Sunday, October 24, 2021


"Release of JFK records delayed again, with Biden citing Covid-19 and national security". The National Security State has never been more powerful, and it has fit itself into the gap left by the fact there is no compos mentis American President.

"Ten Things for US to Understand about Latin America" (Wells).

"Biden Administration Is Undermining the Venezuela Dialogue" (Flores).  Saab, etc.

Alternatives to the lost university system:  "University Politicization Now Terminal. But We Will Survive." (Welton).

"‘Israel was behind 9/11’: shock report exposes dark side of Irish politics".

"Russia president holds first meeting with Israel PM".  "Russia Will Allow Israel to Attack Syria With Impunity" (Ditz).  Israel has picked up the pace of its illegal attacks.

"Amid new revelations, Alex Odeh’s assassination in O.C. remains unsolved" (San Román).  It is not really unsolved if you know who did it.

"Victoria Annoys Russians, But Properly" (Shamir):

"Right after Victoria Nuland’s departure, US-Russian relations quickly got worse. The NATO head office in Brussels declared a few Russian diplomats ‘personas non grata’, and in response, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent home all NATO representatives in Russia. At the same time, the US began their campaign for taking Ukraine and Georgia into NATO."

"Ohio babysitter convicted of 2002 death of child released, charges dismissed" (Pinckard).  The legal system is no more than a form of theater.

"A Big 'Thank You' From The Global Oligarchy" (Slane).  While there is considerable heroic resistance, it is fair to say that the type of resistance has not made a damn difference (part of that is that the (((media))) is doing all it can to hide any dissent), and the oligarchs and their politician/bureaucrat employees continue to roll on with the plan.
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