Saturday, October 30, 2021

Fun fact

"COVID Gives Joe Biden A Permanent Excuse To Stay Hidden" (Tracey).  Not surprising - what else are you going to do if you have to maintain the illusion that Biden still has his faculties?  The interesting part is that the (((media))) completely participates in the deception in order to create the impression that Biden is all there.

Doxxing threats delivered to voters who might vote 'wrong': 

"Biden uses massive 85-car motorcade to wind through Rome - creating MASSIVE carbon footprint before chatting about environmental issues with the Pope and flying to Scotland for climate change conference" (Goodin/Schwab/Earle).  To be fair, they need about 40 cars to carry the extra 'Bidens'.

"'Hard to know where pandemic relief money went,' admits federal spending watchdog" (Lang).  Hint: check the off-shore accounts of billionaires.

The first referendum on what normal Americans think of wokenness:  "AP Acts Puzzled That a Democrat Could Lose" (Graham):

"The AP writer admitted the obvious: McAuliffe suffered when he "quipped" that "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach." This is especially awkward since many parents home-school or put their kids in private schools. McAuliffe went to private schools, as did his children. AP didn't mention that little personal detail."

The whole tranny rape in the girl's bathroom thing - you know the threat we're told is a right-wing fantasy which never happens? - and the reaction to blame and beat up the parent for being so deplorable as to take offence at his daughter's rape - did not help. 

"Virginia: This “Charlottesville Nazis for Youngkin” Thing is a Real Serious Yikes" (Anglin).  "Lincoln Project claims responsibility for fake ‘white supremacists’ at Glenn Youngkin event" (O'Neill/Chamberlain) (whose side are these pedos on?).  I thought McAuliffe was a Democrat version of Roger Stone, skilled in the dark art of ratfucking, but this was just pathetic.  The funny part is they had to pick a black guy for the stunt (who, to his credit, looked entirely miserable about being there), in order to be 'inclusive', but that gave away the fact that these weren't real deplorables.

From a Greenwald thread  "The finest people who use race as a toy."  Or, perhaps, prop.

"US Lawyers Argue Assange Healthy Enough to Be Sent to His Death" (Medhurst).

Fun fact.
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