Tuesday, October 12, 2021


"Merrick Garland's America" (Giraldi). Bad vibes all around this guy.

"Who Will Step Up in Biden’s DOJ to Save Julian Assange?" (Lauria).  A potentially good person, Vanita Gupta, somehow slipped into the DOJ, and this is very clever work by Lauria - a consistently impressive writer - to manipulate some residual decency.  Anyone with half a brain would have to realize that in the long run, liberating Assange and what he stands for would put you in the history books as a hero for all time.  Hell, she'd eventually be on the currency as one of the greatest and most important patriots in American history.  Does she have the courage to stand up to the assholes and do the right thing?

"US, Iran exchanging glances" (Bhadrakumar).  "Saudi Arabia Taking Small Steps to Improve its Relations With Its Neighbours" (O'Neill).  I'm going to give (((Biden's teleprompter))) credit for scaring the Saudis enough to knock some sense into them.  Not too much credit - this represents the Rothschild views on the best way to keep Israel around, in contrast to the craziness of Sheldon - but still . . .

On the other hand, the (((really bad guys))) still have their hand in, looking, as always, for a War For The Jews:  "Why is There Now a Crisis in Relations Between Azerbaijan and Iran?" (Platov):

"It should also be borne in mind that Azerbaijan is a very important supplier of oil to Israel. According to a report by the US Energy Information Administration, 40% of Israel’s oil requirements are provided by Azerbaijan. According to the Israeli newspaper Hareetz, the Aliyev family has invested almost USD 600 million in Israel’s economy, in sectors ranging from healthcare to the stock exchange.

Azerbaijan’s Jewish population, numbering about 7 thousand and based largely in Baku, is particularly involved in promoting good relations between Azerbaijan and Israel. Nevertheless, despite the shared geopolitical and economic interests, Azerbaijan tries to avoid openly taking a pro-Israel stance – Baku is clearly afraid of an anti-Israeli reaction from the Muslim world as a whole. With this in mind, Baku has also supported pro-Palestinian projects and proposals in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and Israel has greeted these initiatives with understanding."

"The Zemmour Phenomenon" (Durocher).  Early life (i.e., a totally phony French nationalist, but Sephardic, so not totally Evil!).  The latest Rothschild gambit to let their stooge Macron slip through again, knocking out Le Pen.  France, miraculously, has first-past-the-post Presidential elections, requiring enormous efforts to circumvent the will of the people through vote splitting.  Zemmour looks like a serial killer.

"Muqtada the Conqueror Gains Ground in Iraqi Poll" (Escobar).  Job #1 is getting the Americans out.

"‘The Americans aren’t listening to us,’ Russia says as major Moscow talks between Biden’s envoy and Kremlin’s diplomats break down".  Sorry, but what would you fucking (((expect)))!  Russia should never have let (((her))) in.  Consistent (((poison))).

Humanitarian Intervention For The Jews:  "When humanitarian intervention leads to crimes against humanity" (Carpenter).  A shame that Biden is far gone:

"To his credit, Biden appeared to be one member of the Obama foreign policy team who strongly opposed the original intervention. Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, confirms that point. Rhodes recalls that at a key meeting of the president and his foreign policy advisers, “Biden said that intervention was, essentially, madness — why should we get involved in another war in a Muslim-majority country?” His caution was thoroughly warranted."

"Pandora Papers: Who Is Targeted?" (Strategic Infographics).
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