Thursday, October 21, 2021

Citational justice

"The Syrian Charity Scam" (Larudee).  'Charities' For The Jews. 

Zaid is consistently beneath contempt:

Citational justice.

"Here’s Your Chipmunk Jewess Hero, Goyim!" (Anglin).  This is absolutely ridiculous (ZeroHedge fell for it).  (((They))) really think the goyim are idiots.  Weiss has a solid history of being a Khanceller herself, CNN actually provides graphics to illustrate her points, and she sets up Stelter so he can point out that all the issues she raises are known to everybody, so where's the cancellation?
"The ‘Democratic Majority for Israel’ is a hate organization" (Hirsch).

"JOHN KIRIAKOU: Drone Whistleblower Thrown in Pen With Terrorists". This will be useful in Assange's defense, to rebut the lies told by the Americans about how 'humanely' Assange will be treated in the US prison system.

"Assistant health secretary is first transgender four-star officer" (Chamberlain).  This is a bizarre publicity stunt, but it is rooted in the military origins of the US Department of Health (it is why there is a Surgeon General under the 'Admiral').  It is thus something that should make American nervous during a mismanaged pandemic, as the threat is that your new 'Admiral' may end up leading an 'army' of health officials, enforcing health mandates with state violence (more so than is already going on!).
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