

A colleague was so alarmed by the prop gun misfires he sent a text message to the unit production manager. "We've now had 3 accidental discharges. This is super unsafe," according to a copy of the message reviewed by the Times."

This sounds more like sabotage than an accident, perhaps motivated by the shoddy way the crew was being treated.  I'll bet the prop master is also innocent.

The start of a Greenwald thread:
"Greenwald: Civil Liberties Are Being Trampled By Exploiting "Insurrection" Fears" (the end of the first excerpted paragraph is what Greenwald and Taibbi now face with everything they write):
"Following the post-9/11 script, anyone voicing such concerns about responses to 1/6 is reflexively accused of minimizing the gravity of the Capitol riot and, worse, of harboring sympathy for the plotters and their insurrectionary cause. Questions or doubts about the proportionality or legality of government actions in the name of 1/6 are depicted as insincere, proof that those voicing such doubts are acting not in defense of constitutional or legal principles but out of clandestine camaraderie with the right-wing domestic terrorists and their evil cause.

When it comes to 1/6 and those who were at the Capitol, there is no middle ground. That playbook is not new. "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists" was the rigidly binary choice which President George W. Bush presented to Americans and the world when addressing Congress shortly after the 9/11 attack. With that framework in place, anything short of unquestioning support for the Bush/Cheney administration and all of its policies was, by definition, tantamount to providing aid and comfort to the terrorists and their allies. There was no middle ground, no third option, no such thing as ambivalence or reluctance: all of that uncertainty or doubt, insisted the new war president, was to be understood as standing with the terrorists.

The coercive and dissent-squashing power of that binary equation has proven irresistible ever since, spanning myriad political positions and cultural issues. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi's insistence that one either fully embrace what he regards as the program of "anti-racism” or be guilty by definition of supporting racism — that there is no middle ground, no space for neutrality, no room for ambivalence about any of the dogmatic planks — perfectly tracks this manipulative formula. As Dr. Kendi described the binary he seeks to impose: “what I'm trying to do with my work is to really get Americans to eliminate the concept of 'not racist’ from their vocabulary, and realize we're either being racist or anti-racist." Eight months after the 1/6 riot — despite the fact that the only people who died that day were Trump supporters and not anyone they killed — that same binary framework shapes our discourse, with a clear message delivered by those purporting to crush an insurrection and confront domestic terrorism. You're either with us, or with the 1/6 terrorists. 
What makes this ongoing prohibition of dissent or even doubt so remarkable is that so many of the responses to 1/6 are precisely the legal and judicial policies that liberals have spent decades denouncing. Indeed, many of the defining post-1/6 policies are identical to those now retrospectively viewed as abusive and excessive, if not unconstitutional, when invoked as part of the first War on Terror. We are thus confronted with the surreal dynamic that policies long castigated in American liberalism — whether used generally in the criminal justice system or specifically in the name of avenging 9/11 and defeating Islamic extremism — are now off-limits from scrutiny or critique when employed in the name of avenging 1/6 and crushing the dangerous domestic ideology that fostered it."
If you read revolver, and are aware that the Oath keepers are federal assets/confidential informants/agents provocateurs, this is hilarious: "Oath Keepers in the State House: How a Militia Movement Took Root in the Republican Mainstream" (Arnsdorf).  "Questions About the FBI's Role in 1/6 Are Mocked Because the FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media" (Greenwald).

It was mainly one guy in a dress: 

25 for 46

There are emotional problems with Parkinson's - note the euphemisms used to describe this - that give one pause when considering that this is the guy with the nuclear codes. The 25th Amendment was conceived for cases like Biden, not Trump.

They came in peace (!)

A thread on some lying captioning, and pretty good lying photoshop (note the shadow while asking yourself where the photographer would have had to have been to get this picture), from AP: Nobody paying attention should be surprised that cancel culture is really (((cancel culture))) (the very concept is rooted in the bizarre concept of attacking something called 'holocaust denialism'):  "Enabling the “Cancel Culture” of Israeli Nationalists" (Engler).  "David Miller was cleared of anti-Semitism, leaked document shows" (Winstanley).

"Israel declares war on Palestinian rights groups" (Abunimah/Murphy).