Friday, October 15, 2021

Cuff links

You can tell Nudelman-Kagan is in town by the sound of the American-paid snipers firing into the crowd. Might it not be prudent to stop inviting her?

"Funny, No Mention of Him Founding NAMBLA" (Jozef_Tiso).  "Pederasty and Homosexuality" (Thorstad).  In the middle of a never-ending pandemic largely caused by their own political actions, with out-of-control inflation and coming food shortages, and a completely untenable housing crisis caused by soaring bubbles, the biggest in the world, the main concern of the Liberal Party of Canada is banning 'conversion therapy' (which it appears Thorstad would believe probably works, in at least some cases).

Nobody mentions this, but the timing makes it clear that Canada was waiting for the Meng Wanzhou kidnapping by Canada to be resolved before further pissing the Chinese off by treating Hong Kong as a 'refugee producing' area:  "Refugee family that helped hide Edward Snowden in Hong Kong arrives in Canada" (Blackwell).  One good thing to come out of this, assuming we don't all die of brain tumors, is that Canada will surely pick the far superior Huawei 5G technology, despite a massive PR campaign from the usual scum.  If not, the Canadian relationship with China, the single most important country in the world, will be permanently finished, and we'll be down to Australian levels of imperial lackey stupidity.

"Biden Admin Reinstates Andrew McCabe's Full Pension After 2018 Firing For Lying Under Oath" (Durden).  And the cuff links!

"John Durham & The Amazing Disappearing DNC Hack" (Parry):

"So, was there a hack of the DNC server? Don’t ask the FBI or the DOJ. They only know what Perkins Coie — which was representing a client that was heavily invested in spreading the Russian hack story — allowed them to know.

But thanks to the release of Shawn Henry’s testimony before the HPSCI, what we now know is that CrowdStrike never found any “direct,” “concrete,” or other evidence that proves the DNC emails “actually left” the DNC server."

If Durham actually still exists (other than the lemon-sucking picture, I've seen no proof of life), the trend of his work seems to be leading beyond the established fact that #Russiagate is nonsense cooked up by Killary, her minions and 'journalists', to the stronger claim that the Clinton campaign actually manufactured evidence for it (beyond Steele), which may include 'hacking' their own servers.  To start with, that might make the whole Seth Rich story a lot more complicated ('dream job', which may, if true, remove his bitter Bernie Bro motive for hurting Clinton).

"Konstantin Kilimnik, Russiagate's Last Fall Guy, Speaks Out" (Taibbi).  It appears 'journalists' avoided Kilimnik like the plague as they preferred the Russiagate mythology to the facts.

"Remember: There is No Actual “Biden Vax Mandate”" (Anglin).  A minor detail.

"After Corbyn, Israel lobby turns its guns on UK academia" (Cook):
"Signalling the likely direction in which the lobby intends to head next, the Jewish Chronicle published an editorial last week headlined “Miller’s sacking should be the beginning, not the end”. It concluded: “Miller is not some lone voice but representative of a school of thought embedded in almost every part of academia."
The Khazars are obviously full of themselves and their power at the moment, which will lead to a rough patch for everybody else, and, hopefully, for the Khazars themselves.
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