Sunday, October 31, 2021

Empty words

"Clinton Campaign Spread Alfa Bank Ruse Throughout Obama Admin to Press Trump-Russia Probe" (Sperry). Clinton campaign, Steele, FBI, and even CIA.

"Tough choices for Biden administration: Which empty words to approve?" (Brown).  Considering that (((Biden's teleprompter))) is the actual President (well, along with President Manchin), and, of course, the (((Khabinet))), there must be a lot of belly laughs while they craft the weasel language.

"Comprador Imperialism" (Morgan):

"The Chinese have seen the feces-smeared and needle-littered streets and have rejected the runaway liberalism that gives the world such gifts. The Chinese don’t care about the future of American power, only its steady desuetude. They want to whittle the American empire down so they can take its place as world hegemon. They are already doing this, but it works much more efficiently if someone inside the shop runs the fire sale.

Indian politicians, Ukrainian mafiosi, African warlords, Canadian billionaires—they want in on the scraps, too. “Managed decline” is not what we thought it was. Someone is managing it, and it isn’t the government. It’s comprador imperialists, the ones in very expensive suits cutting deals with very unsavory characters in parts of the world that not even Instagrammers care to visit. Did you think I meant Kinshasa? No, I meant San Francisco.

But there you go. San Francisco was where the United Nations Charter was signed. It is now basically a city-sized opium den. Cohongs, indeed. This hollowing-out of the empire is Samir Amin’s dependency theory in reverse. The periphery was once dependent on the imperial metropole. Now, the filthy metropole is dependent on the periphery. Because the periphery will soon be king. And the “comprador bourgeoisie,” as Marx called them, are selling, again in reverse of the original theory, their big country out to the “nationalist bourgeoisie” of the third world.

The empire is devouring itself, and the comprador imperialists are the ones apportioning out the helpings."

"A Cult, a Fake Gov't & US-funded NGOs Hold Panels Panning China" (Rubinstein).  This kind of conference is one of the usual warmongering tactics, but I'm sure Falun Gong is going to be disappointed.  By the way, somebody - NED, CIA? - is obviously heavily funding the Falun Gong organ, The Epoch Times, whose articles are now appearing constantly in ZeroHedge (paid content?).

BASED! Lebanese minister:  "A window into the Saudi-Lebanon row".  "Calls mounting for removing Lebanon minister over Gulf row".

"Cover-up of U.S. Nuclear Sub Collision in South China Sea" (Walsh).  If you are pulling some kind of preening stunt in the vicinity of China, and your complete incompetence results in yet another unforced accident, you are going to want to cover it up!

"The JFK Cover-Up Strikes Again" (Galbraith):
"I am not accusing Biden, or the agencies whose advice he accepted on these matters, of breaking the law. On the contrary, I take them at their word: that in their view, a full disclosure of all documents would compromise military, intelligence, and foreign relations.

It is not difficult to imagine how. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that there was a conspiracy. Suppose that the remaining documents, together with those already released, were to establish – or permit private citizens to establish – what most Americans already believe. In that case, it would be obvious that the cover-up involved senior US government officials – including the leaders of the very agencies currently being tasked with reviewing the records. And, as a point of logic, it follows that in every succeeding cohort, under every president, the cover-up has continued. Isn’t that the only plausible way the current interests of those agencies might be damaged?

The irony is that by withholding the records, the government has already admitted, without saying so, that the Warren Commission lied and that there are vile secrets which it is determined to protect. It concedes, without saying so, that there was a conspiracy and that there is an ongoing cover-up. If there were not, all the records would have been released long ago. You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to see this."
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