Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Accelerating deterioration

"The Amen Corner Strikes Again" (Giraldi). "Funding Both Sides: How Jewish Money Controls British Politics" (Langdon).  "Hostile influence campaign nukes prof - #27" (Winstanley).

I don't want people to lose hope, but the JQ is a much, much, much more dangerous issue than most people are able to imagine, and the Khazars are high on their own supply, having concluded that they control western politics so completely that they can now do anything, no matter how outrageous.

Facebook going down is less interesting than that it is apparently impossible to figure out what happened.  I think Facebook put itself down to draw attention to how popular it is, to deflect attention from the whistleblower.  Just to be clear, this 'whistleblower' is complaining that Zuck doesn't censor enough, as he fears it would cut into his profits.

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