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Operation Cold Snap:  "Was January 6 Part of the FBI’s ‘Operation Cold Snap’?" (Kelly).  

"Jeffrey Epstein Bragged Bill Barr was in Charge, Not Trump" (Cartwright) (my emphasis in red):

"According to Wolff—who reportedly tried to buy New York Magazine with Epstein and disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein—Barak asked Epstein the million-dollar question of who was in charge at the White House. “‘What I want to know from you all-knowing people is: Who is in charge, who is,’ [Barak] said, putting on an American accent over his own often impenetrable Israeli one, ‘calling the shots?’ This was a resumption of the reliable conversation around Epstein: the ludicrousness and vagaries of Donald Trump—once among Epstein’s closest friends. ‘Here is the question every government is asking. Trump is obviously not in charge because he is—’”

Wolff claims that Epstein interrupted the former politico and called Trump—his former playboy party pal—a “moron,” then confided, “At the moment, Bill Barr is in charge.” The pedophile financier continued: “It’s Donald’s pattern...he lets someone else be in charge, until other people realize that someone, other than him, is in charge. When that happens, you’re no longer in charge.”

Barak allegedly pressed, “But let me ask you, why do you think this Barr took this job, knowing all this?”

“The motivation was simple: money,” Epstein replied. “Barr believes he’ll get a big payday out of this ... If he keeps Donald in office, manages to hold the Justice Department together, and help the Republican Party survive Donald, he thinks this is worth big money to him. I speak from direct knowledge. Extremely direct. Trust me.”

The book also claims that Epstein and Barak, along with Epstein’s lawyer Reid Weingarten, called Steve Bannon—“a new friend [who] had been introduced in December 2017”—and talked over a PR strategy with him to rehabilitate Epstein’s image after the damaging expose by The Miami Herald dredged up allegations that Epstein had molested and raped dozens of underage girls at his properties in Palm Beach, New York, and on his private island in the Caribbean. (Bannon told The New York Times that he disputed Wolff’s account of the conversation and that he “never media-trained anyone.”)

Wolff claims that Bannon laughed to Epstein, “You were the only person I was afraid of during the campaign,” and that Epstein replied, “As well you should have been.”

The pair had “deeply bonded,” the book says, “partly out of a shared incredulity about Donald Trump ... Bannon was often astonished by what Epstein knew.”

Wolff paints Bannon as a man who was eager to advise Epstein on rehabbing his image, despite the many serious accusations against him that he’d serially preyed on very young and very vulnerable girls. “‘So where is the comms piece in this?’” the book quotes Bannon as asking. “‘Who is handling it? Who’s on point? Are these your people, Reid?’”

The book says Bannon pressed Weingarten, Epstein and Barak about why there was “no communications team” and asked “What was the response from Jeffrey’s side to the Florida story? Who engaged? ... He probably can’t be hated any more. We’ve flatlined on this. He can’t get deader. While the chances of reviving him are remote, what’s the alternative?”

Wolff says Weingarten then suggested trying to arrange an appearance on 60 Minutes or Gayle King—to which Bannon dryly pointed out how well that had worked for the singer R. Kelly. (King’s interview with Kelly was widely regarded as a disaster; Kelly later was convicted of sexual exploitation of children.)

Weingarten fumbled about, suggesting maybe an advocate or a surrogate could go on 60 Minutes to plead Epstein’s case. “Dude, come on,” Bannon allegedly replied in exasperation. “Well, Rachel Maddow, then,” Weingarten replied.

“You’re the Jeffrey surrogate sitting with Rachel Maddow and she’s going to say how many girls were there, were there ten, were there a hundred, a thousand,” Bannon continued, according to the book. “Now you’re on national television, what do you say? ‘I’m confident it’s less than a thousand.’ Was it?” he asked Epstein.

“Yes, less,” the multi-millionaire said.

The book then recounts a horrifying exchange between Bannon and Epstein:
‘Actually, here is the first question,’ said Bannon. ‘What’s the age of the youngest girl?’

‘That would be good,’ said Epstein, ‘because the answer to that question is that there was one girl who was fourteen years old and she told the police she lied about her age. She told everyone she was eighteen because she was afraid she would never be allowed into the house and never be invited back. That’s the only one.’

‘That’s the only one who is under the age of eighteen?’

‘No, the youngest one . . .’"

Is this yet another 'Biden', 'Scary Biden'?:

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