Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Chinese finger trap

"The China Cold War Will Unstick America’s Glue" (Crooke).  Keeping the Empire going in the face of Chinese successes is the Chinese finger trap of modern geopolitics - the more the Americans fight, the worse off they are.  If they push it as far as they can, the loss of the Chinese cheap manufacturing will exacerbate the issues which are splitting the US apart.

"Panama police shoot targets in Arab clothing in Israel-run training course".

"Far-right extremists in Ukraine brag they have received training from Canadian Forces: Study" (Pugliese).  Unusual input from Farber, as the Khazars are usually big cheerleaders for neo-Nazi training.

Not the good Venezuelans, either:  "Nayib Bukele's shadow cabinet of Venezuelan advisers" (El Salvador Perspectives).

"Murder Plot Against Israeli Billionaire Had Iran Connection" (Silverstein).  One guy with a pistol?  This looks more like a hit than a political assassination, and makes more sense as a beef between gangsters, or perhaps yet another Israeli false flag to put more blame on Iran and force billionaire Israeli ex-pats back home.

"Could the CIA be behind the leak of the Pandora Papers, given their curious lack of focus on US nationals?" (Klarenberg):
"A key promoter of the Papers’ most lurid contents was billionaire Bill Browder. What the convicted fraudster, and indeed a vast number of news outlets that featured his comments about the leak, have consistently failed to acknowledge was that he himself is named in Mossack Fonseca’s papers, linked to a large number of shell companies in Cyprus used to insulate his clients from tax on vast profits he amassed for them while investing in Russia during the tumultuous 1990s, and disguise ownership of lavish properties he owns abroad. 
As Browder has testified, he enjoys an intimate relationship with the OCCRP, having engaged them in his global crusade against Russia since his unceremonious ban from entering the country in 2005. Furthermore, many other mainstream outlets, including Bloomberg and the Financial Times, which he has likewise used as pawns in his Russophobic propaganda blitz, have reportedly declined to publish stories about his dubious financial dealings."
"Patriotic Billionaire Only Invests In American-Made Tax Havens" (The Onion). Not really a joke:
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